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Charles Manson Today: The Final Confessions of a Psychopath

He's nearly 80 and his Family is smaller, but darkness still surrounds America's most notorious criminal<p>In California's San Joaquin Valley, about …


Gates Foundation announces grants to start building a better condom

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will fund research into next-generation condoms that people can use more effectively to reduce unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. The foundation said it will award a pair $100,000 grants to researchers working on improving condoms, two of …


Can You Really Be Scared to Death?

'Monster' gamma ray burst in space sets record for death of star

Explosion 3.7bn light years away witnessed through orbiting telescopes in April was far stronger than previous ones<p>Astronomers call it the monster. It was the biggest and brightest cosmic explosion ever witnessed. Had it been closer, Earth would have been toast.<p>Because the blast was 3.7bn light …

Spain Considers Release Of Genetically Modified Olive Fruit Flies

The flies, created by the same company that has tested genetically modified mosquitos, are designed to crash local populations of the pest.<p>A company involved in creating genetically modified mosquitos has another project nearing outdoor testing. The U.K.-based Oxitec has applied to release …

Interactive Infographic: Meat Production In 2050

Here's who will be eating more meat, and where, in the future.<p>Developed countries consume about 40 percent of meat worldwide. According to the UN, that figure will fall to 30 percent by 2050, driven by population growth and dietary changes in developing countries, even as total global consumption …

John F Kennedy: 50th anniversary of a conspiracy theory

At no point have more than 36% of Americans believed Kennedy was assassinated by a lone gunman. What is it about human psychology that makes conspiracy theories so appealing?<p>Fifty years ago today, President John F Kennedy, one of the most charismatic leaders of modern times, was gunned down by a …

Absurd Creature of the Week: This Parasite Eats a Fish's Tongue — And Takes Its Place

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A fish walks into a bar and takes a seat. The bartender asks what he wants to drink, but the fish doesn’t …

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Next stop: large carnivores of the Late Cretaceous, all change please

Discovery of the new dinosaur Siats supports the idea that different groups of carnivorous dinosaurs dominated different eras<p>The large carnivorous dinosaurs of the Mesozoic are inevitably among the most exciting of these extinct animals, but they are also among the hardest to study as they were …

Volcano deep under Antarctica could melt lots of ice - Futurity

Heat from a new volcano discovered under a kilometer of ice in West Antarctica may increase the rate of ice loss from one of the continent’s major …


Ancient jars held 2,000 liters of strong, sweet wine - Futurity

Archaeologists have discovered a 3,700-year-old wine cellar, once full of wine flavored with mint, honey, and dashes of psychotropic resins.

Wine Cellars

New giant clam species hid in plain sight - Futurity

One type of giant clam turns out to be two separate species, report researchers.

What A Penguin Looks Like On A Heat Map

And how they stay so cozy in the cold<p>As if their home in Antarctica weren’t cold enough, emperor penguins allow their exteriors to drop at least 7°F below their surroundings. The change helps the penguins stay warm, a recent paper showed. When the outer layer of feathers radiates heat to the sky, …

Can humans have two hearts?

Doctor Who can function with two hearts, but can non-Time Lords do the same? Greg Foot finds out.<p>Being a Gallifreyan, Doctor Who has a binary vascular system, where the blood vessels lead to two hearts. If the Time Lord can function with two hearts, can humans do the same?<p>Aside from conjoined …


Graphene - the new wonder material

Scientific interest rolls in for a material that is more solid than steel and a better conductor than copper<p>The molecule is priceless but it is not a matter of cost – a few hundred dollars per kilo. The value lies in its potential. The molecule in question is called graphene and the EU is prepared …

20 Mustache-Inspired Products for Movember

It’s that magical time of the year when mustaches reign supreme: Mo’vember! And it seems that mustache lovers everywhere are as pumped as ever to celebrate this month-long event, including those who can’t grow one! Ladies, get in on the fun with these 20 quirky ways to rock the ‘stache: from …

Men's Fashion

Note to Mentally Ill Teens: You’re On Your Own

It’s a good thing for teenagers they’re as young as they are, otherwise we’d call them crazy. You don’t get to be volatile, moody, demanding and …

For boys with autism, TV in the bedroom may affect sleep - Futurity

Boys with autism who watch television, use a computer, or play video games in their bedroom may not be getting enough sleep.


Kids of deployed soldiers more likely to consider suicide - Futurity

Teens with a parent or a sibling who has been deployed are more likely than their peers to feel depressed and contemplate suicide.

Deformed toads and frogs show up in 'hotspots' - Futurity

A 10-year study shows that the rate of abnormalities like shortened or missing legs was under 2 percent among frogs and toads on national wildlife …

3 New Species of Wafer Trapdoor Spiders Discovered in Brazil

Scientists have discovered three new species of wafter trapdoor spiders in Brazil. The spiders belong to the genus, <i>Fufius</i>. The include <i>F. minusculus,</i> …

Death rates for baby girls spike after typhoons - Futurity

Typhoons that hit the Philippines are linked to dramatically high death rates in baby girls and inflict more economic loss than generally recognized.

Grape skin extract may cut meth cravings - Futurity

Resveratrol, a natural compound found in grapes, may be an effective way to block the effects of the highly addictive drug methamphetamine.

Taste simulator lets you sample virtual food

Boy's 24,000-year-old skeleton links Native Americans to Siberia - Futurity

Results from a DNA study of a young boy's skeletal remains believed to be 24,000 years old could turn the archaeological world upside down.

"Great Surprise"—Native Americans Have West Eurasian Origins

Oldest human genome reveals less of an East Asian ancestry than thought.<p><b>Nearly one-third of Native American genes come from west Eurasian people linked to the Middle East and Europe, rather than entirely from East Asians as previously thought, according to a newly sequenced genome.</b><p>Based on the arm …


World's first space tourist gives details on manned mission to Mars in 2017

Dennis Tito, the American entrepreneur who paid $20 million in 2001 for a trip to the International Space Station, spoke before a House subcommittee on space today to outline his plans for reaching Mars. According to Tito, the "Inspiration Mars" endeavor will be a fly-by mission that'll take two …

Comet ISON brightening fast as its moment of truth nears

“We might witness a nice, long-tailed comet visible to the naked eye that will leave millions of people with fond memories for a lifetime, or maybe …