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Satellite Images Show ISIS Destruction of Ancient Temple

Satellite images provided by the United Nations have confirmed the worst fears for the ancient site of Palmyra, showing the apparent destruction of …

Ancient Civilization

Main Suspect in Bangkok Bombing Arrested

BANGKOK—Thai authorities arrested a second foreign suspect in the bombing of a shrine in central Bangkok two weeks ago that killed 20 people, bringing investigators closer to determining who orchestrated the attack and why.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha told reporters Tuesday that a foreign man, …


Family of American held in Iran marks 4-year anniversary of captivity

Washington (CNN) — Saturday marked the fourth anniversary of the imprisonment of a former U.S. Marine in Iran due to what Secretary of State John Kerry has said are false espionage charges.

Amir Hekmati became the first American to receive the death penalty in Iran in more than 33 years in January …

Middle East

Nasa starts year-long isolation to simulate life on Mars

A team of Nasa recruits has begun living in a dome near a barren volcano in Hawaii to simulate what life would be like on Mars.

The isolation …

Mars Mission

U.S. Markets Dive Amid Worries Over China

Keep the seatbelts on.

Stock markets around the world tumbled again on Tuesday, dashing hopes that financial markets would calm down after two weeks of turbulence.

Investors appear to be growing more nervous about the strength of the global economy. China released a weak report on manufacturing on …

Chinese Economy

IS cracks down on western Iraqi town after rare protest

BAGHDAD (AP) — Islamic State militants moved on Saturday to stamp out dissent in a remote western Iraqi town, detaining at least 70 and tying dozens of residents, including tribal leaders, to streetlight poles as a punishment, security officials said.

The crackdown followed a rare street …

Middle East

Why the new Apple TV will kill your Xbox or Playstation

• News

A new report gives us our best insight yet into the radically improved Apple TV expected to be launched next month, including the fact that it will ship with a motion-sensitive controller similar to the Nintendo Wiimote — but a hell of a lot sleeker. And that’s just to start.

In an exhaustive …

Nintendo Wii

Dozens Killed In Horror Car Crashes In Southern Africa

Dozens of people, including many young girls, were killed in separate car crashes in South Africa and Swaziland.

In a day of horror on the roads in southern Africa, dozens of people, including many young girls, were killed in separate vehicle crashes in Swaziland and South Africa.

The young girls and …


For China, a Plunge and a Reckoning

Anyone trying to design an event to bring Xi Jinping’s China back to Earth couldn’t have engineered something much more elegant than the turmoil in China’s financial markets and the resulting global aftershocks. The upheaval is traumatic for China’s leaders but not life-threatening to China’s …


Thousands Protest Against Malaysia's Najib Razak

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia—Police said an estimated 25,000 people protested in the Malaysian capital Saturday against Prime Minister Najib Razak’s management of the economy and the debt problems at a state investment fund.

Authorities earlier denounced the protest, which began Saturday afternoon near …


Six amazing sights that look even better from the ISS

This piece was first published on The Conversation

Imagine seeing the lights of cities spreading around the Nile Delta and then in less than an hour gazing down on Mount Everest. The astronauts on the International Space Station(ISS) are among the lucky few who will have this humbling, …

Space Science

Marco Rubio on world leaders: Vladimir Putin a 'gangster,' Kim Jong Un a 'lunatic'

Washington (CNN) — When it comes to his assessment of world leaders, Sen. Marco Rubio isn't pulling any punches: Russia's run by a "gangster" and North Korea a "lunatic."

The 2016 Republican presidential candidate made a foreign policy speech Friday morning in South Carolina, in which he riffed on …

Marco Rubio

Crisis on the Colombia-Venezuela Border

Domestic Technology

Two Indian Sisters Ordered to Be Raped by Village Council Beg Supreme Court for Help

They are being punished by the unelected council because their brother eloped with a married woman from a higher caste

A petition to save two sisters in India from being raped and publicly humiliated for their brother’s actions, a punishment handed down by an unofficial village council, has gathered …


Erika Takes Aim at Florida, Leaves Trail of Destruction

Tropical Storm Erika is veering towards the United States -- its sights set on Florida -- after leaving a path of death and destruction in the …


Brazil falls deep into recession

New York (CNN) — Brazil is going bust.

Its currency is plummeting, unemployment is rising, its stock market is down 20% from a year ago and its president, Dilma Rousseff, has an 8% approval rating -- the lowest since 1992 when Brazil's president was impeached.

Once a major economic success story, …


Keyless Ignitions Led to Carbon Monoxide Deaths and Should Have Been Recalled, Suit Says

Some of the world’s biggest automakers should have recalled millions of vehicles with keyless ignitions because the cars, which don’t shut off …


Retired Generals Wage Letter War Over Iran Nuclear-Deal Vote

The Pentagon's new dead-letter office

Last week, nearly 40 retired U.S. generals and admirals urged Congress to endorse the deal the U.S. and five other nations have struck with Iran to curb its nuclear ambitions. “We, the undersigned retired military officers, support the agreement as the most …

Middle East

Derrick Rose, Bulls point guard, accused of rape by ex-girlfriend

(CNN) — A former girlfriend of Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose has filed a lawsuit against the NBA player and two of his friends, claiming that they drugged and gang-raped her two years ago.

A representative for Rose said Thursday the allegations are "completely false and without any factual …

Derrick Rose

Leaders sign deal to end South Sudan’s civil war, but challenges loom

NAIROBI — South Sudan’s president signed a peace deal Wednesday intended to end a 20-month-old civil war that has left thousands dead in the wake of the country’s historic declaration of independence in 2011.

President Salva Kiir decided to support the accord after coming under intense pressure from …

Civil War

Annual Tomatina Festival in Spain


Police: Bryce Williams fatally shoots self after killing journalists on air

(CNN) — After he shot two journalists on live TV and before he shot himself, Bryce Williams sent a message: "I've been a human powder keg for a while....just waiting to go BOOM."

Those were the words the gunman wrote in a chilling fax to ABC News, according to the network. The document purportedly …


The Underage Girls Of Mexico's Sex Trade: Hope Amid The Horror

The report that ISIS is forcing girls as young as 12 to become sex slaves is part of a larger issue. In the world today, an estimated 2 million underage girls work in the sex trade.

A new study details the situation in Mexico, where researchers found that one in four sex workers in Tijuana and …


Train gunman had terrorist intent, French prosecutor says

(CNN) — He was armed for a massacre.

Ayoub El Khazzani, the suspected gunman who was overtaken by passengers on a Thalys train in France last week, carried with him an AKM assault rifle with 270 rounds of ammunition, a Luger M80 automatic pistol with a full cartridge, a box-cutter and a …


IndyCar Driver Justin Wilson, Age 37, Dies of Head Injury Suffered During Crash

IndyCar driver Justin Wilson has died from a head injury suffered when a piece of debris struck him at Pocono Raceway. He was 37.

#INDYCAR driver Justin Wilson has passed away from his injuries. #BadassWilson— IndyCar Series (@IndyCar) August 25, 2015

Justin Wilson

IndyCar driver Justin Wilson dies after crash

(CNN) — IndyCar driver Justin Wilson died Monday from injuries he suffered when struck by a part that careened off a crashed race car.

The nose cone of driver Sage Karam's car flew off after he crashed Sunday at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania, and struck Wilson in the head. Wilson's No. …

Justin Wilson

Guatemalan President rejects calls to resign

(CNN) — Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina has defiantly vowed to stay in office despite calls from around the Central American country for him to resign immediately.

The President said Sunday that he will continue to govern the nation of 15 million and let the legal process take its course as a …


Prominent Muslim Preacher Denies He Used Ashley Madison, Despite Name, Address and Bank Info Showing Up in Hack

A prominent Islamic preacher named Hamza Andreas Tzortzis says his personal information was leaked in the recent Ashley Madison hack – but insists that he’s never used the adultery website.

Tzortzis, who sympathized with a group that called for an Islamic “caliphate” as recently as 2010, wrote in a …


Russian rouble hits new low as oil prices plunge further

The currency tumbles as panic sweeps across global markets

The Russian rouble plunged to a new low on Monday as falling oil prices piled further pressure on the struggling currency.

By afternoon in Moscow the Russian central bank had set its rate for August 25 at 70,74 roubles to the dollar, marking …