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Jaguar mascot escapes leash, is shot dead after Olympic torch ceremony in Brazil

A jaguar used in an Olympic torch relay ceremony was shot to death after it escaped its leash and tried to attack a soldier, the Brazilian army said Tuesday.<p>The army press office said that Juma the jaguar was on display as part of ceremonies Monday at the Jungle Warfare Instruction Center in Manaus.<p>…


Venezuelan asylum claims in the US soar as economic crisis deepens

In March Venezuelan applicants climbed to second place among people seeking asylum as the number has accelerated sharply since December<p>The number of Venezuelans seeking asylum in the United States has soared as the oil-dependent economy crashes and more of the middle class flees.<p>The most recent …


Giant holes are bursting open in Siberia, and you can hear the explosions from 60 miles away

Giant holes are popping up all over the frigid tundra of northern Russia, and no one is quite certain where they come from.<p>However, The Siberian Times reports that witnesses are now describing explosive events that may be connected to the appearance of these mysterious craters.<p>Reindeer herders …

Gunmen in Mexico kill 11 in attack on family

Police investigating whether the massacre, which also left two children dead, was related to organised crime or a family dispute<p>Gunmen have marched into a remote mountain village in Mexico and killed 11 members of the same family, including two children.<p>Five women, four men and two girls were …


A Canadian professor is being held in a notoriously violent Iranian prison

A Canadian academic researching women's issues in the Middle East has been arrested and is being held in Iran's Evin prison — a jail with a brutal history of violence toward its female inmates.<p>Initially hesitant to go public, the family of Concordia University professor Dr. Homa Hoodfar is now …

Venezuela takes first step toward recall referendum of Nicolás Maduro

Elections council will begin validating signatures of citizens seeking a recall referendum of the president, who faces heavy criticism due to a steep recession<p>Venezuela’s elections council has said it will begin a process of validating signatures of citizens seeking a recall referendum against the …


Metal Artist Crafts an Amazing Steampunk-Styled Prosthetic Arm With an Affixed Working Tattoo Gun

French metal artist JL Gonzal crafted an absolutely incredible steampunk-styled prosthetic arm with a working tattoo gun affixed on the end. Gonzal …

See the world’s longest glass bridge set to open soon in China

A new glass walkway bridge is set to open soon in China, giving travellers an amazing view of the scenery in Hunan Province – if they aren’t too terrified to enjoy it.<p>The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge is located in Hunan Province, within the National Forest Park.<p>Image of the bridge. Image …


Passenger drone taxi cleared for take-off in US trials

The EHang 184 drone, which carries a single passenger on short journeys, will be tested in Nevada.<p>A drone taxi that can carry a passenger has been cleared for take-off over Nevada.<p>The EHang 184 pilotless passenger drone carries a single person and has been approved for testing this year in the …


U.S. Spy Plane Intercepted by Chinese Jets Over Asian Waters

A U.S. spy plane conducting a routine patrol over international waters in the East China Sea on Tuesday was intercepted by two Chinese fighter …

South China Sea

The FBI is working on a tattoo tracking system that has privacy groups up in arms

According to research unearthed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the FBI has teamed with government scientists to work on a technology system designed to track tattoos.<p>In 2014, the Imaging wing of the the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) created the Tattoo Recognition …


Taliban ambush kills American photojournalist and translator in Afghanistan

A veteran American photojournalist and a translator working for National Public Radio were killed while accompanying Afghan troops in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, according to NPR and military officials.<p>NPR's David Gilkey, 50, and Afghan translator Zabihullah Tamanna, 38, were in an Afghan army …

A war between Mexico's most powerful cartels may be spreading

Numerous reports over the last few months have indicated that the Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation cartels have started to clash in Tijuana, a city in northern Baja California, just over the border from San Diego.<p>Now a report from Mexican newspaper El Universal, based on insight from experts and …


Rio de Janeiro police scour slums for suspects in girl's gang rape


Researchers created a robotic hand that is eerily human-like and can learn on its own

We often take for granted how easy it is for us to complete basic tasks just using our hands.<p>Typing out an email or setting up a pot of coffee are things we can do bleary eyed in the morning, but the movements our hands have to make to complete such tasks are truly complex, human skills.<p>That's why …