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Four arrested in Germany over 'plot against Muslims'

Three men and a woman held for possession of explosives and for planning attacks on mosques and leading Muslim figures.

German authorities have conducted raids across the country, seizing explosives and arresting four people accused of founding a right-wing group to attack mosques and housing for …


Netanyahu forms coalition government

With just an hour to spare before a deadline, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced late Wednesday that he has succeeded in forming a coalition government.

According to Israel Radio, Netanyahu came to an agreement with the final party required for a coalition, the right-wing Jewish …

Benjamin Netanyahu

Guatemalan drug trafficker 'Queen of the South' sentenced in Miami in total secrecy

A Guatemalan drug trafficker known as “the Queen of the South” has been sentenced in federal court, but the judge put her sentence under seal for five years.

Marllory Chacon Rossell, 42, was accused of being one of the most active drug traffickers in Central America, with a network extending from …


Son Detained in Death of Parents While on Family Vacation in Virgin Islands, Police Say

A 24-year-old Massachusetts man has been detained by police in connection with the fatal stabbing of his elderly parents during a family vacation in …


State Department Adds ISIS Names in Multi-Million Dollar Catch-a-Terrorist Program

The State Department is offering a sum of $20 million for information that leads to the capture of four Islamic State group leaders.

The amounts …

Middle East

PayPal co-founder raises $275 million to reinvent credit

Affirm wants to reinvent the way people carry debt.

Banks and financial institutions have not created products that serve younger generations in the most efficient way, according to Max Levchin, the co-founder of eBay-owned payments giant PayPal. It’s a major opportunity for startups that seek to …

Max Levchin

Spiders Sprayed With Graphene Spin Super-Strong Silk

Italian researchers have discovered that common backyard spiders, when sprayed by carbon nanomaterials, can produce silk several times stronger than the most resilient spider thread known. Their work is very preliminary, but hints at the possibility of super-silks that exceed the already remarkable …


The First Self-Driving Truck Takes To The Streets Of Nevada

But can it fight the Decepticons?

Last night at the Hoover Dam, the first licensed self-driving truck was unveiled to the world, begging the question: are there Autobots among us?

Not quite, though the Freightliner Inspiration does aspire to transform the trucking industry. The new truck is able to …


JetBlue to offer weekly flights from New York to Havana

The deal reflects the growing ease of travel between the United States and Cuba.

JetBlue will begin operating a weekly flight from New York to Havana, Cuba this summer following the lifting of several travel and trade restrictions on the country.

The new flight will travel between John F. Kennedy …


Greece pays IMF loan but another, bigger one looms next week

With Greece’s cash flow problems growing by the day and negotiations with its creditors on the ropes, Athens managed to make a $222-million (U.S.) repayment to the International Monetary Fund on Wednesday.

But another, much larger repayment looms next week that Greece will struggle to manage. The …


Chicago in $5.5m police torture payout

A $5.5m (£3.6m) reparations package to the victims of police torture in Chicago has been agreed by the council.

As many as 80 victims of an infamous detective unit that abused suspects over three decades could be in line for a share of the award.

The city council also issued a formal apology and …


Bashar al-Assad accepts Syrian regime suffering military defeats

The Syrian president gave a more sober assessment of the war which has seen more than 200,000 people killed and millions forced to flee Syria

The Syrian president has acknowledged that his regime is suffering military defeats, amid reports of splits and defections within his core supporters.

In a …

International Relations

No astronauts, just dummy, aboard SpaceX crew capsule for 1st major launch escape test

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – SpaceX is about to conduct the first major test of its brand new, super-streamlined launch escape system for astronauts.

No humans are on board the mock-up capsule for Wednesday's 90-second flight from Cape Canaveral, Florida, just a dummy. The Dragon capsule will be fired …


Eighteen countries join two-week war games in Jordan

Around 10,000 troops from 18 countries including several Gulf states are participating in the two-week military drills.

Thousands of soldiers from 18 countries are taking part in military drills in Jordan jointly overseen by the US army, amid a US-led coalition strikes against the Islamic State of …

International Relations

Israeli police beating an Ethiopian-Jewish soldier spark a campaign against police brutality

On May 3, thousands of people took to the streets of Tel Aviv to protest police harassment of and brutality targeting Israelis of Ethiopian descent. The march began peacefully, but turned violent after reaching Rabin Square around nightfall.

Protesters hurled rocks and overturned a police vehicle, …

Middle East

Deadline looms for Netanyahu to form governing coalition

JERUSALEM (AP) — With the clock ticking, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu raced to put together a governing coalition Tuesday or face the prospect of being forced out of office by a former ally.

Netanyahu's Likud Party won March 17 elections, emerging as the largest single party in …

Benjamin Netanyahu

'Shawshank' Prison Escapee Arrested in Florida After 56 Years on the Run

A man who spent time in "Shawshank State Prison" and later escaped an Ohio prison farm is back in police custody after 56 years on the lam.

Frank Freshwaters, formerly of Akron, Ohio, was captured in a remote part of Brevard County, Florida, by members of the U.S. Marshals Service, according to CBS …


Massacre Site in Iraq Becomes Monument to Suffering for Shiites

TIKRIT, Iraq — The concrete platform at the river’s edge is festooned with flowers and streaked with blood. Along a back wall are photographs taken from a video of the horror that unfolded here last year: a procession of Shiite men, shot in the head one by one by Islamic State fighters and shoved …

Middle East

Germanwings Co-Pilot Lubitz Rehearsed Crash on Previous Flight: BEA Report

The Germanwings co-pilot suspected of deliberately downing his plane in the French Alps appears to have rehearsed the tragedy by entering crash-altitude settings on the aircraft's previous flight, according to a preliminary report Wednesday.

Andreas Lubitz repeatedly set the altitude dial on the …


How ISIS Capitalizes on Lone Wolves to Spread Terror 'At No Cost'

ISIS' claim of responsibility for the shooting in Garland, Texas, was proof of its effectiveness at capitalizing on so-called lone wolf attacks — even when it has no hand in planning or paying for them, experts said Tuesday.

ISIS provided no evidence to support its claim after the shooting on Sunday …

Islamic State (ISIS)

Four to hang for mob killing of Afghan woman accused of burning Koran

Afghan judge hands down death sentences to four accused in mob killing of woman that shocked the world

Four Afghan men were sentenced to death for the mob killing of a woman in Kabul in March – a slaying that shocked the nation and spurred calls for authorities to ensure women's rights to equality …


U.S. ranks 33rd best place for mothers and children

Norway is the most hospitable country in the world for mothers, followed by Finland and Iceland, according to the annual State of the World's Mothers report, released Monday night.

The United States ranks 33rd out of 179 surveyed countries for the well-being of its mothers and children, below Spain …


US approves ferry service between Cuba and Florida

Ferries are set to run between Florida and Cuba for the first time in more than 50 years after the US government approved new services.

Services between the two countries stopped when the US imposed a trade embargo on Cuba in 1960.

But Washington announced the restoration of diplomatic ties in …


The American Terror Recruiter's Link to Texas Shooting

A mysterious ISIS recruiter known online as "Miski" was in close and repeated social media contact with Elton Simpson for months before the Sunday …


California fails to save water despite crackdown

Governor Jerry Brown has orders residents and businesses to cut water consumption by 25 per cent as state suffers record drought

Californians conserved little water in March and local officials were not aggressive in cracking down on waste, state regulators reported on Tuesday, saying residents and …


ISIL Claims Texas Shooting

Two suspects in the attack in the Dallas suburb of Garland were shot dead after opening fire at a security guard outside the center.

It was unclear whether the group, which has captured large swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq, had an actual hand in the operation, or whether the two suspects had …


Thailand's 87-year-old king makes rare appearance

BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand's revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej made a rare public appearance Tuesday to mark the 65th anniversary of his coronation.

All television stations carried the event live, as the 87-year-old monarch emerged in a wheelchair from a Bangkok hospital, where he has taken up residence, …


Netanyahu: Israel will not tolerate racism

Israeli PM meets soldier Damas Fekade after Jews of Ethiopian origin clash with police in protest against his beating.

The Israeli prime minister has assured an Ethiopian Jewish soldier whose beating at the hands of police prompted a violent protest that racism "won't be tolerated" in …

Middle East

IS claims US Prophet cartoon attack

Islamic State group says it was behind attack on Dallas Prophet Muhammad cartoon event in which two gunmen died

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