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Small worlds loom large in Nikon's photomicrography contest

The winners of annual competition will make you wish you'd paid more attention in science class.<p>If you're asking yourself what a photomicrograph is, …



This bloody masterpiece could change everything we know about Ancient Greek art

At first, it was hard to see the masterpiece for all the marbles.<p>After all, when researchers from the University of Cincinnati dug up what would …


Artist Carves Portraits Of Famous Pop Culture Characters And The Result Is Incredible

Halloween is coming and those people who are really into celebrating this holiday for sure started thinking how to impress everyone with their …


This is What Happens When You Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kidsby on January 1, 2012

This December, in a surprisingly simple yet ridiculously amazing installation for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Ar, artist Yayoi Kusama …

Artist Uses Up To 20,000 Screws To Create Impressive Portraits, Absolutely Nails Them

“This medium can be tedious and challenging” says Mackley, “but it offers a fantastic level of undoing and redoing”. He says that he spent hundreds …


The undiscovered secrets in famous works of art

How art is displayed affects how our brain processes it

One museum combines neuroscience with aesthetics to improve the visitor experience.<p>As a member of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, I was able …

41 Photos From the World Bodypainting Festival That'll Blow Your Mind




This is art for your nose

Installation in Norway captures the unique smells of 6 cities.<p>Every city has its own distinctive smell.<p>One of my hometown’s greatest — and most …

Garage yields lost Jackson Pollock treasure

One of the artist's missing gouaches may net more than $15 million.<p>When auction appraiser Josh Levine set out to catalog the estate of a local …

An artist installed 30-foot hands in Venice's Grand Canal — here's why


National Geographic Says These Are the 10 of the Most Beautiful Photos Ever Taken

The Most Beautiful

This is your brain on art

'Self Reflected,' a light-animated art exhibit, shows the beauty of information flowing through your brain.<p>"This is what consciousness looks like," …

The Brain

Roman mosaics frozen in time uncovered in France

Stunning array of preserved mosaics shed light on a lost Roman city dating back more than 2,000 years.<p>A lost Roman city dating back to the first …


Take a tour of Stockholm's most magnificent metro stations

Only in Sweden do daily commuters double as art gallery-goers.<p>Not to be outdone by the recent opening of four mosaic-stuffed New York City subway …


Flowers bloom anew in fluorescent photos

The flowers that Craig Burrows photographs have an otherworldly quality. They shimmer and glow with tints of hot pink, bright yellow and iridescent …


Man Combines Random People’s Photos Using Neural Networks And The Results Are Amazing

A neural network is a computational model based on the structure of a biological neural network. In other words, it works like a human brain. …

Andy Warhol | Grace Kelly (1984)

Obsessed with celebrity, consumer culture, and mechanical (re)production, Pop artist Andy Warhol created some of the most iconic images of the 20th …


The Heir to Matisse With a Dose of California Cool

There’s nothing like seeing one of Richard Diebenkorn’s joyful Ocean Park paintings in real life—but a new catalogue of his work comes close.<p>In the …


Turning Toxins into Art | 'That's Amazing'

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Armed with a needle and thread, artist creates enchanting tapestries of African wildlife

Take a look at the striking wildlife images created by artist Sophie Standing and you'll see intricate and beautiful images of colorful animals. But …


See animals and the environment through a surrealist's eyes

Amy Guidry uses dreamlike images to make a statement about the relationship between humans and the world.<p>Fine artist Amy Guidry is a Louisiana-based …


Art Basel electrifies Miami Beach in December

More than 200 well-known galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa showcase work from masters of modern and contemporary …

Art Basel

Drone photos capture spectacular bird's-eye views

Aerial photography site SkyPixel highlights some of the best from around the world in 2016.<p>In celebration of its second anniversary, the aerial …


Artists pay tribute to 50 years of Star Trek

50 - Live Long And Prosper<p>To Boldly Go<p>Star Trek The Original Series<p>The Final Frontier<p>Star Trek Inception: The Cage<p>Risk is our business!<p>Where No Man Has Gone Before<p>Don't Believe in No-Win Scenarios<p>Spacial Gnosis<p>The Bridge<p>Teleportation of Mr Spock<p>NCC-1701<p>U.S.S. Enterprise Spec Sheet<p>Dance of the Orion …

Star Trek