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10 most beautiful conservatories around the globe

Copenhagen Botanical Gardens<p>The Copenhagen Botanical Garden is home to one of the world’s largest collections of greenhouses — 27 in all. The …


Frozen in time: abandoned hotels and resorts


The incredible secrets of 8 abandoned stately homes



Fingerprint Building in Thailand: It’s Fake.

An image shows a building which looks like a fingerprint when viewed from above. Is this building real or fake? The image is not real. It was …


Ancient mystery of how the Egyptians built the Great Pyramid of Giza may be solved

<b>Video by Wochit</b><p>Archaeologists believe they have solved one of history's most puzzling questions — how the ancient Egyptians transported over 170,000 …


How world-famous landmarks could have looked

Manhattan airport and other incredible American projects that didn't work out

A New Louvre Is Opening in This Arab Nation

Most frequent travelers have already crossed Paris’ famed Louvre—the world’s largest art museum—off their bucket list. But another cultural hub is …

Can good hospital design improve your health? - CNN Style

Written by By Elizabeth Stamp, CNN<p>While the healthcare system in America is in a state of crisis, the hospitals, care centers and research facilities that make up the industry -- in the States and abroad -- have never looked better.<p>Gone are the days of sterile spaces, shared rooms and buildings …

Health Care

19 giant infrastructure projects that could reshape the world

Take a scenic drive along Wisconsin's Frank Lloyd Wright Heritage Trail

It's the visionary architect's 150th birthday, so get planning.<p>It's Frank Lloyd Wright's 150th birthday and, holy smokes, there's a lot going on.<p>From …

Giant glass orb in Paris is wrapped with a rotating solar sail that follows the sun

Architects Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines teamed up to create the stunning, solar-powered Seine Musicale located on Seguin Island in Paris. The …

Solar Sail

Google's London HQ boasts a rooftop garden for the ages

This greenery-topped 'groundscraper' will be longer than London's tallest building is tall.<p>Remember that enchanting, ridiculously lush bridge-park …

The incredible secrets of 8 abandoned stately homes

Apple’s New Campus: An Exclusive Look Inside the Mothership

One More Thing<p>Inside Apple’s Insanely<p>Great (or Just Insane)<p>New Mothership<p>Inside Apple’s Insanely Great (or Just Insane) New Mothership<p>by Steven Levy …

Inside an Untouched 1960 Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Frank Lloyd Wright

Futuristic floating skyscraper 'heals' the effects of climate change

Climate change is rapidly affecting every corner of the earth – but could an innovative new skyscraper help turn the tide? Heal-Berg is a proposal …

Climate Change

9 ancient structures hiding in plain sight in modern cities

The legacy of past civilizations lives on in these timeworn structures.<p>Skyscrapers and cutting-edge architecture define the skyline in metropolises …


10 exceptionally tall wood buildings

Wood is a growing presence in modern skylines across the world, and these timber giants are worth shouting about from the treetops.<p>Although you can …


This ambitious U-shaped skyscraper could soon loop over NYC

This spectacular U-shaped concept skyscraper from Oiio studio could be built in New York City.


America’s Favorite Cities for Architecture


A look at the world's soon-to-be tallest building


This stunning Manhattan office building is also unfailingly polite

Situated next to the High Line, Solar Carve Tower is specifically designed not to bogart air and natural light from its neighbors.<p>In 1916, New York …


Hitler's Germania and other unbelievable city plans that never happened

Adolf Hitler

China to debut world's first bird 'airport'

Tianjin's wetland sanctuary will serve as a rest stop for peckish migratory birds traveling along one of the world's major flyways.<p>“Birds” and …

Mount Rushmore's hidden chamber

Concealed behind the head of Abraham Lincoln is a secret, unfinished room called 'The Hall of Records.'<p>In July 1938, some 11 years after first …

National Parks

8 great modern-day pyramids

Luxor Las Vegas<p>Naturally, in a town populated by neon-festooned facsimiles of Venice, Manhattan and King Arthur’s castle, you can also sleep, dine …

Las Vegas

Twisty Taipei apartment tower sucks up CO2

New high-rise provides luxury housing, 'hope for a better tomorrow.'<p>The ultra-dreamy designs of Belgian-born sustainable architect Vincent Callebaut …