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This map shows the US really has 11 separate 'nations' with entirely different cultures


N.J. poised to ban elephants and other 'exotic' animal acts

New Jersey legislators have passed a bill that would ban exotic animals from circuses and fairs. If the bill becomes law, New Jersey would become the …

Chris Christie

32 Great Products That Are Still Made in the USA

IKEA takes 50% off select items during its Winter Sale. (Prices are as marked.) That's a rare and massive discount ... Read more.<p>Updated: 2 weeks …


If You’re Over the Age of 30 You Won’t Know What These Words Mean


America's first shopping mall is making drastic changes to avoid the 'retail apocalypse' — but it may have made a costly mistake


This 10-year-old is speaking up for America's national parks

Robbie Bond wants to inspire kids to protect our national lands.<p>Like a lot of people who care about America's national parks and monuments, Robbie …

National Parks

From shipwrecks to sea monsters, discover the mysteries of the Great Lakes with our photo guide!

Why college isn't for everyone

Big-time costs, long-term earnings, friends, stress ... it's complicated.<p>Getting a college degree takes a lot of hard work. But is it worth it? As …

Will self-driving cars save seniors in the suburbs?

Three years ago, Jim Motavalli predicted that seniors, not hipsters, will get self-driving cars first, writing that the early adopters of …

The First 3 Phases Of The Downward Slope From Freedom To Communism

November 7 marks the centennial of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. There are many reasons beyond the historical to ponder the legacy of …

Austrian Economics

Apple Could be a Trillion Dollar Company By 2018

Apple could be the first company in U.S. history to reach a trillion dollars in market capitalization by as early as 2018. According to top analysts …


15 Ways You Didn’t Know You Were Being Rude

Of course, that means that certain rude behaviors have become commonplace because people think that proper etiquette is all about knowing how to set …

Oprah Winfrey "White People Have To Die!"

Why is it Trendy to Hate White People?

Disclaimer: Names have been altered due to protect identities<p>I was at Portillo's with a couple of friends. One of my friends, Jenn, starts going off …

Incredible homes: American fixer-uppers created from wrecks

It's time to change our definition of 'old'

'The Longevity Economy' explains how to market to aging boomers.<p>About seven years ago I pitched the idea of a different kind of lifestyle website to …

These photos of abandoned malls and golf courses reveal a new era for the American suburb

The Bromantic Age is bad news for women — and grownups in general

You may have noticed a certain vibe at your local watering hole, a kind of electricity over the foosball table.<p>Maybe that old Semisonic chestnut, …

The 35 Most Walkable Cities in America

The ability to walk to work, schools, shops, restaurants and errands is growing in importance to real estate shoppers. The millennial generation, …



The wisdom of a third-grade dropout will change your life. - Dr. Rick Rigsby<p>Inspired? Get Rick Rigsby's book; Lessons From a Third Grade Dropout: …

Roadside America: Then and now


Get ready to celebrate 'Indigenous People's Day'

Efforts to replace Columbus Day gain momentum across the nation.<p>Growing up, we all likely encountered a very rosy description of Italian explorer …

Social Justice

Pacific walrus denied endangered species protection

Pacific walruses have been left out in the cold by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.<p>Following both a petition from the Center for Biological …


America's most expensive megaprojects

United States

Cassini bids 'spectacular' farewell from Saturn

The NASA probe has helped us study Saturn and its moons like never before, but after 20 years in space, its mission has come to an end.<p>Cassini left …

Space Exploration

The 'hole' of Lake Berryessa is a life-saver

No, that's not a terrifying hole into the underworld; it's a terrifying hole playing an important purpose.<p>That 72-feet-wide and 245-feet-long hole is …

Napa Valley

Live A Good Life

THE CHOICE IS OURS (2016) - Jaque Fresco<p>LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE <br>===============<p>===================================<p>Acesta este un …

17 things millennials will be the last people to ever do

10 Things Disappearing from Elementary Schools