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The Times Partners With Google on Virtual Reality Project

The New York Times announced on Tuesday a virtual reality project in collaboration with Google, which will include the distribution of more than a million cardboard VR viewers to subscribers.

The New York Times Magazine will release a new virtual reality film, called “The Displaced,” about children …

How The United Nations Is Using Virtual Reality To Tackle Real-World Problems

A new series of VR films is changing the way the organization raises awareness and funds.

Though there’s still much to be learned about the power and potential of virtual reality—from the release date of upcoming VR headsets to how this nascent technology will shape entertainment, education, and …

Virtual Reality

Glen Keane – Step into the Page

This Is How We’ll Experience Storytelling in the Future

A new exhibition looks at ways storytelling will change in years to come.The post This Is How We’ll Experience Storytelling in the Future appeared …


Ideas to improve the news industry from BBC NewsHack

An innovative news aggregator and an online database of journalism tools were among the projects developed during the competition


The future of video is vertical

The future of video is vertical: It’s time for news organizations to give mobile audiences a better video viewing experience.

Digital-first news …

Dawn Wall: El Capitan’s Most Unwelcoming Route

Few of the nearly 100 routes up El Capitan have been free-climbed, meaning that ropes are used only to catch a climber’s fall — not to aid the ascent. Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson are trying to free-climb the 3,000-foot Dawn Wall, a vertical sheet of mostly smooth granite that many believe is …

Is the NASDAQ in Another Bubble? A virtual reality tour of the NASDAQ

Is the Nasdaq in Another Bubble?

A virtual reality roller coaster tour of 21 years of the Nasdaq

Published April 23, 2015 at 6:45 p.m. ET | Source: …


New Yorker and WNYC Launch Radio Show, Podcast

The New Yorker and WNYC are joining forces to launch a national radio show and podcast. The one-hour, weekly show will be built around New Yorker …


Walking New York

Sonny Rollins’s favorite corner of the Williamsburg Bridge. The best can-collecting route in Bushwick. Scroll down for New Yorkers’ most memorable walks in the city, and contribute your own.

Do Not Track: An Interactive Docu-Series Shows Just How Little Online Privacy We Really Have

An interactive series debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival's Storyscapes provides a personal demonstration of the realities of data and privacy.

How much does the Internet know about you? From your tastes and preferences, to your politics, consumer habits and media consumption, data aggregation …


POV Hackathon 8: Explore the Prototypes and the Technology

View the prototypes from POV Hackathon 8 »Re-open a 1970s murder case through a “serialized, true-crime narrative” by swiping your mobile device; …


Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route

The Syrian conflict has torn the country apart, leaving thousands dead and driving millions to flee their homes. Many seek refuge in neighbouring countries but others pay traffickers to take them to Europe - risking death, capture and deportation.

If you were fleeing Syria for Europe, what choices …

UK News

Deze virtuele kunst laat zien hoe het internet ons heeft veranderd

Welkom in de volstrekt krankzinnige virtuele werkelijkheid van kunstenaar Geoffrey Lillemon.

Lillemon maakt al sinds eind jaren negentig online kunst. …

Virtual reality is coming to sex, sports and Facebook

USA Today contributor Jennifer Jolly shows - and tells - what it's like to get totally immersed in a new Oculus Rift, the next generation prototype virtual reality world. Watch Jolly try to explain it as she tries not to fall off of a skyscraper. Chris Wiggins, Roddy Blelloch


Racontr interactive storytelling platform emerges from |

Racontr, a French company that has been working on an online platform for interactive visual storytelling since 2013, has brought their product out …

Games and news bricks: storytelling ideas from Hackastory

Teams at the two-day hackathon experimented with new tools and concepts for storytelling in the digital age


Q&A: Amy O’Leary on eight years of navigating digital culture change at The New York Times

When Amy O’Leary announced in early January that she was leaving The New York Times to become editorial director at Upworthy, there was a collective jaw-drop in the digital journalism community.

O’Leary is well known for the role she played in crafting the Times’ Innovation report, the influential …


Exploring international interactive storytelling

An interview with Ingrid Kopp, the director of digital initiatives at Tribeca.

(The following interview was for the publication One Year In Now Media


At Sundance, the VR Filmmaking Revolution Is Officially Underway

PARK CITY, Utah—When she takes off the headset, her eyes are wet.

It’s the opening of the Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier program, and I’m in …


Datalore Hacks


Up in the Air

Up in the Air lets you Journey across the world as the wind. The path represents the larger-scale wind …

Hacking Journalism spent the weekend reimagining video — here’s what they came up with » Nieman Journalism Lab

What, exactly, would Tinder for video discovery look like? How do you wrangle all the live video around a story across social networks? And is it possible to use Mystery Science Theater 3000 as a prototype for a video engagement app?

These are a few of the ideas and questions journalists and …


Hacking Journalism demos twelve new ideas rethinking video news at Condé Nast #videohack (with images, tweets) · jmfbrooks

Virtual reality breathes life into immersive storytelling

The craft of storytelling is experiencing a sea-change in its development. Putting a viewer in the event directly with the help of virtual reality …

The Best Online Storytelling and Journalism of 2014

30 amazing, immersive journalism projects that caught my attention in 2014

Each year I post a round-up of the best online journalism of the year. …

2014: The Year in Interactive Storytelling, Graphics and Multimedia







The New York Times

The beginner's guide to creating a podcast, according to the pros

Podcasts are so hot this season.

With the outpour of podcast obsessions (thanks, Serial), we've probably all thought to ourselves, "How hard can it be?" It seems like everyone with a social media following has tried his hand at the storytelling medium. But not everyone succeeds.

To get a …


Digital storytelling: an interactive timelines project

In the final part of the digital journalism trainee scheme we were given the opportunity to spend four weeks working on a ‘digital storytelling’ project.

All of us trainees are very different and our projects were incredibly varied – ranging from long-form, multimedia pieces about the trans pride …