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The New Reality of Media

<i>by Thomas Baekdal</i><p><b>Understanding media no longer means talking about formats — print versus digital or desktop versus mobile. It’s actually about the</b> …


These are some of the coolest experiments in digital news coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics

The Olympics are, like the quadrennial U.S. presidential election, the perfect opportunity for news organizations to experiment with new ways to present news online. The Games are a massive story, but the stakes are typically relatively low, and, perhaps most importantly, the date of the event is …


Looking back at great digital storytelling in sports journalism

Given my previous incarnation as a 25-year sports journalist, I’m a sucker for a great sports story. I gravitate toward those that delve beyond the …

New York Times investigative journalist Ian Urbina shares thoughts from his digital playbook

Ian Urbina, a <i>New York Times</i> investigative reporter, recently exposed ethically and environmentally questionable practices at the Kemper coal plant in …


How Vox Media’s new Storytelling Studio thinks of stories as products

When Hillary Clinton takes the stage in Philadelphia tonight to accept the Democratic nomination for president, it will be the peak of a lifetime spent in politics. And over that lifetime, she’s been the subject of an almost incalculable amount of media coverage.<p>When wanted to add to that …


What journalists can learn from Pokémon Go

I’m not what you could call a video game enthusiast. I think the last game I truly mastered was Tetris, and the only hazy memories I have of the …


A few figures and facts about The Washington Post’s digital transition under Jeff Bezos

New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman takes a look at The Washington Post under the leadership of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in this week’s issue. Some tidbits, most of which have an “according to sources” attached, from the article:<p>— The Washington Post’s digital revenue is reportedly “around $60 …


Watch the Orlando Shooting Story Take Shape

<i>Times Insider</i> <i>delivers behind-the-scenes insights into how news, features and opinion come together at The New York Times.</i><p>When news breaks, editors must decide quickly how much coverage to give it. Is the story important? What are the broader implications? Will the situation get worse?<p>In a digital …

GIF Animations

How Mobile Today Is Like TV Six Decades Ago

All of the growth in advertising right now is targeted at that little screen people carry with them everywhere.<p>In the early 1950s, television was popular, but unsophisticated. This was a common sentiment, even among the people who produced it—"a hybrid monstrosity derived from newspapers, radio …


12 Key Findings From The Digital News Report 2016

Digital News Report, 2016, launched today.The 2016 Digital News Report, launched today by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, is the …

Print Media

Three reasons why you shouldn’t feel threatened by robot journalism

With the Associated Press, New York Times and Forbes already using it, robot journalism is on the march. According to the market research institute …

Sequel lets you easily build your own chatbot, so go wild with it

Dating back to when Alan Turing wrote his famous article “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” (1950), in which he first presented the concept of …


The First-Ever Snapchat Movie is Here, and it's Horrifying—Go Behind the Scenes

We go behind the scenes of the first Snapchat movie, a real-time horror flick.As Snapchat continues on its path to world media domination—10 seconds …


The State of the News Media 2016: Mobile continues its takeover

Facebook, Snapchat, and other social platforms have dominated conversations around journalism over the past year. While publishers have flocked to tools like Facebook Live, Instant Articles, and Snapchat Discover to reach new audiences, they’ve also worried about changing revenue models and the …


Snapchat reportedly has more daily users than Twitter. What does that mean for news?

Snapchat now has more active daily users than Twitter, Bloomberg reported Thursday.<p>Snapchat has 150 million active daily users, up from 110 million in December, Bloomberg reported. Twitter, meanwhile, has less than 140 million.<p>Even though Snapchat is growing among younger users, Twitter remains a …


Want to boost your news app? Hire a gamer.

News publishers have a lot to learn from the gaming industry. Especially when it comes to testing and promoting apps.Continue reading on Monday Note »


How AlJazeera plans its interactive storytelling projects

<i>AlJazeera</i> has built several long-form storytelling projects that have infused investigative journalism with digital technology and allowed users to …

The New York Times of the future is beginning to take shape

An ambitious effort to overhaul The New York Times is beginning to come into focus. In a memo sent to staffers Friday, New York Times Executive …


Good news, publishers: People will read your long stories on their phones (for two minutes, anyway)

As publishers’ tablet dreams diminish, are smartphones picking up the slack when it comes to reading long articles online? A report out Thursday from the Pew Research Center tries to answer that question, and comes away with some reassuring findings: Yes, people are willing to engage with longer …

Good News

Why Facebook Messenger bots haven't caught on with publishers

<b>Publishers aren’t rushing to launch Facebook Messenger bots due to lack of resources, long submission processes, and uncertain audience …


Our 8 Favorite VR Experiences From the Tribeca Film Festival

Virtual reality may be a babe in the woods, but it’s growing up fast. The trajectory of innovation has been steep in the past year, as constant …

Virtual Reality

How Traditional Storytelling Is Ruining Virtual Reality Film | Motherboard

I spent much of the past two weeks with a screen strapped to my face, watching filmmakers’ best stabs at telling a story in virtual reality.<p>The cinematic VR showcased at the recent Tribeca Film Festival ran the gamut from live-action documentary to animated science fiction. Very few of these …


6×9: A virtual experience of solitary confinement

Solitary Confinement

Home game: India’s digital media startups are aiming to outcompete Western news companies

As India’s digital media market continues to grow, there’s been a lot of attention paid to the American companies who have set up operations in the country — BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Quartz, and others have been slowly expanding since their arrival in the last couple of years. It’s not easy …


Why journalists should be more involved in product development in the newsroom

In newsrooms, a product manager can be the 'connective tissue' between the editorial and commercial side of the business

Product Development

Meet Beta, the team that brings The New York Times to your smartphone

On the ninth floor of The New York Times building, way up above the heart of the newsroom, is a decidedly un-Timesean operation. For one thing, there …

New York Times

The Times Partners With Google on Virtual Reality Project

The New York Times announced on Tuesday a virtual reality project in collaboration with Google, which will include the distribution of more than a million cardboard VR viewers to subscribers.<p>The New York Times Magazine will release a new virtual reality film, called “The Displaced,” about children …

Virtual Reality

How The United Nations Is Using Virtual Reality To Tackle Real-World Problems

A new series of VR films is changing the way the organization raises awareness and funds.<p>Though there’s still much to be learned about the power and potential of virtual reality—from the release date of upcoming VR headsets to how this nascent technology will shape entertainment, education, and …

Virtual Reality

Glen Keane – Step into the Page

Beauty and the Beast