What's better than the SAMR model?

By Alanna King | A quest for a flat taxonomy

Push My Thinking: TPACK or SAMR or ?

<i>**Update 4/26/14: I LOVE the responses to this post; they made me consider a lot of different ways of looking at TPACK and SAMR, and really stretched</i> …


Educational Leadership:Technology-Rich Learning:The Basics of Blended Instruction

My school is going through the process of adopting the Common Core, and there is a tremendous push to create student-driven classrooms using …


The problem with the SAMR model

<b>It’s easy to get hung up on the definitions.</b> It isn’t hard to tell the difference between a use that is a simple substitution and one that is a …

Swimming Pool

SAMR is not a ladder, a word of warning

I’m as guilty as the next person for singing the praises of Puentedura’s SAMR model. I’ve blogged about it many many times, it’s included in my book …