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A Beginner's Guide to Cycling


Your Best Cycling Body Ever

Get into Tour-worthy shape with these core, flexibility and high-impact exercises.


Train in Heat to Build Speed

Working out in heat and humidity can boost your cycling engine, if you follow this research-backed plan<p>In the throes of summer, it’s easy to grumble about riding in sweltering weather. But recent science points to an upside. Researchers at the University of Oregon found that cyclists who did 10 …

Bikram Yoga

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Get Fit Faster

Choose a few of these short, intense workouts each week—and you'll be ready for your most explosive spring ever

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Core Values

Get faster with our midsection makeover—no crunches required<p>You probably know that a strong core is key to ­riding better. But you may be surprised that there’s more to your core than just abs, and that relying on crunches alone won’t do the trick. Too many cyclists forget the muscles that cycling …


Brace Yourself

3 simple exercises to help you ride stronger<p>Riding all day nearly always exposes your weakest link, which for most riders is the core. "The core area—that's your abs, lower back, obliques, hips and glutes—helps transfer power to the pedals, as well as stabilize the rider on the bike," says national …


101 Cycling Tips to Completely Transform Your Bike Life

Ride better, get stronger, be happier, go faster, look nicer, stay safer, get fitter, smile wider, and lots more<p>Want to be a better cyclist? Just ride. Every time you turn the pedals, you naturally improve a little. Of course, one well-placed tip, trick, or nugget of wisdom can help you achieve …


The Smallest Loser

How to shed those last, stubborn five pounds—without hindering performance<p>If you're like many cyclists, you eat healthily—yet still can't shed those pesky pounds that keep you from your goal weight. The final five are typically the toughest because you've already adopted lean-eating habits. And …


Quick Cycling Workouts for Power and Endurance

This is gonna hurt. But it’ll be worth it. These innovative interval workouts will make you faster and stronger—by next month. (Yes, we’re serious.)<p>This is gonna hurt. But it’ll be worth it. These innovative workouts will make you faster and stronger—by next month. (Yes, we’re serious.)


Peaks Coaching: Strength Training for Cyclists: The Hypertrophy Phase

By Bill McLaughlin, PCG Elite Coach<p>Here, at the end of the season, is the time we rest and recover from the hard work of racing, training, and …

Are You Fit to Ride?

Find out where your body needs a boost with these cycling-specific fitness assessments.<p>Too many cyclists with bulging quads still struggle with a squishy core, wobbly hips, or stiff shoulders. On the bright side, fixing those issues will make you a more efficient rider, says Darcy Norman, a trainer …


Roll Out the Kinks

The world would be a better place if all cyclists had the luxury of daily postride massage. But with a foam roller, you can pretty much do the job yourself—minus the harp music.<p>The world would be a better place if all cyclists had the luxury of daily postride massage. But with a foam roller, you …


Best Breakfast for Your Ride

What you eat when you wake will make or break the rest of your day<p>Of all the day's meals, breakfast is the most predictable. Pick up a menu at almost any diner and the choices are pretty much the same. At home, we sit down to the same bowl of cereal or pop another bagel into the toaster. Yet …


Short & Sweet Bike Workouts

Get fit for fall—no big miles required<p>If you've been riding all summer, you can ramp up for a fall crit series, century, or other event with a few short, intense workouts each week, such as the two interval sets at right. Use the off-bike core exercises below to stave off fatigue on long rides and …


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15 Proven Ways to Get Faster

Here are 15 tips from top experts, recent scientific research and our own savvy staffers that will turbocharge your training without taking more time

Florida State University

CrossFit for Cyclists

The fitness craze can help you become a more powerful rider<p>If you’re any sort of exercise enthusiast, you’ve undoubtedly heard of CrossFit. The intense, gym-based program focuses on general fitness—endurance, stamina, strength, power, flexibility, speed, coordination, and accuracy. In other words, …


Men's Health - Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Sex, Style & Weight Loss Tips for Men

These 4 simple exercises will help save you from chronic pain<p>The billionaire debuted surprisingly muscular arms at a conference last year.<p>Avoid creaky old man knees with these tips.<p>Hemsworth's longtime trainer pushed the poor guy to his limits<p>Hate to break it to you, buddy, but it's time to step up …

Proper Cadence Cycling!

Finding your ideal cycling cadence can give you free speed! Yes… I said free speed! Who does not like to go faster with the same amount of …

3 Simple Ways to Climb Better

Smart strategies to get you to the top faster than ever<p>One of the best climbers in the United States, Marti Shea, says she discovered her affinity for going uphill during her first bike trip out West, for an event called the Bicycle Tour of Colorado. “I had no idea about the distance or elevation …


Training with power

<b>Given the technology available for us to splurge our money on, sorry, to invest in, it’s understandable that some of us might approach new</b> …

101 Bike Maintenance Tips Every Cyclist Should Know

Your guide to a longer cycling life—for your bicycle, your gear, even a few friendships<p>Your bicycle doesn’t run on leg power alone. It also needs a little lube, a lotta­ love, and a good ­listen. You may not know every remedy your bike needs to live a long life, but you can gain enough wisdom along …

Cycling Tips With Rapid Returns

We all want to get better, faster, and leaner, but the work involved can seem overwhelming—unless you take it one step at a time. Here are small changes that add up to big results.<p><b>Strike Oil</b> <br>Oiling your chain at least once a week (at minimum, every 100 miles) will not only make you faster due to …


How to Recover From Hard Rides

Before you wrap yourself in compression wear and guzzle chocolate milk after every ride, make sure your effort warrants it<p>If you’ve hit it really hard, the next few hours are the optimal window for helping your body get the most from your effort, says exercise physiologist Stacy Sims, PhD. The good …


16 Essential Bike Tools

You don't need a lot of bike tools—you just need the right tools. If you have these 16 bicycle tools in your home shop, you'll be able to fix anything.<p>Arm yourself with these essential bike tools, and you can get most every bike maintenance job done at home—for less cash, and more street cred. (Use …


Changing a Bicycle Flat Tire Without Hands

Posted on October 17, 2013 by in Social, Video with 1 Comment<p>Ever cursed out changing a flat tire? It’s not always easy to do. Watch Hector Picard, …