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Getting excited for the science library room to be done – tables put in today! https://t.co/EyojXVOkfL

Storm in distance viewed from McIver Terrace of McMichael Science Center @elonuniversity https://t.co/XzNDWik4MX

#Elon Bio alum India Gill (’16) got her white coat last week as she starts U Tenn Vet School! @ElonArtScience https://t.co/GtGU9nQ5y3

Mariana Kneppers - summer NSF REU at @DukeMarineLab on pilot whale vocalizations ! @UR_at_Elon https://t.co/E2NpT3eEyE

Elisson Adrien + Mitchell Kantner (Bio'17) got tour of UT Memphis Dental from Dawson Nicholson (Bio'16) @elonalumni https://t.co/jOED6ciN4S

In Berkeley this week for #myco16 - any @ElonBiology alum here want to catch up? https://t.co/6vhBWqSR25

Perspective is everything. 🔥🐥 #Elon21 #ElonPhoenix

Faculty spotlight: Assistant Professor Jen Hamel advises us to take a close look at bugs

Insects may be small and crunchy, but they demonstrate behaviors that are just as relatable to humans as the cute and cuddly animals that more often …


Greetings from the poster session at #ASB16 - poster by Dawson Nance (Bio’16) joined by Jen Hamel + Dave Gammon https://t.co/XD45uXQSkd

Jordan Claytor (Bio’17) - summer REU at @NMNH - Upper Cretaceous landscape diversity! @UR_at_Elon @ElonArtScience https://t.co/j1OJRPFTDb

Dawson Nance (Bio'17) presents her research at the Animal Behavioural Society Conf in Missouri #abs16 @UR_at_Elon https://t.co/KIFlGVeKPC

Saw Haley Shust (Bio'15) today! Teach Charlotte program for 1 yr, now at @CarolinaBio writing curric @elonalumni https://t.co/Jk3H4fladn

Summer - Dianne Ford w @ElonBelk updating the herbarium collection- supported by Project Pericles @ElonArtScience https://t.co/ENjfbTex5T

Design-->bench top-->poster in 8 wks Madeline Rector (Bio'18) in action w Dr Niedziela's lab, SURE'16 @UR_at_Elon https://t.co/qvbN4XBQxz

Keep your eyes open while hunting Pokemon on #elon campus - real life forms often wilder! Photo credit - @jenhamel https://t.co/ywww0DaBjx

My research student, Gabi Resh, doing a fantastic internship @National_Aviary in Pittsburgh. Go @ElonBiology! https://t.co/y23UNrRtfD

White coat ceremony! Congrats Emily Bujinoski (Bio'16)- Arizona School of Dentistry @ElonArtScience https://t.co/CSLzL1FaWE

Dr M caught up w Bio alum Andrea Sloan ('12) - now a PA in pediatric neurosurgery in Los Angeles @elonalumni https://t.co/KMXkgBR6oT

Bio alum - Already excited for #elonhome? We are too! Hope to see you here @elonalumni https://t.co/zqWHD59nmK

#squashbugsquad in action - loving this summer research! @UR_at_Elon https://t.co/xO7O70gQoG

McM library upgrade should be ready for Fall’16! new features, increased flexibility for study, meetings+social https://t.co/TQpH5JF4HV

Record numbers of Elon McMichael researchers show up for Ms T's homemade ice cream at Toasty Tuesday! #undergradresearch #elonuniversity @elonuniversity @elonbiology

Sum16 update- Erin Tanhauser (Bio’17)-research w @naturalsciences, camera traps+urban mammal diversity @UR_at_Elon https://t.co/74GIIn4S4W

Behavioral trials have begun! @elonbiology

Greenhouse treefrog says hello! @elonbiology

Education > Young Investigators

The CCREF has founded a Young Investigator Scholarship to focus on supporting undergraduate through PhD students, from a college or university in the …

Congrats Jeannie Halvorsen (Bio’14) - grad w MS in Forensic Studies and Serology from U Florida! @HireElonGrads https://t.co/S1kkvGGw6i