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Cool bug of the week, product of student research! Image stacking with microscope in @ElonBiology. @ElonArtScience http://t.co/mXQSCt8Ir5

Congratulations Helen Wright (Bio'14) - got her white coat last night! @StGeorgesU SGUSVM http://t.co/VemOTgNkZ5

Congrats Ashley Meerbergen (Bio'14)! Inducted to @EmoryNursing SigThetaTau Nursing Honors Society @ElonLincolnSoc http://t.co/wG9rSt26Ne

Undergraduate Research at Elon University

Undergraduate Research - 499 research courses

The 499 system provides a means for students to receive credit for conducting undergraduate research, …


Dr Vick's Sr Sem section seems to have one-upped Dr Izzo's section with this shot

RSVP at www.facebook.com/events/845224225559991 #elonhome #elonhome15

Adrenaline pumping for the first day of endocrine!!! http://t.co/8iOvolTQfu

Izzo's Sr Sem section thinking they are the most fun group - game on @DaveGammonBio @vickelonbio sections... http://t.co/MQnOkwNmCx

Here is your #Elon TEATAPS crew for Anatomy for Fall'15 - good looking crew! http://t.co/wMA9pcfNyV

It's that time of year again - Drs Vick, Gammon and Izzo have synchronized their watches and are ready for Senior Seminar to begin! Looks like we have an error factor +/- 1 second We have a physiologist, and ecologist, and a molecular biologist - can you tell whose watch is whose?

Enjoying #Elon19 "Under The Quercus phellos" http://t.co/fA5PGm86va

#Elon Convocation - the Bio Dept in full regalia and ready to welcome #Elon19 http://t.co/x0hwyUryCq

The Bio Dept is ready for a great year at #Elon! Can't wait for our students to get back @ElonArtScience http://t.co/IHQV1LE4lm

“The #Elon science building main lobby at night - not a shabby place to spend your time! Anyone in #Elon19 interested in Biology, Chemistry,…”

The lonely halls of McMichael await our students.... Is it #ElonMoveIn yet? http://t.co/C8bEnEdKv4

“Congratulations Yuko Miyamoto - awarded the Japeth Rawls Professor of Undergraduate Research! Shown here receiving recognition from Dean…”

read about Emily Tomich and her Bio research mentor Dr Matt Clark in the most recent @elonalumni Magazine of Elon http://t.co/6RA2S1hcwb

Awesome! Cara Goode (Bio'16) interned this summer in Thailand through Vet Service progr @ElonGlobal @ElonLincolnSoc http://t.co/KZVSNRg4xa

“This one was waiting for us this morning on the McMichael door - must know classes start up soon”

a followup to a recent post - Here is Evan Rey (upper right, Bio'12) and some of his colleagues on their first day at VCOM. Looking good Evan! looking forward to seeing you with the white coat. Thank you Dr Daniely for sharing this great photo!

Kathy Gallucci from @ElonBiology and @elontechnology 's Dan Reis talk about course flipping at #elontlc15 http://t.co/W9oup75VZD

Five professors named Coleman Foundation Faculty Entrepreneurship Fellows

The Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership has selected Elon University faculty members Dave Gammon, Craig Schmitt, Megan Squire, Francis …


Growth, Development, and Mineral Nutrient Accumulation and Distribution in Tulip from Planting through Postanthesis Shoot Senescence

Tulips were grown under field conditions from mid-November through early-June. Plants were harvested and dissected into eight organs on twenty-one …