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Photos from Elon University Biology... - Elon University Biology Department

Photos from Elon University Biology... - Elon University Biology Department


Photos from Elon University Biology... - Elon University Biology Department


“The McMichael library - main hangout of Biology majors. Which seat is/was yours?”


Bashi Oudmayer + Anna Olsen shared this from the ceremony - great shot! Congratulations to both of you! #Elongrad http://t.co/8Vjg46xSp4

Pat Lyons + Antonio Izzo enjoy post-ceremony celebration ##Elongrad - congratulations Pat + the rest of our grads! http://t.co/xVwpOyo2BK

Tim Demers and Mike Kingston enjoy the post-ceremony gathering - congratulations Tim! #ElonGrad http://t.co/jnNZ3i52Wc

No surprise that Jessie Brown is going on for a PhD in Human Genetics - decorated her cap with DNA! #ElonGrad http://t.co/SxSIH8UjS1

#Elon15 #elonday. Faculty- eye view of the awarding of diplomas. http://t.co/jLz2uXvEpE

Science profs enjoying #Elongrad

Many of today's Biology graduates will be wearing the medal and green ribbon of the Beta Beta Beta Biology Honors Society - representing academic excellence and devotion to the field of Biology #Elongrad

Blossoms frame McMichael Science building

The road much traveled on by Biology students

#ElonGrad #2015Grad s & parents meet for College of Arts Reception--1st @ElonBiology grads I greeted were Tim & Nic http://t.co/9f7ADapPW9

Elon Biology is now on Instagram! You can find us at "elonbiology" http://t.co/L36vruSg5w

Graduating Lumen students Davis Tousignant + Lauren Sutherland celebrate w @JenniferUno @tonyatrain1 + @HeadPhoenix http://t.co/9MNGDqUb84

Today's Bio retreat: Kathy Gallucci talks about her Bio106 course that she flipped with the help of @elontechnology http://t.co/rL517W1oTB

Congratulations @elonuniversity Biology Class of 2015! #Elongrad #elon15 @elonalumni http://t.co/cIrKb5boSu

Elizabeth Preston on Twitter

Why some bugs are attracted to the wrong species: …

Blue-eyed grass. Easy to overlook but it's something special up close. http://t.co/2AXYONoBNL

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By Antonio Izzo | articles about Microbiology curated by current and past students in Antonio Izzo's current Microbiology classes (Microbiology, …

Healthy Eating

Wildflowers at @elonuniversity Loy Farm are starting to come out! http://t.co/3IAe3s6KpA

@ElonBiology PopBio students sporting Shoes of Doom for the final lab practical http://t.co/Ip4VrlxRTc

Students - good luck with exams! http://t.co/32LXR4s2CE

@ElonBiology fac host undergrad assistants at the TA Appreciation Reception in McMi124 faculty suite--10-12 today! http://t.co/ry5a6ypEAW

Last day of biodiversity and the shoes of doom make a final appearance @ElonBiology http://t.co/1v3752GLBc

Who says microbiology can't be fun? Not @ElonBiology. Check these student created memes and tell us your favorite. http://t.co/SQQpzv6R6C