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Rainy day up in #Elon but is making it quite beautiful around the campus http://t.co/9lN5PvsWT8

A family of oak treehoppers in the Elon University Forest http://t.co/NAbWOHgjbV

Forget to wear shoes to lab? Yes, I can help you with that. http://t.co/qd4Khe5deg

Bio, Chem, and ENS majors from #elon15 - less than a month left to walk up and down these steps! #elongrad http://t.co/unqIMiWXns

Ants! on first floor - @jenhamel must be behind this - looks like a neat student project in action for Pop Bio http://t.co/KPdxKnqtDH

Elon University Biology Department

@ElonBiology Elon College Fellows & mentors celebrate their completion of the Fellows program at the dinner event. http://t.co/HLvWFw33ce

Happy Earth Day @ElonBiology fac & students! Let's remember to thank the blue green algae for our living planet. http://t.co/zrYAHuDNso

@ElonBiology Tri-Beta Bio Honor Society Officers celebrate another successful induction ceremony. http://t.co/ifgLvgxbmc

This male box turtle has taken a beating but he's still king of EUF http://t.co/KdrxSBrnl8

Green and gold, potentilla, blueberry and blackberry blooming on EUF today http://t.co/fqRlnsnhQu

Dr House is in the house! http://t.co/NVtpUbF6dj

TriBeta Induction Ceremony starts at 4:15 in the Isabella Cannon room ! http://t.co/ApOgpsGXp3

Got a Petri plate of stuffed bacteria from a former student - how can this day get any better? @GIANTmicrobes http://t.co/bCQXuWAao9

Don't forget to take study breaks and take in some of the flowering going on on #Elon campus currently! http://t.co/dwYlOJ4Yzt

Great day with students using mark-recap to study Elon turtle populations! @ElonBiology @elonuniversity http://t.co/4l1yo5976b

Elon students studying turtle populations at Elon Homes Pond! @ElonBiology @elonuniversity http://t.co/hysREBWNTL

Pat Lyon, a natural teacher, shares his mockingbird vocal mimicry research at NCUR @ElonBiology @ElonBiologyClub http://t.co/YMtae8xaWu

Maggie Demonia (Bio'15) presented her cell signaling research at #NCUR15 last week @UR_at_Elon @yjmiyamoto http://t.co/v0f7esUQtn

Anna Olsen (Bio'15) presented her research on antifungals at #NCUR15 this past week @tonyatrain1 http://t.co/01x7J3pXLI

Chloe Connolly (Bio'15) presented her Elon Forest research at #NCUR15 last week @elonuniversity http://t.co/yf5nJVtHBL

Patrick Green is getting ready to tell @ElonBiologyClub about his research with mantis shrimp! http://t.co/1ZTij3tAHy

Are cloudy rainy days as depressing for the Loy Farm solar array as they are for me?☔️@SustainableElon @ElonBiology http://t.co/86C7Miu9Mr

Research talk - Patrick Green from Duke University - Mantis shrimp ecology Thurs 4/16 McM115 4:15-5:15 pm http://t.co/9HqwJ6XYix

Another beautiful day at McMichael Science! @elonuniversity http://t.co/UPcM4zSoAt

Thank you to our panelists for sharing their insights tonight! http://t.co/mvZVCxNjTL