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Sarah and Ashley present an illustration to evol class of how "natural selection does not lead to perfection." http://t.co/durNp3WqZc

Enjoy the 70 deg weather OR do direct cell counts in Microbiology lab? The choice is an easy one http://t.co/oWJFmjOwsZ

Elon undergraduate researcher Molly Small using a Suunto clinometer to take McNab readings on EUF today @ElonBiology http://t.co/uHUa2gmuDu

More cell counts in Microbio - getting the growth curve data http://t.co/g5wMsPlLEs

This is happening right now in #Elon - sun! http://t.co/aSTLQnAlop

Snow sculpture contest entry - bacterial lipopolysaccharide! http://t.co/44o1AgGR68

Bacterial plates accumulating quickly in Microbiology lab http://t.co/k4WxCIKbGn

Bacterial quantitation in micro lab this week http://t.co/XJk5W3wO26

Today, we finally began our study of the Protista in Biodiversity. Go, ALGAE !!! @ElonBiology http://t.co/t3RQPiz3Cx

@ElonBiology Pop Bio students use SIMBIO simulations to study ferret population genetics & conservation. http://t.co/ng1P3gfWvf

Another snowy Tuesday at Elon but at least the @ElonBiology Pop Bio lab won' t be cancelled-ferret pop sim.s rock! http://t.co/IYSmJqhpGr

We don’t need more STEM majors. We need more STEM majors with liberal arts training.

In business and at every level of government, we hear how important it is to graduate more students majoring in science, technology, engineering and …

Liberal Arts

Elon students getting dizzy in physiology lab - nystagmus, anyone? @ElonBiology http://t.co/hStRMy8xbS

Heart rate variability research in a warm physiology lab on a cold morning! http://t.co/6JUevRjm6B

What bio research students do when it's 5 degrees outside @ElonBiology http://t.co/OLcpMaMLMc

Elon Bio, I just wanted to share with the department that I recently accepted the offer for a position with Purdue University. Purdue has a cooperative, long term, large scale, silviculture research project in two state forests in southern Indiana. The scope of the project is to examine both short and long term effects of varying forest management techniques (clearcutting, shelterwood, prescribed fire) on forest flora and fauna, with special consideration to threatened and endangered species conservation, community awareness, and practicality in land management. As this project was started in 2006 with plans to continue for 100 years, you can imagine the size and scope of the data the individual projects can generate, not to mention all the technicians and parties involved with the data collection. Therefore, the project requires a point-man on logistics, communication, updating involved parties on research progress, generating quarterly newsletters, and running QA and analysis on synthesized data, and preparing manuscripts for publication. I am very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to the challenges it presents. Prior to accepting this position, I was an volunteer through the Chesapeake Conservation Corps and worked through the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service. I worked primarily as a watershed forester to involve landowners in state and federal cost-share programs like the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program to convert marginal farmland into riparian forest buffers. As part of this internship, I conducted site inspections of planted buffers, developed outreach materials, and prepared planting plans for new programs enrollees. Here is picture from a day of field work. If you want to know more about all the moving parts to the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment, they have an awesome website:

Racing the snow to perfect microbial stains in Micro today - who will win the "best shot" award? http://t.co/mfjnGI9bYT

Biodiversity students learn about phylogenies by building them! @ElonBiology http://t.co/jJEBpiVHdL

Jen Hamel


Welcome to the Hamel lab! We study mate choice and collective behavior, and how interactions between species affect the ecology and evolution …


The sun is out! Enjoy the weekend http://t.co/N9u3HhFVNc

Congratulations to Jillian Somero, Bio 2014- she just accepted a job as an Outdoor Environmental Educator with theYMCA of the Rockies at Estes Parks in Colorado. Looks amazing!

Celebrate Darwin Day tmrw (2/12) McMi Library. Stop in for sweet treats and join the @ElonBiologyClub birthday fun!! http://t.co/K5yFUmswj9

Paleontologist Vince showing evolution class one of his dinos at the NCMNS in Raleigh. @naturalsciences @ElonBiology http://t.co/tJ7UBsVOXn

Now we know the semester has started - found the McM library inhabited by some familiar friendly faces! http://t.co/iKxHZOSMDz