Miami Experiences

By Airbnb | Paint with street artists, spin your own electronic beats, and practice fire dancing with a pyrotechnic pro.

Born to Move

Born to Move<p>Miami · Explore the versatility of human movement<p>Itinerary<p>AcroYoga by the Bay<p>Meet at a beachside park to break the ice with acroyoga and …


Day 1: Acro Yoga by the Bay

Day 2: Boot Camp and Brunch

Day 3: Key Biscayne Biking Adventure

Your host, Julian

Electro-Funk Lords

Electro-Funk Lords<p>Miami · Create your Miami sound with electronic artists<p>What’s Included<p>DAY 1 · 9:00 PM − 1:00 AM<p>At Sweat, you’ll browse vintage and …


Day 1: Sweat Records & Open Mic

Day 2: Studio Visit with Afrobeta

Day 2: Jam on Stage at a Favorite Spot

Your host, Cuci

Lifestyle with a Conscience

Lifestyle with a Conscience<p>Miami · Discover Miami's nature-loving scene<p>Itinerary<p>Yoga, Paddleboarding & Green Juices<p>Experience the nature of Miami …


Day 1: Yoga, Paddleboarding & Green Juice

Day 2: Private Vegan Lunch

Day 2: Nutrition Class & Dinner

Your host, Valeria

Art's Fairy Godmother

Art's Fairy Godmother<p>Miami · See Miami’s contemporary art scene with an insider<p>What’s Included<p>DAY 1 · 10:30 AM − 12:30 PM<p>We truly live with our art. …


Day 1: Wander a Private Art Collection

Day 1: Lunch with Artists in Residence

Day 2: Studio Visit and Cocktails

Your host, Kathryn

On Wynwood's Walls

On Wynwood's Walls<p>Miami · Let an urban pop artist show you how it's done<p>What’s Included<p>DAY 1 · 8:00 PM − 10:00 PM<p>We'll dive into the art-making …

Day 1: Dinner at Pillo's Art Cafe

Day 2: Visit my Art Studio

Day 3: Wynwood Art Walk and Party

Your host, Gabriel