Detroit Experiences

By Airbnb | Get a feel for Motown Blues, dine on soul food with fashion designers, and take in majestic architecture.

Detroit Music Royalty

Detroit · Discover Detroit history through music with Marsha<p>History experience<p>Hosted by Marsha<p>3 experiences over 2 days<p>7 hours total<p>Drinks<p>Offered in …

Detroit Music Royalty

Day 1: Dinner, Edge of Old Black Bottom

Day 2: Victuals and Vinyl - Brunch & Shop

Day 2: BBQ & Blues - Visit Iconic Club

Your host, Marsha

Chic Boutiques

Detroit · Explore the most unique Boutiques in Detroit<p>Lifestyle experience<p>Hosted by Karen<p>Contact host<p>3 experiences over 3 days<p>6 hours …

Day 1: A Soul Food Dinner

Day 2: Cass Corridor: The Original Midtown

Day 3: Insider's Eastern Market Day

Your host, Karen

Living Out Loud

Detroit · Explore the LGBT scene with a community leader<p>Food & drink experience<p>Hosted by Kevin<p>3 experiences over 2 days<p>8 hours total<p>2 meals, drinks, …

Day 1: Tapas and Sangria

Day 1: Drag Bingo and Dancing

Day 2: Recovery Brunch

Your host, Kevin

Lives Rebuilt

Detroit · Discover and rebuild our communities and lives<p>� Social impact experience<p>Hosted by Carrie<p>3 experiences over 3 days<p>8 hours total<p>2 meals, …

Day 1: Welcome Dinner and Showcase

Day 2: Make Art with the Homeless

Day 3: A Healthy Meal with American Heroes

Your host, Carrie


Detroit · A spirited adventure in the art of gin making<p>Food & drink experience<p>Hosted by Michael<p>3 experiences over 2 days<p>6.5 hours total<p>1 meal and …

Day 1: Family Dinner & Cocktails

Day 2: Make Your Own Gin

Day 2: Make Your Own Cocktail

Your host, Michael