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By Aida Boucheron | Raising world changers with benevolent values

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35 Service Projects for Kids

Here is a list of <b>service projects for kids and opportunities for kids to volunteer</b> within their community that will empower kids with responsibility, …


5 Ways To Raise a Philanthropic Child

As a former elementary school teacher at inner city schools, I have witnessed firsthand the dire straits of students' lives. Even after decades dedicating myself to finding ways to improve the way children learn, live and thrive, I am as passionate today as I was when I first began my journey as an …


Be one person: Vivienne Harr at TEDxFiDiWomen

Want To Learn How To Raise Philanthropic Kids? Ask Melinda Gates

By<p>Sep 25 2015, 8:15 PM<p>ADVERTISEMENT<p><i>Parents Without Borders</i><i>, produced with our partners at the United Nations Foundation, features influential parents</i> …


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Dear Family Whisperer: 5 Secrets of Raising Charitable Kids

<i>Dear Family Whisperer.</i><p>After reading a recent article in the New York Times, "Learning Young the Gift of Helping Others," I felt like I should be doing more to make my child "charitable." But I can't even get him to part with old toys. How can I teach him to be generous?"<p>--Worried Mom<p>I read the same …


40 Ways Kids Can Volunteer, Toddler to Teen

“How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world.” Anne Frank<p>When we make service work a normal part of our lives we don’t …


7 Easy Ways Kids Can Give Back

Behavior and Discipline, Featured Article, Growth and Development, Parenting …


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The home of over 5.1 million full archive pages of <b>The Philadelphia Inquirer</b> and <b>Philadelphia Daily News</b> print editions<p>Search and browse our historical …


Charity really does begin at home. Here's why

If you and your children volunteered at a soup kitchen over the Thanksgiving weekend, good for you. But if you really want that charitable impulse to …

The Simple Things Parents Can Do to Raise More Generous Kids

A few days ago, my 4-year-old told me he was finished with his dinner. “OK,” I said. “But before you clear your plate, let me give the rest of your …


3 Ways To Nurture Your Children's Philanthropic Spirit

Ever since P.J. Bartos was a young child, he and his younger sister Gracie had begged their parents for a lemonade stand, just like the one they’d seen on Sesame Street.<p>“They would drag the cooler and the lemonade mix from the pantry and plead with us to set up a stand out on the curb,” said their …


Ways to Nurture Philanthropy Lessons with Your Child at Home

It’s never too early for children to learn lessons about sharing and giving, a belief we hold onto strongly to at The Learning Experience®. In …


Olivia Bouler, 11 and Willing to Help

6 Ways to Teach Your Kids the Thrill of Giving Back

Courtesy of subjects<p><i>1 Set</i> the right example and volunteer with your child. "If you want kids to understand the importance of helping others, you need …


Child Philanthropists Take Action In Their Rogue Valley Communities

Once upon a time, most of our children were so isolated from the social ills of our culture that adults thought them innocent, and unable to …


How to Get Your Kids Involved in the Community

We all hope to raise caring, compassionate children. One way to accomplish this important task is to teach our children the value of community …


15 Charitable Ways Kids Can Give Back on Their Birthday

A few weeks ago, I shared my daughter’s second birthday party. At two, she is just starting to understand how wonderful birthdays make us feel. So …


How To Change The World (a work in progress) | Kid President

Kids In Philanthropy

5 Ways To Teach Your Kids About Giving Back

It's never to early to teach your children about the joy of giving back.<p>It’s not uncommon to see a child stop when they see another child crying and …

Making a kid party a charitable event

Shares 0<p><i>Restock the school library. Save the whales. Feed the hungry. The new trend in children’s parties is to turn them into charitable events. The</i> …


Little Loving Hands: Kids’ Craft Kits Supporting a Philanthropic Cause

Just before the holiday season, I heard from Lily Yeh, the owner of Little Loving Hands and learned all about her new company she recently launched. …


Projec10: Teaching Kids the value of Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Kindness Is Contagious: Inspiring Our Children to Make a Difference!

I am inspired by Grace LaFountain, a 10 year-old girl from Utica, New York, who with her mother, Susan, baked and collected more than 500 baked goods and sold every last one to raise money for charity.<p>I am inspired by the ladies of the National Philoptochos Society, who held literacy awareness …


Sweet Charity

When <i>Washingtonian</i> and the National Zoo held a letter-writing contest in March in honor of the zoo’s new elephant community center, hundreds of local …

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