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We've hit the peak of 'free' on the Internet. It's time to pay up.

Everyone wants everything on the internet for free. Just ask the New York Times.

Over the years, the Times website has gone from free, to paid, back to free, and, finally, back to paid. Well, mostly paid. For now, anyway.

By practice and by ethos, the Internet has generally been a place where free …


Medium Is Shifting Focus

The publisher/publishing platform is rejiggering itself as a social network for readers and writers — and reconsidering some of its publications and ideals in the process.

Late last night, Medium CEO Ev Williams published a blog post about the company’s future. As is often the case when discussing …


The Best New Restaurants in Austin

Austin's ever-evolving food scene just keeps getting better, if the new crop of restaurants that have opened in the past six months are any …


Austin's 9 Best Burger Bargains

Anytime you're eating a burger, life is pretty good. You know when life is even better? When you're eating some fancy, classy burger that you scored …

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Austin Bucket List: Unique Places To See and Things To Do

With a city-wide intention to “keep Austin weird,” it’s no wonder there is so much creativity and self-expression pulsing through the city’s streets! …


The Continental

12 Reasons the World Should Thank Austin

Austin gets it's share of hatred from the rest of the country, mostly because it excels at so many things. But sometimes people don't stop and …

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30 Twitter Accounts Every Austinite Should Follow


Twitter: it's good for more than just insightful commentary on celebrity posteriors and tracking Chi’lantro’s whereabouts. In fact, in a …

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19 things Austinites love


When anyone talks badly about Austin, you have to realize that they are just jealous. We are city of people who work hard and play hard. Our …


The 99 problems with Austin


Austin isn't perfect. It has its problems. In fact, like certain entertainment moguls, it has 99 of them. From unfathomable heat to …

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Austin's Weirdest Business Names: A Conversation


Sometimes when it's cold out, one goes a little stir crazy. So when the Yellow Pages was delivered (WHY?), instead of immediately tossing it …

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19 People You’ll Definitely See on Dirty Sixth


Without question, Dirty Sixth on a weekend night is nothing short of a circus. A circus comprised of newly legal drinkers, tourists, and the …

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Austin's #1 at these 10 things. Suck it, everywhere else.

Living in Austin, you might often find yourself saying "Austin is the best". But what exactly is it the best at? That’s an excellent question. Is …


The 23 steps to becoming a true Austinite

The Austin Experience is different for everyone, since so many of us come from far, far away lands such as "Houston" and "Indiana". But if you've …

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The 25 Austin Commandments

On a beautiful, sunny day, with blue skies and a temperature in the triple digits, Willie Nelson came down from on high (obviously) and blessed our …

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Every Summer Outdoor Movie Screening in Austin, Now in One Calendar


While patios and margaritas are a fine way to pass the time in Austin, there's nothing quite like heading to a park on a summer evening and …


11 BBQ Spots Around Austin That Are Worth the Road Trip


How far is too far to go for great barbecue? Well, people come to Texas from all over the world to eat it, so it's possible there's no such …

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11 Ways Austin is Trying to Kill You


Sure, you probably THINK Austin is your friend. Remember that one time you were hungry and Austin gave you breakfast tacos? That was pretty …


How Austin Sees the Rest of Texas


Living in Austin doesn't just give you access to a combination of an outstanding music scene and unparalleled breakfast tacos that simply …


23 Excellent Margaritas in Austin

Nadia Chaudhury on May 4, 2015, 12:30p

Margaritas are the unofficial drink of the Austin, the tequila cocktail that is ideal for outdoor drinking. …


Greetings From Austin, Texas

In 2015, close to 80,000 people flocked to Austin for South by Southwest, the city’s annual music and film festival. And there is no question the …


Caffeine Fix: Top 7 Coffeehouses in Austin

When you need to recharge, Austin delivers the jolt you need at our unique coffeehouses serving up some darn-good java.

Here are my top 7 places in …


Best Austin Brunches

Everyone loves a good weekend brunch, and Austin serves up some of the best in Texas. From dynamic omelets and inventive pancakes to simple pleasures …



Visitors and locals alike may know Threadgill’s for its Southern cooking and regular live music, but most people don’t know the story behind …


Austin Nature and Science Center: Animals, Dino Bones, and More!

When I first moved to Austin, I couldn’t believe the number of amazing activities available for families in this city. I would call out-of-town …


Reader Recommended: Favorite Parks in Austin and Beyond

What are your favorite parks in Austin and the surrounding areas? We asked Free Fun in Austin readers, and you answered. Here are your top picks for …


75 FREE Things To Do in Austin This Summer

Summertime in Austin means sunshine, long days, staying up just a little bit later and plenty of chances to make lasting memories with the fam. Here …


MangoBerry Popsicle

Summer is around the corner and I’m already feeling unprepared. I have to wear shorts? Seriously? Sorry in advance for the pasty legs, world. This …


This Is The Cocktail To Make For Mother's Day

We’re strong proponents of having a good home bar. Welcome to Cocktail Hour, where we’ll show you the best ways to put your liquor cabinet to use. This cocktail is brought to you by

Today: A floral, citrusy take on the gin rickey, for the city or the sand.

Maybe it’s because I’m part Swede …


‘Our Demand Is Simple: Stop Killing Us’

On the evening of April 25 at the corner of Pratt and Light Streets, in Baltimore’s revitalized downtown district, more than 100 police officers in riot gear stood shoulder to shoulder, shields up. Six officers on horseback fidgeted behind them, staring down at a crowd of about 40, an odd mixture …