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The Art of Evangelism

“Evangelism” became a business buzzword during the internet boom of the late 1990s. In fact, as Apple’s second software evangelist, I helped popularize the term. The idea is simple: Derived from a Greek word that means, roughly, “to proclaim good news,” evangelism is explaining to the world how …

Evangelical Christianity

What to Expect When Your Name is Charlotte

What's in a name?

Dear Baby Princess Charlotte,

Congratulations, you’re the most powerful infant in the world! Even better news: the second most powerful baby in the world, the newest member of the Clinton family, is also named Charlotte. (Your brother is a toddler, he doesn’t count.)

On behalf of the …


Charlotte Elizabeth Diana: a firm nod to royal tradition

Traditional, with royal precedent and a nod to both families; the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have played it safe by naming their newborn daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

With the news, announced two days after her birth, the betting industry was preparing to pay out an estimated £1m to punters …

Prince Of Wales

The royal princess has a name: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

London bettors who were hoping the daughter of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, would be named Alice won’t be cashing …

Kensington Palace

Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to a girl

LONDON — Britain welcomed its newest princess Saturday with famous landmarks such as Tower Bridge and the Trafalgar Square fountains glowing pink in …


Royal baby: Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to baby girl

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge presented their new daughter to the world for the first time early on Saturday evening as they left hospital just 10 hours after the birth of their second child.

The new Princess of Cambridge slept soundly cradled in her mother’s arms as the couple posed on the …


The Hashtag Royal Baby Gives Princess Kate and Prince William a Giant Twitter Surge

Prince William and Princess Kate's official Twitter account has seen a massive boom in followers as royal watchers prepare for the official royal baby announcement.

As of 3:30 p.m. U.K. time Friday, the @KensingtonRoyal account had added 50,000 followers in a week and is now up to more than …


Birthday Boy David Beckham on the New Royal Princess: 'Not a Bad Day to Be Born!'

Princess Kate's little girl shares her birthday with Prince William's friend David Beckham.

The soccer superstar turns the big 4-0 today and has jetted to Morocco with his wife Victoria for a big celebration.

But he has even more reason to pop the champagne corks as the royal baby shares his May 2 …

David Beckham

Princess Kate In Labor With Royal Baby Number 2

Kate and William are preparing to welcome a little brother or sister for Prince George

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are about to become parents for the second time. Catherine — also known as Kate — was driven to St. Mary’s Hospital, in west London, early Saturday morning. The BBC reports that …


Paul McCartney Compares Kanye West to John Lennon (Yes, Really)

This should quiet those Kanye West critics for a bit.

The "Black Skinhead" rapper earned high praise from former Beatle and new collaborator Paul McCartney when the legendary musician gave an interview to the U.K.'s Sun newspaper.

"When I wrote with John [Lennon], he would sit down with a guitar. I …

Paul McCartney

Princess Kate Is 'Ready' to Give Birth and 'Completely Chilled About It All,' Says a Friend

Princess Kate is tired of waiting, too.

The expectant mum, who has passed her late-April due date, "is ready to go," a friend tells PEOPLE.

But even as the world grows increasingly impatient – and more than a little mad, judging by the scene outside the "Limbo" Wing – Kate remains her usual …


Jessica Alba on Being a Tough Boss at The Honest Company

Jessica Alba isn't afraid to rule with an iron fist.

In order for the actress and entrepreneur (who turned 34 Tuesday!) to take her business The Honest Company to soaring heights, she's had to be a straight-talking lady boss.

"I'm straight to the point. I’ve made people cry," the Sin City: A Dame to

Jessica Alba

Hackers Could Commandeer New Planes Through Passenger Wi-Fi

New jets have Wi-Fi passenger networks that use the same network as the avionics systems of the planes.The post Hackers Could Commandeer New Planes …


10 Tips Mark Cuban Would Give His Younger Self


As one of the most well-known sharks on Shark Tank, Mark Cuban didn't get where he is with luck alone. However, just like any other entrepreneur and investor, he had plenty of stumbles along the way. Just imagine how successful Cuban would be had he been able to give his younger self …

Mark Cuban

Prince Harry might miss royal birth as Duchess of Cambridge overdue

Harry flying back to Australia to spend time with Army units before official tour of New Zealand as Duchess of Cambridge understood to be as many as four days overdue

Prince Harry might not be able to meet his new niece or nephew until mid-May unless the royal baby puts in a speedy appearance.



From Near Failure To A $1.5 Billion Sale: The Epic Story Of

From fast success to near failure to a billion-dollar sale: The epic and inspiring story of how "the mother of the Internet" built her brand.

At times, Lynda Weinman seems almost stunned by her own success. Unlike many recent tech founders, Weinman didn't enter the industry with dollar signs in her …

World Wide Web

Try Guessing All Of These Iconic Movie Posters Without Titles And Stars

Here's a freebie: the blue one is Jaws without the shark.

Toward the end of 1980s oedipal nightmare of note, Back to the Future, a 1950s-bound Marty McFly looks at a picture of himself from the present and sees that he has become almost completely erased from existence. A new art project carries out …


Why Already Busy People Are More Likely To Get More Things Done

You know "if you want something done, ask a busy person," but what makes those with too much to do the most likely to get things done?

Someone recently posed this question to me: we all know that "if you want something done, ask a busy person." But why is that? Why exactly do busy people seem so …


What Will Princess Kate and Prince William Name the Royal Baby?

Can't get enough of William, Kate, George and Baby No. 2? Subscribe now for an inside look at all things royals – and to receive an exclusive royal gift!

Princess Kate and Prince William have the mother of all baby-naming jobs ahead of them.

And while they await the birth of their second child, royal …


This Guy Earned $450k Last Year. And He Hasn’t Written a Line of Code. — Medium

If you’re an app developer who isn’t making a decent living from the app stores, there’s someone you need to meet.

His name is Mark Dawson. Amazon …


La pianiste

Lou's Dropbox

Gisele Bundchen gets love note from Tom Brady

It's obvious that Tom Brady's love for his wife, model Gisele Bundchen, will never go out of fashion.

Bundchen walked the runway for the last time Wednesday, and the New England Patriots quarterback wasn't just there to support her in person, he expressed his emotions to the world on …

Tom Brady

Gisele Knew When to Step Off the Catwalk

After 20 years on the catwalk, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen said this week she's hanging up her Louboutins. She took her final stroll on the planks during Sao Paulo Fashion Week, flashing her sunrise smile and shedding a few tears.

As she leaves runway modeling, she'll cry all the way to the …


Gisele Bundchen Retires From the Runway

Celebrity Funnies of the Week: In Pictures

Reba McEntire Tells Kelly Clarkson's Body-Shamers to 'Get Over it'

As Kelly Clarkson continues to face criticism from body-shamers, her mother-in-law, Reba McEntire, is coming to her defense.

"Get over it," McEntire told Clarkson's critics on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday. "Kelly's happier than she has ever been in her life. Just be happy for her."

Clarkson, …

Kelly Clarkson

‘Pics or it didn’t happen’ – the mantra of the Instagram era

Our social networks have a banality problem. The cultural premium now placed on recording and broadcasting one’s life and accomplishments means that Facebook timelines are suffused with postings about meals, workouts, the weather, recent purchases, funny advertisements, the milestones of people …

The Age of Never-Ending Internet Chats

What happens when running dialogue with a friend who’s always online replaces solo reflection?

A few years ago, I moved across the country from my friend Phoebe. I missed her a lot—but it helped that I was talking to her on Gchat multiple times a day.

Instant messaging turned out to offer each of us …


What It’s Like To Work On BuzzFeed’s Tech Team During Record Traffic

It’s all about the company culture, folks. Here’s how it all went down (or didn’t) last night.

8:23 p.m.: Jay’s sysops pager goes off. His wife says, “Uh oh, is it the dress?” He replies, “What dress?”

Yes, those are automated bot messages in a dedicated Slack channel.

8:30 p.m.: I put the kids into …