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CRUD in ASP.NETCore MVC with Angular 2 and Web Api

A good eample in how build a CRUD web application using ASP.NETCORE with Angular2 and WebApi


Angular 2 0 Animations Matias Niemela


Powered by This Web Tool allows you to bookmark specific segments (pins) of video within a YouTube video. No more searching for the …

Functional Programming

Ionic Material Design Preview

Material Design

How to Boost Your Email Opt-In Rate by 664% in 24 Hours

Would you like to put your email list on steroids?<p>I bet you would!<p>After all, having a fat email list leads directly to income. And if you’re reading …

Digital Marketing

Web Scraping With Node.js

Web scraping is the process of programmatically retrieving information from the Internet. As the volume of data on the web has increased, this …


Just finished prototype of remote temp/humidity receivers in my house, took 30 mins instead of a day. #STEMLC #RaspberryPi #IoT #NodeJS

Building hybrid mobile apps using Ionic 2 and Firebase

Home <b>›</b> Angular <b>›</b> <b>Building hybrid mobile apps using Ionic 2 and Firebase</b><p><i>on</i> August 27, 2016 • ( 32 )<p>Mobile application development has been dramatically …


AngularJS SPA Pt 3 : Refactor Code to Not Use Global Variables (Shopping List App)

In the previous blog we got Angular-Seed to work with a module and a controller. However, we put everything in the global scope. The problem with …


CSS Grid Layout: A Quick Start Guide

How we approach layout on the web is changing, and at the forefront of that change is CSS Grid Layout. This quick start guide will skip the details …

Web Development

The Open Realtime Server

deepstream is a new type of server that syncs data and sends events across millions of clients<p>Quick links to useful resources on getting …


Design Tip: Never Use Black

One of the most important color tricks I've ever learned was to avoid using the color black in my work. Mrs. Zamula, my childhood art teacher, first w …


Build a Pi Zero Swarm with OTG networking

So I unleashed a picture on the Internet several weeks ago which combined Docker, the Pi Zero and OTG networking. A lot of you responded to the post …

Raspberry Pi

#Baidu's Andrew Ng at GTC China says scale is the #1 reason why #deeplearning is vital to speech recognition.

Introduction to Event Sourcing and CQRS

Description<p>Have you heard about event sourcing and wondered what it is all about? Have you looked into it and wondered what sort of sorcery is going …


Wordpress in Docker on a Raspberry Pi

Docker has been available on the Raspberry Pi for a while but 1.12 makes installation much easier. So I figured it was time to stop paying for a …

Raspberry Pi

Accelerating Node.js applications with HTTP/2 Server Push

In April, we announced support for HTTP/2 Server Push via the HTTP Link header. My coworker John has demonstrated how easy it is to add Server Push …


A Beginner’s Guide To Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps could be the next big thing for the mobile web. Originally proposed by Google in 2015, they have already attracted a lot of …

Web Design

Building a CaaS for the enterprise. Part 2

In our last post we looked at building our CaaS with Docker and Puppet from the point of a ‘sysadmin’, now we have the platform built let’s put on …


A Comprehensive Look at jQuery Selectors

Whether you want to manipulate the content of an element on a web page, attach an event to it, or do something else, you will need to select it …

PHP News, Views and Community

<i>Matt Stauffer</i> has posted the next in his "what's coming in Laravel 5.3" series today with this look at "mailables" to help make sending mail simpler …

Will MariaDB Soon Replace MySQL?

MariaDB is a database growing in popularity. Its lead developer is Michael “Monty” Widenius, who was part of the team that created MySQL. When MySQL …


3 Node Swarm Cluster in 30 seconds (Docker 1.12)

Docker 1.12 has been released!<p>Last June during the keynote of DockerCon we saw a demo where a 3 node swarm cluster was created in 30 seconds using …


This Week in Machine Learning, 5 August 2016

This week’s top Machine Learning stories, including bot control, crop yields, Autism gene correlations, and more!<p>Machine Learning is one of the most …

Machine Learning