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By Ananda Galappatti | Emergencies; LMICs; Innovation; ICTs; GBV; Child Protection; Recovery; DRR; and more...

Global Symposium on Contributions of Psychology to Peace

(22 May 2017) The latest and 15th global symposium on the contributions of psychology to peace is being organized jointly at Sapienza University in …


Trauma & Journalism: A Practical Guide

Tragedies & Journalists<p>Reporting War<p>News Media & Trauma<p>Covering Children & Trauma<p>Child Clinicians & the Media<p>Covering Columbine<p>Ethical Reporting on …

Vietnam Veterans

‘Less than 15% of young people aware of HIV status’

in News<p>Less than 15% of young people are aware of their HIV status despite constituting the larger group of people who are dying from HIV and …

Public Health

Making the case for integration of the #MHPSS & #Peacebuilding from perspectives of both fields #CPT Mtg @_IJR_

With @FBubenzer @MTankink @IAHVPB @YvonneSliep @Emancipate_now @tmurithi12 at @_IJR_ & @WarTraumaFound meeting on #MHPSS and #Peacebuilding

Day 2: Discussing literature review by @_IJR_ @WarTraumaFound on approaches that integrate #MHPSS & #Peacebuilding work

Preliminary observations from @_IJR_ @WarTraumaFound #MHPSS & #Peacebuilding Mapping Study: opportunities, challenges & recommendations

Mapping Study on #MHPSS & #Peacebuilding by @_IJR_ @WarTraumaFound: 92% feel PB would benefit from MHPSS integrated. 8% had reservations

Voices from the Field - Webinar Sign-Up

WHO and Ministry of Health representatives from Central African Republic describe their work using the WHO mhGAP Humanitarian Intervention Guide …

Twitter Chat:Join our conversations on values-driven work for #VAW prevention on 24th May,2017 at 4:00pm EAT/1:00pm GMT.#Values2endVAW


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[Series] Voices from the Field: Scaling-up mental health services for internally displaced and vulnerable host populations in Central African Republic [Webinar in French / Webinaire francophone]

<b>Details / Détails</b><p><b>Webinar Date / Date du webinaire: ​</b>Wednesday, 7 June 2017 / Mercredi, 7 Juin 2017• <b><br>Time / Temps:</b> 10:00am WAT (UTC +1) (convert time) / …

The Talk: How Adults Can Promote Young People’s Healthy Relationships and Prevent Misogyny and Sexual Harassment

Our new report suggests that many young people struggle with developing healthy romantic relationships and that rates of misogyny and sexual …

Knowledge of Culture as Part of Healing | The Center for Victims of Torture

<i>Mohamed Jelani is a psychosocial counselor, CVT Ethiopia.</i><p>In the refugee camps here in northern Ethiopia, people come from different places and …


Surviving genocide: Storytelling and ritual help communities heal

<b>IOANNINA, GREECE—</b>Hazim Shingali and his family had no time to gather their belongings on 3 August 2014, when they heard that hundreds of armed …


Podcast: Against Your Will – Compulsory Powers in the Mental Health System | Discursive of Tunbridge Wells

<b>John McGowan, Anne Cooke, Angela Gilchrist, Rachel Terry and Emma Rye discuss involuntary treatment in mental health.</b><p><b>In this edition we discuss the</b> …

Mental Health

On The Edge


PsyndUp is a platform aimed at bridging the gap between those in need of mental health care services with those who are available to provide it. We …

Mental Health