Mental Health & Psychosocial Support

By Ananda Galappatti | Emergencies; LMICs; Innovation; ICTs; GBV; Child Protection; Recovery; DRR; and more...

Examining the Role of Culture in Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents and Young People


Turecki: Possible molecular mechanism of increased suicide through #DNA methylation. #IASP17

Re-posting: Technical Advisor for Yemen - Psychosocial Support IFRC

Re-posting: Mental health and psychosocial advisor<p>Mental Health and Psychosocial Advisor (re-advertised).<p>The IFRC Reference Centre for Psychosocial …


Violence affecting children

Building research capacity to generate evidence on the drivers of violence affecting children and on the most effective interventions.


WHO Special Situation Report - Mosul Crisis, Iraq - Issue No 25: 25 June - 8 July 2017

A new mobile medical clinic has been launched in Basheqa, Telkyef district to deliver emergency primary health care services for internally displaced …

Islamic State (ISIS)

Charities and voluntourism fuelling 'orphanage crisis' in Haiti, says NGO

Charitable donations and volunteers from abroad are supporting Haitian orphanages where children are vulnerable to abuse, a report finds<p>Charitable givers from the US who believe they are helping Haitian orphans are instead funding the abuse and neglect of children at orphanages in the Caribbean …

WHO mhGAP Newsletter July 2017

<i></i> <i>Event at WHO headquarters on World Health Day</i> - Credit: WHO/C. Black<p><b>World Health Day: putting the spotlight on depression</b><p>WHO has been leading mental …

Mental Health

Virtual Knowledge Network, NIMHANS ECHO

Virtual Knowledge Network (VKN) NIMHANS ECHO has been running successfully since two year. NIMHANS ECHO is collaboration between NIMHANS and Project …

The Way Forward to Strengthened Policies and Practices for Unaccompanied and Separated Children in Europe

<b>Background and objective of the document</b><p>Regional and national laws in Europe provide a solid framework for child protection, based on international …


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Exploring the psychological support for humanitarian workers: clinicians who responded to the Ebola crisis

Exploring the psychological support for humanitarian workers: clinicians who responded to the Ebola crisis in West Africa 2014-2016<p><b>Invitation:</b><p>You are …


Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else. @mhpss @UNPeacebuilding #stronger #together #RwOT

The Illusion of Protection

Halya Postliuk is Regional Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia<p>In terms of the attitude towards children and the understanding of their …


Interview with Dr Laurence Kirmayer Med SUB NEW


Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and evidence: A worrying trend

Blog<p><i>Author: Jeroen Jansen, Director, Evidence Aid</i><p>In the coming weeks, many will look back on the recent 2017 Global Platform for Disaster Risk …


EU/Greece: Asylum Seekers’ Silent Mental Health Crisis

Expand Souda refugee camp on the island of Chios. Poor living conditions in the camp and overcrowded hotspots, with little to no access to basic …


How to use Instagram for research communication

Instagram, the social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them across …

#studyGMH: Capacity building: Preparing newcomers for the Global Mental Health field

<i>This blog is part of a series focused on our Global Mental Health MSc students' impressions of the recent King's Health Partners Global Mental Health</i> …


How to support a depressed partner while maintaining your own mental health

Looking after someone with chronic depression can be hard, as Poorna Bell discovered when her husband became ill. The first rule, she says, is to look after yourself<p>There is no lightning-bolt moment when you realise you are losing your sense of self; just an absence. When you are caring for someone …

Mental Health

Strengthening mental health system governance in six LMICs in Africa and South Asia

Article available here:<p>This podcast is with co-author Shalini Ahuja who wrote this article in conjunction with authors also …

South Asia

How do we make sure ALL #ChildrenCount – including those outside of parental care? #leavenoonebehind #datagap

Using Facebook, SurveyMonkey in disaster response for (direct) survey of needs

Just over one year ago, an OCHA colleague – Chris Hyslop – reached out to me with a relatively straight forward question which neither of us could …