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By Peace Forum سلام فورم | Religion provide comfort, satisfaction and peace to billions, while some find peace in Secularism, Atheism, considering religion to be cause of wars and unrest, though maximum people were killed by people not following religious ideologies. Religions emphasize peace, respect of humanity and ethics but there is lot of killing on the name of religion by fanatics.

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The world is in turmoil; mass killing, genocide, ethnic cleansing, occupation of Muslim lands for natural resources, oppression, expulsions, …


Central Banks Must Work Together – or Suffer Alone

In recent years, the world’s major central banks have pursued unprecedentedly easy monetary policies, characterized by ultra-low and even negative …

Robert Mugabe

Iran Sent Them to Syria. Now Afghan Fighters Are a Worry at Home.

YAKAWLANG, Afghanistan — Iran has trained and deployed thousands of Shiite Afghans as shock troops in Syria’s sectarian war. Members of the Afghan unit, the Fatemiyoun Division, wear a shoulder patch recounting words of praise from Iran’s supreme leader as a badge of honor.<p>What those fighters might …


Indian Muslims must re-read Syed Ahmad Khan

I’m an atheist, but I had to walk away from the toxic side of online atheism

When I was invited to discuss atheism on “The O’Reilly Factor” four years ago, I initially wanted to turn it down. However, I ultimately realized it was a chance to show Fox News viewers a different side of atheism on a network where atheists are usually talked about rather than with.<p>It was …


Can poo power solve India's toilet problem?

Bihar, India<p><b>India is in the midst of a toilet-building frenzy, the government has set aside $20bn (£15bn) for the health initiative and aims to stop people having to defecate in the open by 2019.</b><p>One social enterprise in one of India's poorest areas is taking on the challenge of building public …


'We'll be in the Middle East for the next 100 years,' Boeing senior exec says

Boeing's international president has told CNBC that Saudi Arabia was a "very important market" for the company.<p>Marc Allen said Sunday that the …

Middle East

Henry Kissinger on Historical Memory and World War III

ON MAY 17, Henry Kissinger's latest book On China reached the American bookshops. This is a book about China but the panoramic thinking of the "last …

Saudi purge demonstrates ruthlessness of crown prince

<b>Big things are happening in Saudi Arabia. Princes, ministers and top businessmen are being arrested, detained in a luxury hotel, accused of corruption, their planes grounded and their assets seized.</b><p>The driving force behind this is 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who also heads the …

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Living With Gods review – 40,000 years of religious art, and this is it?

British Museum, London Heavenly objects in a sterile limbo: the British Museum’s collection of faith-based artworks fails to convince – perhaps it works better on Radio 4<p>After a few minutes in the exhibition that accompanies Neil MacGregor’s new BBC Radio 4 series on the power of religion, my skin …

British Museum

Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam

<i>The worst of creations with Good are those deaf, those dumb who do not use their intellect (Quran;2:18) . "And Allah gives another example: There are</i> …

Saudi Arabia’s 'Saturday Night Massacre' might play right into US interests

Most of us have told our kids that the ends don’t justify the means. But what if your objective is something as audacious as rapidly modernizing the …

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Legalising the annexation of Jerusalem

Or how Israel is trying to make 100,000 Palestinians disappear from Jerusalem.<p>In late October, the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation was set to vote on the "Greater Jerusalem" Bill. If it had passed, it would have been presented before the Knesset floor for several readings, before a …


Basic Human Ethics just in 60 Verses from Quran:

The Dragon in Afghanistan

A SOUTH ASIAN crisis is still brewing after US Secretary Rex Tillerson’s speed visits to Afghan­istan, Pakistan and India. The brief encounter in …

Indian Muslims Fudging reports

I have done a lot of research over the past few months and I can easily prove that fudging has taken place when recording the number of Muslims in …

3 answers: The differences between Ottoman Islam and Arabic Islam

Ottoman Empire was not a secular state but it was also not a state which was ruled by sharia laws.<p>Now, “arabic islam” is a loose definition. But if …


Saudi promise of ‘moderate Islam’ shifts power سعودی عرب میں تبدیلی

The man who may soon be king of Saudi Arabia is charting a new, more modern course for a country so conservative that for decades there were no …

Iran’s involvement in Syria is costly. Here’s why most Iranians still support it.

On Sept. 27, thousands of Iranians attended the funeral of Mohsen Hojaji, an Iranian soldier who was captured and beheaded by the Islamic State. He was hardly the first Iranian casualty in Syria. As the head of Iran’s Martyrs Foundation announced a few months ago, the death toll among Iranian …

Islamic State (ISIS)

Fudging the population: The missing 90 million Indian Muslims

<b>There is one thing about Indian Muslims that just can’t be denied –</b> <b>most of them are poor.</b><b> They don’t earn enough to be able to go on vacations to</b> …


Turkey: Religious officials to perform civil marriages

Government says new law will cut unregistered marriages but opposition calls it a step towards weakening of secularism.<p>The Turkish parliament has passed a law allowing muftis - religious civil servants - to perform civil marriages in the same capacity as other officials authorised to conduct such …

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Here s how you can learn how to add motion to still images

How do you translate the movement of dance into a still painting, getting the fine lines right even as you portray a sense of motion? If observation …


Discover the Beauty of One of Vienna's Oldest Neighborhoods<p>Culture Trip<p>Read our guide to St. …


The U.S. Is Retreating from Religion

By 2030, say projections, a third of Americans will have no religious preference


The blood on George W Bush's hands will never dry. Don't glorify this man

George W Bush caused far more harm to the country and planet than Trump has so far, and maybe ever will<p>For liberals across the spectrum, the temptation is real to lionize George W Bush now. Donald Trump is our child-king, slobbering over the country and embarrassing us all. He is parody made real, …

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Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer says he turns to Israel "for guidance"

Ali Abunimah 20 October 2017Pro-Israel mega-donor tweets anti-Semitic image.


Jewish neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem to be expanded

176 housing units to be added to Jewish neighborhood adjacent to large Arab neighborhood of Jabal Mukaber in eastern Jerusalem.


Ancient Mummy DNA Reveals Surprises About Egyptian Ancestry

Mummies are useful for lots of things: Halloween costumes, Scooby-Doo episodes, ancient Egyptian crafts, and you can get a lot of mileage out of …


The rise and fall of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria

<b>Analysis</b> Interpretation of the news based on evidence, including data, as well as anticipating how events might unfold based on past events.

Islamic State (ISIS)