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African Orange Cake Recipe

African Orange Cake Recipe<p>Orange Cake Recipe<p>African Orange Cake Recipe<p>African Recipes by African Gourmet <br>African fresh orange cake from the west …

Alphabetical List of African Independence Facts and Information


How to Eat Chutney

Chutney Recipe<p>Durban in South Africa has one of the largest concentrations of Indian people outside of India and South African Indian food recipes …


Easy Vegetable African Food Recipes


African Proverbs to put a funny smile in your day

Old Testament

Xhosa African Tribe

A climbing plant with tendrils cannot grow on it’s own without the support of a tree. -African Proverb<p>❤

African Languages

Palindrome city names on the continent of Africa

Estimated read time 4:00 minutes<p>A palindrome is a name that can be spelled either from left to right or right to left identically. In other words, …


African Folktale Innocent Monkey and Lying Shark


Incredible Edible Breadfruit

Incredible Edible Breadfruit<br>Cooking with breadfruit sounds exotic because breadfruit does not look like your typical supermarket fruit. Breadfruit is …

Food & Dining

How to make herb sauce from scratch

Labels<p>African food<br>• herb sauce<br>• olive oil<p><p>Butter herb sauce …


Turmeric Tea

A climbing plant with tendrils cannot grow on it’s own without the support of a tree. -African Proverb<p>❤


Moroccan Almond Chicken

Making African Moroccan almond chicken is a colorful way to add a new chicken recipe to your recipe files. Making this healthy recipe can help you …


Peppermint Africa

How to make herb sauce from scratch How to make herb sauce from scratch begins with olive oil herbs and spices.Herb sauce used as a seasoning or …


African Proverbs for Students

African Proverbs for StudentsAfrican Proverbs for StudentsStudents and kids learn from African proverbs and meanings to smooth out the rough patches …

Old Testament

Hate destroys love builds

The meaning of hatred is a strong feeling of dislike. Why people hate when there are man made laws in effect to stop prejudice, discrimination, and …


Simple Couscous with Honey Recipe

Couscous is pasta, not rice. Couscous recipes are eaten throughout North Africa. The best way how to cook couscous is simple with honey and a few …


African Folklore Short Story of Rice

Estimated read time 1:00 minute<br>African Folklore Short Story of Rice<br>African Folklore Short Story of Rice<br>Mystifying legend of rice African folklore is …


Read Write English African Adult-Literacy Rates

Read and Write in English African Adult Literacy Rate<br>Read and Write in English<br>You are considered literite if you can read and write in English in …

How to make Bafafuta African Breadfruit Recipe

Simple Eggplant Stew From Chad

Tuesday, January 31, 2017<p>Simple Eggplant Stew From Chad<p><p>Eggplant Stew is an …

3 Ingredient Sugarcane Juice Drink

Sugarcane is native to the warm temperate to tropical climates of Africa. In Egypt, sugarcane aseer asab juice is a popular drink in Egypt. Sugar …

African Beer Made at Home

Love of African Barbecue

Estimated read time 4:00 minutes<p>Barbecue Food Love<p>Southern Africans love a good barbecue and the rainbow nation is made of many distinct cultures, …

African Food Recipes

Easy Moroccan Chicken

The cuisine of Morocco is a mix of Berber, Moorish, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and African cuisines. Learn how to cook Moroccan Chicken African …

Couscous is Not Rice

Couscous is often mistakenly called rice but it is actually pasta made up of tiny pearls of wheat dough made from durum wheat. To the Amazigh or …

Have You Tried Cooking with Dates

Slow Cooker Spiced Moroccan Lamb Stew with Apricots

What is lamb you might ask? What is mutton you might ask? Mutton is a mature sheep; in a sheep's first year of life, it is called a lamb. Mutton and …

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony 1,000 Year Ritual

Ethiopian Coffee Harrar, Ghimbi, and Sidamo Yirgacheffe. The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is a ritual that women of Ethiopia have participated in for …

African Sardine Stew Recipe

Peri-Peri Sardine Stew Recipe<p>African recipes by African Gourmet<p>Peri-Peri Sardine Stew is a traditional African recipe made with sardines, hot peri …