Ethanol Fireplace Design ideas

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Smart Bio Ethanol Burner Inserts: Secure & Remote Controlled - AFIRE

BL Premium range<p>40 – 100 cm, 15 – 40 in width<p>BX single-bloc range:<p>to create extra-ordinary fireplaces<p>120 – 180 cm, 50 – 70 in width<p>Modulo Fire Ribbons<p>…

World's Longest Remote Control Ethanol Fireplace

<b>aFire USA</b> premiere manufacturer of <i>remote control ethanol fireplaces</i> and <i>ethanol burners</i> introduces its BX180 Ethanol Burner. At 72″, its the longest …

A Ribbon of Fire 50 Ft. long

<b>With aFire the only limitation is your imagination…</b><p>aFire, manufacturer of the highest quality, safest <i>remote control ethanol fireplaces</i> + <i>ethanol</i> …

Anatomy Of An Ethanol Fireplace Burner — Afireusa

Manual vs Electronic Ethanol Burners<p>Ok, Here’s the ‘down and dirty’… When it comes to safety, efficiency and convenience, I would have to say it’s …

Giant Pixel Office by Studio O+A

San Francisco-based gaming software developer Giant Pixel reached out to Studio O+A to design their first headquarters in a turn-of-the-century …

BC50 Remote Controlled Electronic Ethanol Fireplace Insert by aFire

BX120 Remote Control Ethanol Fireplace Insert

BX150 Electronic Remote Controlled Ethanol Fireplace Insert

AFIRE BX180 Ethanol Burner - Fuel Pumping

afire usa BL100 remote control electronic ethanol burner

aFire USA Remote Control Electronic Ethanol Fireplace Install

Design Detail - A Modern Minimalist Fireplace Surround

Thellend Fortin Architects, included this white modern minimalist fireplace surround, in a home they designed for a family in Montreal, …