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Apple brings more pro-level power to its consumer iMac lineup

A refreshed line of iMacs -- and the possible introduction of an iMac Pro -- were some of the most teased announcements prior to WWDC. Earlier this year, Phil Schiller, Apple's SVP of Worldwide Marketing, promised that the company would produce iMacs specifically for the professional customer. The …

macOS High Sierra will turn your Mac into a blazing-fast VR machine

Apple’s next major update to macOS will be named… High Sierra. Seriously.<p>But don’t get hung up on the name, because there’s plenty to be excited about, including big improvements to Safari and Mail, support for the new Apple File System, and other big changes that will make your Mac a blazing-fast …

Logic Pros: Sequencing FX, re-triggs, filters and more with the powerful Looperator

Recently we reviewed the new iOS version of Unique from Sugar-Bytes. The company is among our favorite third-party instrument and effect makers. We have personally been purchasing and using its gear for many years with products like Effectrix and Artillery appearing regularly in our daily …

Sony is building a full-frame digital camera for pro filmmakers

If you've ever shot video with a full-frame DSLR, you know how alluring it can be -- that large sensor can be perfect for low-light shots and soft backgrounds. However, pro cinematographers have generally had to "settle" for Super 35mm and smaller sizes, even when using top-tier 8K cameras. Sony …

Top 8 Church App Providers

Churches use many apps for presenting media, tracking membership, helping with budgets, and even updating their websites. However, some churches also …


Planning Center Better Background Checks

Our integration with Checkr to provide background checks launched just a couple months ago, and it’s been a huge hit! (Check out the announcement if …


Shocked! Advice for Church Techs on Electricity

Electricity can pose an unseen danger of our job. Here are a few steps to make sure you don’t end up injured, or worse.


Who Will Train The Technical Crew?

But a big problem rears it ugly head as volunteers will little or no training try to operate these highly technical systems.Here are ideas on …


Tech Ministry or Tech Department?

×<p>Most tech directors, including myself, are paid for the services we provide our respective churches. Yet, when asked what ministry we serve in, we …

7 Tips to Nail the Video Testimony Interview

Many churches use video testimonies in their services to tell powerful stories of redemption and restoration. Stories of God at work. These types of …

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6 Tips for an Effective Offering Moment in 2017

Online giving, mobile giving apps, and text to give… all new and game-changing technologies that have had a big impact on the Church, but let’s not …

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Capture the Beat: Choosing and Using Drum Mic Kits

×<p>1 of 8<p>Audio-Technica MBDK<p>×<p>2 of 8<p>dpa D:VOTE 4099<p>×<p>3 of 8<p>Miktek PMD4<p>×<p>4 of 8<p>Earthworks DK25l<p>×<p>5 of 8<p>Telefunken Electroakustik DC7<p>×<p>6 of 8<p>Shure DMK57-2<p>×<p>7 …

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Planning Center Smarter, Faster Lists

We’ve got a couple quick updates to lists to make your life easier!<p>New: Nothing!<p>One of the most common uses for lists is to find people who don’t …

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5 Personalities Needed in Every Creative Meeting

All five personality types are vital, and each play a role at different times in the ideation process.


A Week in the Lab

When I started this website, it was simply a journal of what was going on with me and audio so I’m going back to that a bit this week to give you a …

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Optimizing DSLR Setup for Video

×<p>Quantum leaps in the image quality and features of Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras have made them capable of shooting great video. First …


Apple updates Final Cut Pro & iMovie for Mac w/ bug fixes & performance improvements

Apple this evening has released minor updates to iMovie and Final Cut Pro for Mac. The updates bring the former to version 10.1.6 and the latter to version 10.3.4, including primarily bug fixes and performance improvements for both<p>Apple quietly issued the updates tonight, with quick and to the …

Why Your Network Matters as a Tech Leader

In this world of social media, we are in some ways more connected than ever. But I talk to tech folks all the time that are still feeling isolated …

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I can't wait to use this live.

Planning Center Introducing Headcounts for Android and iOS

Our Headcounts feature in Planning Center Check-Ins has been used by thousands of churches to record any type of attendance without tracking specific …


First Impression: SSL Live L200 Mid-Scale Digital Audio Console

×<p>For more than four decades, Solid State Logic (SSL) has been synonymous with the ultimate in audio console design. It started with the SL 4000 …

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Audio Streaming System for Churches - Church Tech Today Offer

Whether you need real-time translation services for diverse members, hearing assistive technology for older members, audio broadcasting to overflow …


How to Find the Perfect Volume

The perfect volume for a church service isn’t found in a magic number. Truth be told, what one person finds perfect, another thinks is too loud or …

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Five Things Every Audio Pro Should Know How to Do

Five Things Every Audio Pro Should Know How to Do<p>https://www.rfvenue.com/blog/2014/12/15/five-things-every-audio-pro-should-know-how-to-do<p>article

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ProPresenter Training and Advice to the New User

ProPresenter is worship software that sits at the conjunction of “powerful” and “easy to use.” That doesn’t mean that everyone who sits down in front …