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About me! A normal Pakistani woman, that doesn’t fit the usual stereotypes. A feminist to my core, but of inter-sectional variety. Professionally speaking a human rights journalist/activist and trainer. Development Affiliations include the South Asian Feminist Network, Pakistan Women Media Network, Dignity International, Islamic Relief, Search for Common Ground, etc. Media Affiliations include Radio Pakistan, Radio Kashmir, BBC Urdu Radio Service, Radio Algiers, Climatewire etc. I like blogging because it allows a space to discuss, debate and digress on so many issues like social problems, humanitarian, conflict and wars. Blog Policies: The blog aims promotion of critical issues and dialogues, and it also welcomes its valuable readers feedback and reflections. No media appearances; The blog author won’t be handing out any personal information, statements, or endorsements, interviews etc. The restrain from targeting the blog and its author with hate messages and threats. The Human Lens has a zero tolerance towards requests made for sharing of contact numbers, emails and addresses etc. Such request won’t be entertained therefore it is requested to respect the rights of people in making it a safer cyber space. Thank you very much. And here’s to Happy Surfing!!