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Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Indah Susanti, I am an Indonesian living in Rotterdam with Dutchie and our dog, Dante. I met Dutchie in the Netherlands during my study. It was not my initial plan to stay in a four seasons country as tropical weather and spicy food suit me better. “indahs” is shorten version from Indah Susanti (my full name) – Indah+S not as indah’s. I chose to use “indahs” as blog’s name because it reminds me of the first e-mail address that I created in 1997, the year when I started using internet. indahI love traveling and scuba diving but the most important of all: I enjoy these activities more if I bring my camera. I feel lost when traveling or diving without my camera. That makes me an addict to photography. I have all my travel diaries in handwriting and these days I’d like to share the story online on this blog. I hope you don’t mind if some of my blog posts are about my previous trips. Please excuse grammatical errors on my post, I hope my pictures speak more than my writing. Creative Common 4 Creative Commons 4.0 International All postings and photos in this blog are under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Commercial use and sharing without acknowledgement are prohibited. Please do respect these rights. Do let me know and ask, I am a nice person :) I accept freelance writing and photography assignments. If you would like to use my pictures or my blog posts for publication please drop me a message on Contact IndahS. I write in Dutch, English and Indonesian. My achievement, contribution and publication are listed in this link and my photography is also for sale through Society6 (under working progress).