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About HEM welcome graphic pizap.com14070161393661 WELCOME Thanks for visiting the Half-Eaten Mind. Your visit is highly appreciated. The Half-Eaten Mind is an online news magazine and blog based in the Plaistow area of east London, close to the media heartland of the United Kingdom. The blog covers breaking news (both hard news and human interest stories) both nationally and globally. We also have a local focus on news being reported from the Greater London area. In addition to current affairs, the Half-Eaten Mind also publishes features, photography, short stories and also serves as a personal blog. Our objective is to inform, educate and entertain readers while maintaining journalistic impartiality and integrity. Most of our news comes from external sources – both home and abroad, but if you would like to contribute a news story, feature, photography, artwork, poetry or anything else you want to put in front of a global audience, why not send HEM a message at the email below, or alternatively send it via our social media links. We’d love to hear from you and work with you. Our posting schedule is on weekends and public holidays, and also when the editor is on annual leave. Please note that we operate a no-spam policy and are not interested in SEO services. The email is solely for the use of contributors to the blog. All contributors of written stories will be appropriately by-lined and links to their sites can be provided. The inbox is usually checked on weekends. THE EDITOR The Half-Eaten Mind is run by loyal Londoner and newshound Vijay Shah, a graduate in journalism from the University of Westminster. He currently works in administration and database research for a multinational events & conferences company but dreams of making it big as a roving reporter. He has worked with the Hackney Gazette and Stratford Express newspapers on internship after graduating in 2006 and also has had work published by small-circulation magazines. Since he discovered blogging in 2012, he has also produced several online writing commissions for clients around the world for the blog. I am available for news-writing commissions as well as general writing projects, paid or free-of-charge (fees negotiable). Send me your briefs or requirements at the blog email below. “News and views of a partially digested brain” HEM Userbar SPHdlw DETAILS: Blog Editor & Owner: Vijay Shah HEM ‘Office’: Plaistow, London, England U.K. Founded: 15 April 2012 Contact e-mail: halfeatenmind@outlook.com SOCIAL MEDIA: TWITTER: @halfeatenmind (HEM) TWITTER: @VShah1984 (Editor’s) FACEBOOK: /HalfEatenMind LINKED-IN: Vijay Shah FLICKR: V. Shah/HEM VIZIFY: V. Shah/HEM © 2012 – 2015 V. Shah/The Half-Eaten Mind Blog. All rights reserved. This version: 18.04.2015 anhindusmall