All You Need to Know About Creusabro 4800 Plates

Creusabro 4800 Plate is a high-performance, wear-resistant steel plate with wear-resistance 50 percent greater than the traditional 400HB water quenched steel plate. Rather than relying solely on a high level of hardness, the properties of Creusabro 4800 are improved by the mixture of enriched alloy content (chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and titanium) and specific heat treatment procedures. Creusabro 4800 Plate is designed to provide the best possible optimization of extraordinary wear resistance and very acceptable workability. The moderate hardness of Creusabro 4800, as delivered, makes processing operations such as cutting, machining and forming simpler and far better than ordinary water-quenched steels. When in operation, Creusabro 4800 significantly improves its wear resistance by a surface hardening effect of approximately + 70 HB under local plastic deformity induced by impact with a rock or abrasive particle pressure.