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Ya ALLAH give us an opportunity to visit your House Ka'baa. <3

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Hindu gods are or were created from homosexuality

Islam Is Everything ᴴᴰ | Siraj Wahhaj

Siraj Wahhaj

Ahl al-Hadeeth

THE AQEEDAH OF AHLUS SUNNAH WAL JAM`AH (the real one) WITH REGARDS TO THE ATTRIBUTES OF ALLAH IS :<br>------------------<p>Nu’aym ibn Hammaad (d. 228H) - …

Hadith of the Day

Reported by Ibn Mas`ud (RA): I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) saying, "May Allah freshen the affairs of a person who hears …

Hadith of the Day

We are closest to Allah when we are in sujood, so increase your Duas. Please share to inspire others.

INTERNATIONAL PHYSICS OLYMPIAD..Achievement from in muslim countries.. just for gold medalists IPHOCopenhagen 2013 Iran : Amir Zare, Mohammad Reza Lotfinamin, Kooza Rezai Zadeh IPHO-Estonia 2012 Indonesia : Adrin Nugraha Utama Kazakhtan: Ilya Vilkovisky IPHO-Thailand 2011 Kazakhtan: Kaisarbek Omirzakov, Zaslan Baraissov, Nurzas Aidynov Turkey: Enes Aibar Malaysia: Cew Wai Indonesia: Erwin Wibowo We hope they want to contribute for humanity...like Ibn Sina

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أحمد عبد الرحمان

شاهد كيف لا يستطيع الملحدُون المؤمنُون بالتطور الاجابة على أكبر سؤال يخصُّ نظريتهُم<br>شاهد وانشر لكي تصل الى بعض العقول المُتشككة<br>Atheist which they …

Ahl al-Hadeeth

Make The Intention For Tahajjud And You'll Get The Reward Even If You Miss It<p>Abu Darda' رضي الله عنه narrated that the Messenger of Allah صلى الله …

Amazing picture of the Kaaba. Please LIKE & SHARE :)

Ali (Radi Allahu anhu ) and his wisdom: One day a person came to Ali (Radi Allahu anhu ), thinking that since Ali thinks he is too smart, I'll ask him such a tough question that he won't be able to answer it and I'll have the chance to embarrass him in front of all the Arabs. He asked Ali (Radi Allahu anhu ), tell me a number, that if we divide it by any number from 1-10 the answer will always come in the form of a whole number and not as a fraction.' Ali (Radi Allahu anhu ) Looked back at him and said, 'Take the number of days in a year and multiply it with the number of days in a week and you will have your answer.' The person got astonished but as he was a Mushrik he still didn't believe . He calculated the answer Ali (Radi Allahu anhu ) gave him. To his amazement he came across the following results: The number of Days in a Year = 360 (in Arabic Calendar) The Number of Days in a Week = 7 The product of the two numbers = 2520 2520 divide by 1 = 2520 2520 divide by 2 = 1260 2520 divide by 3 = 840 2520 divide by 4 = 630 2520 divide by 5 = 504 2520 divide by 6 = 420 2520 divide by 7 = 360 2520 divide by 8 = 315 2520 divide by 9 = 280 2520 divide by 10= 252 So ,in each of the above cases ,he got a whole number and not a fraction and got embarrassed himself. May Allah increase our wisdom and give us success against the kuffar and save us from their tricks,ameen

Life Changing Story ᴴᴰ | Mufti Menk


Salah ad-Deen’s [rahimahullah] efforts to unite the Muslims

The general characteristics of Salah ad-Deen’s efforts to unite the Muslims included the following:<p><b>(a)</b> Generosity with wealth, which he regarded as …

Ahl al-Hadeeth

Whoever has a favor done for him and says (to him) Jazaak Allaahu khayran (May Allaah reward you with good) has done his utmost to thank him.”<p>[Ref: …

My name is Jacob and this is how I accepted Islam

Assalamualaykum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh<p>My name is Jacob and I am an American, having grown up in the southern plains state of Oklahoma. I had a …


<b>INDEX FOR THE BELOW DOCUMENT</b><p><b>A)</b> The reason for conveying only the verified information and not the doubtful one<p><b>B)</b> Difference between the Salah of men …

Hadith of the Day

Reported by Abu Hurairah (RA): A man came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and said, "What a trouble I suffered from a scorpion which stung me last …

Revert To Islam

Allah loves the knowledgable..<br>“He (Allâh) grants wisdom to whom He pleases; and he to whom wisdom is granted receives indeed a benefit overflowing; …

Revert To Islam

Revert To Islam

Jihad<p>Islamic Holy War? Muslims Killing Jews & Christians?<br>That is what we are told – by the western media....<br>But what is the real truth behind this …

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