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احصل على خصم 8% لحجوزات الفنادق عند استخدام بطاقات مصرف الراجحي الائتمانية عبر موقع agoda http://arb.sa/ARBagoda

Saudi Students' Association at WVU

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم<p>هذا تذكير بموعد التصويت لانتخاب رئيس النادي السعودي هذا المساء من الساعة ٦:٣٠ الى ٩:٣٠<p>مع مراعاة مايلي:<p>...<p>١. ستتواجد اختنا عبير …

Make Every Morning a Good Morning

The alarm clock buzzes for the third time, and all you can do is groan. After an hour and a gallon of coffee, you’re finally up, but is that really …

RT @alialsulaim: لـولا الـوفـا مـااحـتـاجـت الـنـاس للـنـاس ولـولا الـمـواقـف مـا عـرفـنـا بـعـضـنا #علي_بن_صليم @alialsulaim http://t…

#ريتويت لعلها تشفعلك يوم القيامه ❤️ http://t.co/9p6LbERowR

مليونير أنفق ثروته على علاج زوجته من سرطان الثدي وعندما شُفيت طلبت الطلاق لـ فقره ..! بعض المخلوقات مالهم خاتمه 😓 http://t.co/ypKnUbSRAn

برق on Twitter: "ليس الجمال بأثواب تزيننا إن الجمال جمال العقل والادب ، ليس اليتيم الذي مات والده إن اليتيم يتيم العلم والادب والاخلاق"

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Powerful Portraits Capture ‘The Last Generation’ of The African Custom of Scarification

Abidjan-based photographer Joana Choumali recently captured and put together an incredibly powerful portrait series titled <i>Hââbré, The Last …

Paine's Park Skateboarders

Creative Perspective Turns the Side of a Building Into a Stage for Dancers

If an art director approached you and said, “we want to capture two people dancing on the side of city hall,” you might think he was crazy. Then …

Moment Drawing

Project info<p>‘Moment Drawing’ series captures forms of the formless. Smoke is a collection of countless small particles that continuously move, making their way into the air. Their movement creates various momentary shapes, forms and patterns before they disappear into the air. ‘Moment Drawing’ …


White Utterance - Photographs and text byJung Jung Ho | LensCulture

Photography is a medium that documents the world realistically. It is also work of reckoning and interpreting implications lent to the layers of represented signifiers. What I want to do through photography is to document the visible yet allude to the invisible. I can encapsulate nature, but …




How to Photograph People When You Travel

People often tell me that they find it difficult to take good portrait photos when they travel. Approaching strangers and asking to photograph them, …

Family from the Mist - Photographs and text by Shandor Barcs | LensCulture

Mixing documentary and built <i>Mise en scène</i> techniques, <i>Family from the Mist</i> is a photographic series about an indigenous family that lives deep in the Mexican mountains of Oaxaca.<p>A magical atmosphere is generated by the mist. This magic is also sustained by the presence of musical elements, very …