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Some New Interesting Updates to Google Classroom

July 3, 2015 Google Classroom has recently released a bunch of new updates. Most important of which is Classroom share button that will enable …


Floating plasma display makes fairies a reality

See that teensy Tinkerbell-shaped light above? That's not CGI -- that's a real floating display, and it's completely touchable too. Mid-air plasma displays aren't that prolific yet, but they're not exactly new either. However, floating lights created using existing techniques can usually burn skin, …


New version of Google Glass may be in testing

At the beginning of this year, the Google Glass program was moved into Tony Fadell's Nest division and the questions surrounding the wearable changed from "when will this weird head gadget finally die" to "when will this weird head gadget be reinvented and released to consumers." Since then, Eric …


8 experiences you should try on Google Cardboard right now

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Taking those first steps into a virtual world

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Adult Swim Virtual Brainload

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Mercedes VR for …


Making Sure People Don’t Get Lost in the EdTech Shuffle

Albert Kim

The message at this year’s ISTE conference was loud and clear: Technology can and will change education, but not without people. This might …


The Design Essentials: iPad Apps for the Creative

Quietly and almost covertly, Apple’s iPad has become a common tool in every realm of professional design. Fashion designers sketch on it, designers …


OnePlus now giving away cardboard VR headsets, $5 shipping

OnePlus wants you to experience the launch of the OnePlus 2 in virtual reality, so it’s giving away cardboard VR sets starting now.

OnePlus Cardboard …

Virtual Reality

Google's 'GG1' teases a new version of Glass

Before a company announces a device, it has to pass through the FCC's secretive bunker to ensure that it's wireless radios are safe for human contact. Droid Life has trawled through the most recent list of anonymized gadgets to find A4R-GG1, a Google-hewn offering that might, just possibly, be the …


Google is 'ruining our memories', study claims

Over-reliance on Google and smartphones is causing 'digital amnesia' across the UK as people struggle to recall basic phone numbers

The UK population is suffering from 'digital amnesia', brought on by over-reliance on smartphones and Google to summon up information people no longer retain as …


Why this professor asks students to exercise in class

When Professor Wendy Suzuki turned 40, she realized that her social life didn’t match up to her professional life. Though she’d devoted her career to …

The Brain

Total Recall: Brain Process for Memory Formation Revealed

With a little help from Clint Eastwood, Jennifer Aniston and Josh Brolin -- or at least photos of them -- scientists have gained a new understanding of how memories of everyday events are formed in the brain.

Researchers said on Wednesday a study involving people with electrodes implanted in their …

The Brain

Toddlers can use iPads by age two

By the age of two most toddlers are able to use a tablet with only a little help from an adult.Other research has explored the prevalence of tablet …

University of Iowa

Scientists See Neurons Change as Memories Form

Learning can be traced back to individual neurons in the brain, according to a new study.

“What we wanted to do was see if we could actually create a new association — a memory — and see if we would be able to see actual change in the neurons,” said Matias Ison, a neuroscientist at the University of …

The Brain

Apple Watch Sales Aren't Looking So Hot

The iPhone continues to sell like hot cakes — 74.5 million units in the second quarter of 2015 – but the Apple Watch appears to be far away from catching up.

Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves said on Wednesday that he’s trimming his estimates for Apple Watch sales. For fiscal 2015, …

Apple Watch

Microsoft launches site for teachers taking Minecraft into the classroom

Millions of children are already playing Minecraft at home, whether on computers, consoles or mobile devices. Now the game’s parent company Microsoft wants to encourage more teachers to use it in the classroom.

Microsoft, which bought the game’s developer Mojang for $2.5bn in 2014, has launched a …


Harvard Reveals It Had An IT Breach In June Impacting 8 Colleges And Administrations

A seventeenth-century university has become the victim of a twenty-first-century crime. Harvard University on Wednesday announced that on June 19, it discovered a breach in the IT systems of its Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Central Administration, currently impacting eight different schools and …


The cybersecurity industry’s billion dollar scam

The cybersecurity industry can be romanticized as a crime-fighting cabal of protectors facing off against hackers to keep the Internet safe. In this version of the story, there are good guys and bad guys, and the good guys do everything they can to keep their adversaries at bay.

Unfortunately, this …


Not everyone will get Windows 10 on its July 29th release date

Windows 10 comes out on July 29th, but you might have to wait until later to get it. Microsoft said today that it would be rolling out Windows 10 in waves, "slowly scaling up" the rollout as it sees how things are going. The intention seems to be playing it safe and making sure that Windows 10 is …

Microsoft Windows

ISTE 2015 Draws Nearly 21,000 Attendees

The International Society for Technology (ISTE®) in Education today wraps its annual conference with nearly 21,000 registered attendees and industry …

Education Technology

Dropbox Hops to School With New Education Team


7 iPad Accessories Every Teacher Should Know about

July 1, 2015 iPad is becoming a ubiquitous device in today’s classrooms. More and more teachers are using them in their everyday instruction. From …


Teachers can now find more ways to use Minecraft as an educational tool

Is there a better way to get your students to pay attention in class than by using video games?

Microsoft and game developer Mojang are building a Web …


The future of education may be glimpsed through the windows of this “laboratory” classroom in Ohio

A high school library in a school district in Mentor, Ohio, was redesigned to fit the school’s vision for blended learning. Photo: Nichole …


The Essentials of Instructional Design: Connecting Fundamental Principles with Process and Practice, Third Edition (Paperback)


Part 1: Before you begin designing instruction

Chapter 1: The Discipline of Instructional Design

Chapter 2: Understanding How People Think and …


Art and design college becomes first to host Maker Lab

3D-maker-labFlorida International University (FIU) will soon be home to a new, 3,000 square-foot MakerBot Innovation Lab, a collaborative makerspace …

Urban Design

Collaboratively exploring virtual worlds | NSF - National Science Foundation

Collaboratively exploring virtual worlds

Researchers from the Pentagon, Lockheed Martin and StandardsWork create platform for learning math

Paired With AI and VR, Google Earth Will Change the Planet

As Google Earth celebrates its 10th anniversary, it's evolving way beyond a way to find your house.The post Paired With AI and VR, Google Earth Will …

Google Earth

Helping students stick with MOOCs

MOOCs — massive open online courses — grant huge numbers of people access to world-class educational resources, but they also suffer high rates of …


ISTE 2015 Trends We Observed

Image from

In this special episode we provide a summary of the trends we observed at the 2015 ISTE Conference in Philadelphia. We …

Emerging Technology