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Episode 43 Trends for the Weeks of July 13-25 Tablets in the Classroom, VR & Mixed Reality, and Social Media for Teaching and Learning

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We discuss the trends and issues we observed during the weeks of July 13-25, 2015 as we flipped resources into our …


The 4 Issues In Education That Every Presidential Candidate Should Be Talking About

1. Inequality.

Educational resources in the United States remain unfairly stratified by socio-economic class. The lopsided distribution of classroom materials, technologies, libraries, counseling, support services and supplies is obvious. But there’s also the issue of professional development for …


Daily Report: Sales of Apple Watch Suggest a Familiar Path to Success

Asking if the Apple Watch will become a hit or a flop is a bit like asking if my 2-year-old daughter is destined to go to Yale or to jail. Interested parties can speculate on the basis of thin evidence — she learned to walk pretty early, though on the other hand, she still thinks cats say “bow wow” …

Apple Watch

Android flaw lets attackers into your phone through MMS videos

If you're an Android user, you'd better hope that a stranger doesn't send you a video message in the near future -- it might compromise your phone. Security researchers at Zimperium have discovered an exploit that lets attackers take control if they send a malware-laden MMS video. The kicker is …


Get self-destructing Gmail emails with Dmail

Last month, Google introduced an "Undo Send" option for all Gmail users, allowing anybody to recall messages up to 30 seconds after sending them. However, if 30 seconds isn't enough time for you to spot an error (or realize that that's actually a totally inappropriate thing to say to your boss), …


Best Buy will be the first U.S. retailer to sell the Apple Watch, starting on August 7

The Apple Watch will be available at Best Buy retail stores from August 7. As the first major retailer in the U.S. to sell Apple’s smartwatch, Best Buy will initially stock more than 100 stores before expanding to more than 300 in time for the holiday shopping season.

Customers will be able to buy …

Apple Watch

#FlipEDU: The 2015 Guide

An overview of the Flipboard for Educators program. Learn how to make the most of Flipboard Magazines in classes and at schools.


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Why Consumer Technologies Cloud Our Thinking About Higher Education | Technology and Learning

Consumer technologies and higher education feel like they should be closely related. The tools are now largely the same.

We use the same laptop for …


7 Ways Social Media Has a Role in Education

2. Ensuring Students Are Well Googled
We need to be smart about ensuring we are preparing students to be well-Googled by the time they graduate high …

Your Essential Back to School EdTech Checklist

by Karen Larson and Gene TognettiThe start of the school year brings with it more than a few ‘gotta-do’s for a classroom teacher. For that matter, if …


5 Ways The Tech Industry Is Reshaping The Education System As We Know It

Education is experiencing a tech revolution. Chalkboards have been replaced by smartboards and the teacher’s gradebook is published online for parents with a secure login. Tech has even infiltrated the classroom with tablets and video conferencing enhancing student engagement and creating more …


Exploring Microsoft OneNote for Teaching and Learning — Emerging Education Technologies

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Share, Brainstorm, Collaborate, Organize, for free, with OneNote.

After being introduced to Microsoft OneNote at …


[FREE ANDROID APP] Microsoft PowerPoint - Create and Edit slides on Your Smartphone now

Today FREE APP is PowerPoint by Microsoft.

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Who doesn't know PowerPoint?
I …

Android Phones

Google’s 360-degree movies app is now available on iOS

Google Spotlight Stories, a hub for playing 360-degree movies on your phone, has finally made its way to iOS.

The app uses your phone’s motion sensors to allow you to explore different parts of the movies by looking around anywhere in a 360-degree sphere.

To be clear, these movies aren’y exactly …


The new YouTube app features a redesigned interface and new editing tools

YouTube is receiving a big update that freshens up the user interface and brings new editing tools, plus the proper display of vertical videos that …



Learning management systems, like all technology, are continually improving to meet the evolving needs of their users.


How The Big New Education Law Could Cut Testing Time

Both houses of Congress have now passed versions of the bill that would update the largest federal education law, known as No Child Left Behind, for the first time since 2001. They are big, meaty and complicated, and now they have to be reconciled into one messy Dagwood sandwich of a bill to go to …


Free Technology for Teachers: How to Create a Video on Stupeflix - No Registration Required

Earlier this week at the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp a number of us used Stupeflix to create videos. Stupeflix doesn't require users to register in …

The AP adds 550,000 old newsreel clips to YouTube

The Associated Press has teamed up with British Movietone to share more than a century's worth of newsreel footage with the denizens of the internet. The pair will upload more than a million minutes of archival clips to YouTube with the intention of creating a "view-on-demand visual encyclopedia" …


Sony has announced plans for a ‘stripped back’ version of Android

Sony is taking Android — backwards? A post on Sony’s mobile blog says the company is beta testing a version of Android that has a “stripped back, vanilla Android look and feel.”

Initial testing will be done entirely in Sweden, limited to 500 Xperia Z3 owners. Sony carefully notes it’s “a concept …



At the end of the last century, our greatest matter of contention, besides PC vs. Apple, was whether computers should be in labs or classrooms. My …


7 Apps for Student Creators

Creation-based tasks promote higher-order thinking, encourage collaboration, and connect students to real-world learning. Whether you're teaching in …


Mixed-Reality Game Has a Killer Mercedes Chasing People IRL

There are plenty of relaxing things to do in Zürich, Switzerland. You can visit the opera house, take a walk by the lake, or gorge yourself on …


Speeding Up 3-D Printing

A company’s novel technology could make custom medical devices and car parts— not to mention shoes that fit just right.3-D printers can make objects …


Startup Attempts to Reinvent the CPU to Make Computers Less Power-Hungry

Rex Computing’s 19-year-old founder has a plan to dramatically cut the energy used by powerful computers.Every fairy-tale giant has a weakness, and …


Google’s updated Glass will reportedly sport a durable, foldable and weather-resistant build

We haven’t heard much about the upcoming Google Glass Enterprise Edition so far, but details about what differentiates it from the discontinued previous version are starting to trickle in. According to 9to5Google, the updated Glass hardware will be built to greater durability standards than the …


Apple says more people are ditching Android for the iPhone now than ever before

An Android mascot is seen in front of a displayed logo of Apple in this photo illustration taken in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, May 5, 2015.

Apple may have delivered disappointing iPhone sales numbers during its recent quarter, but the company sought to make the case that iPhone still has a …


Many Apple fans wait on buying Apple Watch, as early buyers seek improvements

NEW YORK – For all those who hailed the iPhone as the "Jesus Phone" in 2007, the Apple Watch's arrival has hardly been the second coming.

Sure, it can do many useful, even delightful things, such as showing us incoming texts and email, tracking our heart rate during exercise or letting us send …

iOS Apps

Nokia on verge of unveiling virtual reality hardware

Tech's plucky comeback kid Nokia is apparently on the verge of unveiling a major virtual reality project. According to Re/code, Nokia will show off the hardware at an event next week in Los Angeles.

Nokia will face tough competition from the likes of HTC, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung and Oculus/Facebook, …