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Collecting Human Voices With a StoryCorps App

David Isay is a Guggenheim fellow, a longtime audio documentarian and a voice familiar to anyone who has listened to public radio in the last 15 years. He is also the founder of StoryCorps, a Brooklyn organization that collects the stories of ordinary Americans. In its brief existence, StoryCorps …


Internet outages reveal gaps in U.S. broadband infrastructure

When vandals sliced a fiber-optic cable in the Arizona desert last month, they did more than time-warp thousands of people back to an era before computers, credit cards or even phones. They exposed a glaring vulnerability in the nation's Internet infrastructure: no backup systems in many …


40 years of gadgets come out to play

An exhibit in New York reunites stars from technology's past -- from the "laptop" that's heavier than an automobile tire to computers you don't even …

Petting Zoo

Facebook developing solar drones to deliver global web access

There are an estimated five billion people worldwide who lack reliable internet access but Facebook is reportedly "ready to spend billions" in order to change that. The Menlo Park-based company has recently announced plans to deliver global connectivity on the backs of enormous, solar-powered UAV, …


YouTube Is Experimenting With Ultra High Def, Ultra Smooth Video Playback — Here Are The Examples

Just a few months back, YouTube bumped up the quality of the videos it hosts by allowing for gorgeous, 60 FPS video playback.

Now they’re cranking things up to an almost absurd level. 60 FPS video, on YouTube… at 4K.

The catch? It’s just something of an experiment, for now, and is limited to a reaaally



Watch out Wacom! Inklet is a new app by Ten One Design that allows your trackpad to emulate a pen tablet! Inklet takes advantage of the new Macbook´s …


Tell Me A Story: Cutting Edge Scenario Based eLearning

Create Cutting Edge Scenario Based eLearning

If you take a look at one example of effective eLearning, such as Lifesaver, you’ll become aware quickly …


Why you should wait to buy a new laptop

If there’s one thing Intel is known for, it’s regular—and frequent—updates of its processors. The company follows what it calls a tick-tock model of …


DARPA's Response to Mounting Robophobia is Adorable

It's called Robots4Us, and it's smarter than it sounds

In case you were wondering whether Steve Wozniak is afraid of robots, get this: He probably is. "Computers are going to take over from humans, no question," the Apple co-founder told the Australian Financial Review earlier this week. He also …


Facebook to provide the world internet using solar-powered drones

These days, it feels drones are everywhere: drone lifeguards in Tuscany, a drone delivery service through Amazon and drone selfies.

In the latest in the dronevolution, Facebook continues to investigate the use of solar-powered drones that would supply Internet to the two-thirds of the world (!!!!) …


Texthelp Announces Teach for Google - free PD to help educators use Google Edu

Texthelp, a language and literacy support software company, has just announced Teach for Google, a new, online, professional development resource for …


How Can Video Games Improve Our Real Lives?

Part 5 of the TED Radio Hour episode Press Play

About Jane McGonigal's TED Talk

When Jane McGonigal was bedridden after a concussion, she gave herself a prescription: play a game. She says games helped her get better, and for many of us, virtual games can improve our real lives. Here's her first TED …

TED Talks

Let’s keep talking: why public dialogue on science and technology matters more than ever

The need for researchers to escape the lab or the seminar room from time to time, and talk to the wider public about the work that they do, and why it matters, is now such an established feature of the academic landscape that it’s easy to forget how far and fast we’ve travelled.

From the …

United Kingdom

Facebook outlines plans for virtual reality

Facebook and virtual reality, at first glance, might seem like pieces of a puzzle that don't exactly fit in the social network's future.

But as Facebook wrapped up its annual F8 conference on Thursday, the company's chief technical officer, Mike Schroepfer, explained to developers why the company …

Virtual Reality

These Are the First 24 Apple Watch Apps

There's Twitter, but no Facebook yet

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch don’t begin for another two weeks and sales don’t begin for four, but the App Store team has already approved two dozen third-party apps for the new device.

The list below, scraped from the App Store by 9to5Mac’s Zac Hall, was …

Apple Watch

Apple begins releasing the first set of third-party Apple Watch apps

The Apple Watch is still almost a month away from shipping and 15 days away from being available to preview in Apple Stores, but a select few apps selected by Apple to be available for the Apple Watch have started hitting the App Store today. These app updates that add Apple Watch support include …

Apple Watch

What are the Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make When Integrating Technology into the Classroom?

As part of C.M Rubin’s monthly series in the Huffington post: The Global Search for Education: Our Top 12 Global Teacher Blogs, this is the second …


Razer's handing open-source VR kits to more than 20 education labs

Razer's entry into virtual reality may not be as ballsy as HTC's or Samsung's, but it could be just as important. Back in January the gaming manufacturer revealed Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), a project that offers a hardware design and software framework that anyone can build VR devices and …

Virtual Reality

Minecraft free for every Northern Ireland secondary school

Minecraft has been heralded for its focus on building, creativity and exploration. Players learn about architecture and construction, as well as the simple joy of self expression. The game's open nature has also given birth to countless mods that teach budding builders about coding, geography and …

United Kingdom

Facebook hints that the Oculus Rift will be available this year (update: or not)

In a rather off-hand comment at today's Facebook developer's conference, company CTO Mike Schroepfer dropped a hint that the Oculus Rift VR headset could come to market this year. It was during an overview talk about what VR means for the company, where Schroepfer demonstrated a sleek looking space …


University of Phoenix Enrollments Drop 50%

LEGEND OF THE PHOENIX: The University of Phoenix is not having good fun, and it's definitely not getting lucky. CNN reports that enrollment at the …


Why Free Is Not the Future of Digital Content in Education

As Chief Content Officer of a learning company, people frequently ask me: “Won’t all of your content eventually be free? After all, when technology …



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Microsoft's next Surface could signal the death of RT

Microsoft hasn't given up on the idea of a mini-me version of its successful Surface Pro 3 convertible, according to a rumor from WinBeta. But a Surface 3 model won't follow in the Surface 2's wobbly footsteps by packing the RT version of Windows. Instead, it will reportedly take a page from the …

Microsoft Surface

Video Security In Your Online Courses

At some point or another you will need to decide whether video is a good option for your online course.

Depending on the content and the audience, …


In Virtual Reality, Are Your Hands the Best Controller?

When I first wrote about Leap Motion’s virtual reality ambitions, I said its hand-tracking sensor offered a means of controlling apps and games that normal people, not just geeky VR developers, might want to use.

In other words: Putting a VR headset on one’s head is daunting enough to a new user. …

Virtual Reality

How Often Does an App Share Your Location? You May Be Surprised

Even for researchers experienced at examining technology that might be invasive, this warning was alarming: “Your location has been shared 5,398 times with Facebook, Groupon, GO Launcher EX and seven other apps in the last 14 days.”

The warning was sent to a subject as scientists at Carnegie Mellon …

Carnegie Mellon University

University And Biotech Firm Team Up On Colorblindness Therapy

More than 10 million Americans have trouble distinguishing red from green or blue from yellow, and there's no treatment for colorblindness.

A biotech company and two scientists hope to change that.

On Wednesday, Avalanche Biotechnologies in Menlo Park and the University of Washington in Seattle …

Color Blindness

Samsung's Gear VR makes its retail debut on Friday

Starting on Friday (or March 27, if you prefer) you'll be able to stroll into one of about a hundred Best Buys and walk out with a Gear VR Innovator Edition to combine with your Galaxy Note 4. This isn't the first time Samsung and Best Buy have tied up to promote one particular vision of VR; after …

Virtual Reality