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The 2018 ‘Horizon Report’ Is Late. But It Almost Never Emerged.

The story behind the latest Horizon Report—which ranks tech trends in higher education—is easily more dramatic than the document’s actual …

Higher Education

Virtual labs to teach in-demand tech skills take shape

Eight California community colleges are working with IT experts to create cloud-based labs in order to enroll more students and reduce instructor …

High School

Roadmap to Successful Project Deployment

Successfully launching new technologies begins with an implementation plan that outlines roles, responsibilities, tactics, and success …

Emerging Technology

Artificial Intelligence Is Poised to Expand in Higher Education

Artificial Intelligence Is Poised to Expand in Higher Education eli.zimmerman_9856 Thu, 08/16/2018 - 08:42“Are you replacing me with a robot?”Bryan …

The Multiple Uses of Augmented Reality in Education

Classroom learning as we know it is undergoing change at an unprecedented rate. Technology has made its way to the classroom, increasing the engaging …

Augmented Reality

Behind the Scenes of TED-Ed’s Wildly Popular YouTube Channel for Students

When Kim Preshoff’s students watch some animated TED-Ed videos, they don’t know that she was the one who came up with the lessons and wrote the …

Education Technology

Here’s what higher-ed leaders should know about Generation Z students

Members of Generation Z say they vastly prefer video as a learning method, according to a new study that outlines similarities and differences among …

Education Technology

Working Together for Quicker, Easier Captioning

Kennesaw State University collaborated with its captioning vendor to develop a better solution that faculty would actually use.

Education Technology

Tech's most egregious violations of user privacy

Technologies that have become ubiquitous in the daily lives of most Americans — from ride-sharing and dating apps to social media — are using sketchy …


What’s in Store for Ed Tech? An Annual Report for Leaders Lays It Out

When it comes to education technology, it can be hard for higher-education leaders to separate fads from paradigm shifts: MOOCs rose and fell, but …

Education Technology

This company embeds microchips in its employees, and they love it - MIT Technology Review

When Patrick McMullan wants a Diet Dr Pepper while he’s at work, he pays for it with a wave of his hand. McMullan has a microchip implanted between …


More Popular Than Gmail, Facebook and Instagram: The Education App That Hit #1 on the iOS Chart

Gmail. Instagram. YouTube. Chances are you’ve opened up one of those apps today on your phone (and perhaps spent more time on them than you might …


FCC chairman Ajit Pai defends his silence on fake DDoS attack

FCC chairman Ajit Pai was on the defense Thursday during a Senate oversight hearing when he was questioned about why he didn't correct the record earlier about an alleged cyberattack on the agency at the height of the controversial debate on net neutrality last year.<p>Pai defended his decision not to …

Net Neutrality

Saint Louis University will put 2,300 Echo Dots in student residences

If you're attending Saint Louis University this semester, you'll find more in your dorm room than the usual tiny furnishings. The school has unveiled plans to provide all 2,300 student residences on campus (both dorms and apartments) with Echo Dots by the time classes begin in late August. To no …

College & University

Twitter Is Funding Research Into Online Civility. Here’s How One Project Will Work.

Twitter has pledged to increase the “health” and “civility” of discourse on its platform, and it recently teamed up with college researchers to …

Social Media

Instructional designers share an evolving role, research finds

The demand for instructional design professionals in higher education has soared in recent years, due in part to an increase in online and blended …

Higher Education

Dispelling the concerns around utilizing remote proctoring systems

(Getty Images)<p>Remote proctoring gets a bad rap. Critics have called it “creepy” and “anxiety-inducing,” and say it may not even be effective when …

Oracle releases GraphPipe, an open-source tool for deploying AI models

Major tech firms regularly open-source internal software projects, but it’s not often that Oracle Corp.’s name comes up in this context. Today marked …

Machine Learning

Children 'at risk of robot influence'

<b>Forget peer pressure, future generations are more likely to be influenced by robots, a study suggests.</b><p>The research, conducted at the University of Plymouth, found that while adults were not swayed by robots, children were.<p>The fact that children tended to trust robots without question raised ethical …


Saint Louis University is placing 2,300 Echo Dots in student living spaces

Saint Louis University has announced that it will be placing Amazon Echo Dot devices, powered by Alexa for Business, in every student residence hall room or student apartment on campus. While other colleges, like Arizona State University, have put Echo Dots in student housing before, SLU says this …

College & University

After a year's wait, Amazon and Microsoft bring Alexa and Cortana to each other's devices

Alexa and Cortana: Tech's new BFFs?<p>That's the premise behind a cooperative effort from Amazon and Microsoft that lets Alexa users cue up Cortana on their Echo speakers. Meanwhile, you'll be able to ask Cortana to let Alexa take the wheel on Windows 10 devices, and on the Cortana-powered Invoke …

Smart Homes

Three Examples from the Field: AR and VR in Teaching and Research

Three projects at Harvard University illustrate how AR and VR technologies are transforming the work of faculty and students.<p>As virtual reality (VR) …

Virtual Reality

3 things to know about the students arriving on campus this month

They're Generation Z — not millennials — and their interests are different than those of previous generations.

Higher Education

Does the Magic Leap One, and the Promise AR, Matter to Higher Ed?

Blog: Technology and LearningThe Magic Leap augmented reality (AR) headset is finally available. (If you live in a few select cities). After years of …

Augmented Reality

Despite Increase in Instructional Designers, There Is No 'Universal Profile' for the Role

A new report from the Online Learning Consortium seeks to clear up the mystery surrounding the role of instructional designer in higher education.

Education Technology

The rising profile of blockchain in academe

When he was in graduate school and working toward a doctorate in computer science, Arthur Carvalho made a life-changing decision.“It was 2012, and my …


Expand the Student Experience with Immersive Video-Wall Programs

On an increasing number of university campuses, <b>video-wall technology</b> is helping administrators find new, exciting ways to connect with students.<p>After …

Stanford University

Chromebooks to get new Windows 10 dual-booting feature called Campfire

Google is reportedly working in a new feature in ChromeOS called Campfire, which will allow users to dual-boot Windows 10 on their Chromebook laptops.<p>The feature was highlighted by XDA Developers, which discovered a code branch called Campfire in the Chromium Git, and a reference to an “Alt OS.” It …

Windows 10