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Rethinking the Library Services Platform ~ libfocus - Irish library blog

Guest post by Ken Chad, Ken Chad Consulting
The recent decision by ProQuest to acquire ExLibris has again focussed attention on the future of library …

University of Cambridge

Linked Data Caution

I have been seeing an enormous amount of momentum in the library industry toward “linked data”, often in the form of a fairly ambitious collective …


Gavin Brindley, E-resources Manager at Coventry University

Gavin Brindley has over 18 years experience of working in libraries. Since graduating from …


"404 Not Found: Discoverability and User Consumption of Open Access Mat" by Emma Molls

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ARCS: Advancing Research Communication & Scholarship

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ARCS: Advancing …

Reminiscing About 15 Years of Interoperability Efforts

D-Lib Magazine

Reminiscing About 15 Years of Interoperability Efforts

Herbert Van de Sompel
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Michael L. …

Semantic Web

David White

When you get “The best elearning conference I’ve attended in 15 years” as feedback you feel you must have done something right. Over the weekend I’ve …


Battle of the search engines — and the winner is …

A side-by-side comparison of ScienceDirect and Google Scholar shows how their differences can impact scientific research

By Antonio Gulli, PhD Posted …

Search Engines

You can now invite people to join a Google Hangouts call even if they don’t have a Google account.

You can now invite people to join a Google Hangouts call even if they don’t have a Google account. It’s a small but convenient update that makes it a …


Standing on the shoulders of the Google giant: Sustainable discovery and Google Scholar’s comprehensive coverage.

The 11th anniversary of Google Scholar passed yesterday. Max Kemman provides an overview of the growth and impact of the platform and also looks at …


How to Automate Microsoft Office Tasks with IFTTT Recipes

A superb batch of Microsoft Office recipes recently appeared on the site of serial web-service linkers, IFTTT. The recipes, developed by Microsoft …

Microsoft Office

Wuhan University drops Primo Central for EBSCO Discovery Service

IPSWICH, MA -- November 16, 2015. Wuhan University, located in Wuhan, Hubei, China, has opted to replace Primo Central with EBSCO Discovery Service …


Research Article: “Undergraduates’ Use of Google vs. Library Resources: A Four-Year Cohort Study” (Preprint)

The following article (approved for publication preprint) is scheduled for publication in the September 1, 2016 issue of College & Research Libraries …


Measuring Journal Linking Success from a Discovery Service | Stuart | Information Technology and Libraries

Online linking to full text via third-party link-resolution services, such as Serials Solutions 360 Link or Ex Libris’ SFX, has become a popular


Algorithmic Gender Bias in Discovery Systems

This is a working draft of a possible future blog post

At GVSU, we used the Summon discovery service to provide search across most of our resources. …


Frankfurt 2015 - Roger Schonfeld

Google Maps is adding offline navigation and search starting today

Offline search and navigation was one of the biggest announcements at I/O this May — and now, nearly six months later, that feature is finally reaching users. Today, Google Maps will roll out a new offline mode allowing for driving directions and search. It's designed to fit seamlessly alongside …

Google Maps

Tumblr launches instant messaging on Android, iOS, and the web

Tumblr users can finally carry on real time conversations with one another. Today the company announced that instant messaging launches today across Android, iOS (assuming you've got the latest versions of each app), and the web. But it's not immediately available to everyone; Tumblr says it's …


A New Compilation of Research From OCLC Research “The Library in the Life of the User” Published Online

The following compilation of research (226 pages) from OCLC was published today.

From the Publication Announcement:

OCLC Research has published a new …


Two Recent Presentations About Metadata and Linked Data by Members of OCLC Research

1. How You Can Make the Transition from MARC to Linked Data Easier

An OCLC TAI CHI webinar (November 5, 2015)

Presenters: Jean Godby and Karen …

Semantic Technology

What's your favorite discovery service? #chs15 https://t.co/E3HKN9W9BD

Phill Jones on Twitter

Google Scholar, EDS and Summon performed as well as each other for known item searches. -John Vickey #chs15

Phill Jones on Twitter

EDS and Summon do as well as each other for unknown item search. Google Scholar did a little better. -Vickery #chs15

Shannon Pritting on Twitter

After a great deal of testing of results between eds and summon @NCSU libraries, found they were equal. #chs15

Some takeaways for your discovery needs. #chs15 https://t.co/ztPTkznXo2

The Role of Discovery and Its Relationship With the ILS | Against The Grain

(L-R) Neil Block, Tim McGeary, Elizabeth Leonard

Neil Block, Vice President of Discovery at EBSCO Information Services, wondered if it is time to …

North Carolina State University

This should be a good session. #chs15 https://t.co/j7x9Pzp1ae

Data Mining and Textual Analytics - Gale

In addition to content, Gale offers enhanced textual analysis tools within the digital archives to assist researchers who may not have programming …

Data Mining

Issue #22 – November 2015


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