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UX in Action: Ex Libris Primo New User Interface


By Miri Botzer, Product Manager, Discovery and Delivery, Ex Libris

The previous posts in this series discussed the fundamental principles of UX …

UX Design

A/B Tester. URL Shortener. It's your link. Do what you want with it. | nagg

A/B testing (also called split testing) is comparing multiple versions of a web page to see which one performs better. You compare two web pages by …

LibWizard: Sneak-Peek

• The Tutorials/ Assessment Wizard enables you to create interactive tutorials and assessments. These can be embedded into any webpage at the point of …

Alpha Site

The Jisc funded UK Research Data Discovery Service project is currently developing a discovery service that enables the discovery of UK research data …


OCLC Research Releases New Report on the Sustainability of Research Data Management by Libraries

“The new report is titled, “If You Build It, Will They Fund? Making Research Data Management Sustainable” and was written by Ricky Erway and Amanda …


Talkey Generates Smart Replies to Text Messages, Sends Them with One Tap

Android/Android Wear: Talkey analyzes your incoming text messages and intelligently generates plain-language responses appropriate for the message. …


The definitive list of what everyone likes on Facebook

Last week, Facebook made public a huge trove of data about its users’ interests as part of a new tool called Audience Optimization. For the first time it revealed not only the hundreds of thousands of categories into which Facebook divides its users, but also the number of people who belong to each …


Open Data for LIS Research

This blog is a venue devoted to improving the utility and effectiveness of libraries, librarianship, and librarians through careful study. This …

Scientific Research

Zoho Showtime Is a Live Web Presentation Tool for Slideshows, Including PowerPoint

If you do a lot of public speaking or presentations in front of people, Zoho Showtime could make your life (and job) easier. Showtime makes it easy …

Microsoft PowerPoint

Sage white paper explores chance discovery


Sage white paper explores chance discovery

2 February 2016

Researchers prefer serendipitous discovery – the process of stumbling on …

Issue #24 – January/February 2016

Discover Primo: Digital Collections View [Video]


Yuval Kiselstein, Director of Product Management at Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company

The February release of Ex Libris Primo includes lots of …

“Exploration and Visualization in the Web of Big Linked Data: A Survey of the State of the Art” (Conference Paper)

The following paper will be presented at the 6th International Workshop on Linked Web Data Management (LWDM 2016) that is scheduled to place in …

Linked Data

Create Awesome Life Automations with Multi-Step Zaps

Zapier, the single largest competitor to IFTTT, announced that it now offers users the ability to create multiple action automations called …


How Google Search Works in 2016

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Many years …

Perceptions 2015: an International Survey of Library Automation

The International Survey of Library Automation aims to provide a candid glimpse into the effectiveness of strategic library technology systems from …

Shryne for iPhone Lets You Download and Archive Your Own Social History

iOS/OS X: Services like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Hangouts all have their own archives, but they can be tricky to download and organize, if you …


Library Automation Survey 2015 : System Report

Perceptions 2015: An International Survey of Library Automation

Narrative Comments

This page lists the narrative of comments given by individuals …

10 new Twitter tools

Hunting around the net I've found a few new tools that you might want to try out if you're well into Twitter.

Life on Twitter will take a look at …

Research Article: “Beyond Books: The Extended Academic Benefits of Library Use for First-Year College Students” (Preprint)

The following approved for publication research article is scheduled for final publication in the January 1, 2017 issue of College and Research …


Read It Later Showdown: Pocket vs. Instapaper

When it comes to “read it later” services that let you save articles today to read when you have time, you only have two serious options these days: …

Cool Stuff

Should you #DeleteAcademiaEdu?

[ Note: Many readers of this blog have probably heard by now that Kevin Smith, who has been the primary author here, will soon be leaving Duke to be …

The counting house, measuring those who count

Working Paper

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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4814.4402 · Available …


From OPAC to Search Engine: Making the Case for Discovery [Discovery Tools Now and in the Future]

Peach, poster child for viral apps, gets a web version

You no longer need to use the iPhone app to use Peach, the latest social app to go super-viral that was created by one of the Vine cofounders.

Peach's founder has released an "unofficial" web version of the app. The site is aimed at developers but allows new and existing users to use the service …


Standing on the shoulders of the Google giant: Sustainable discovery and Google Scholar’s comprehensive coverage.

The 11th anniversary of Google Scholar passed yesterday. Max Kemman provides an overview of the growth and impact of the platform and also looks at …


Look back at 10 top posts on librarianship I am proudest of (2012-2015)

It's the beginning of 2016, and nostalgia once again makes me look back at my past posts to see how they have stood the test of time.

The last time I …

Library 2.0

Memes - how they are used by libraries and librarians (March 2012)

It's the beginning of 2016, and nostalgia once again makes me look back at my past posts to see how they have stood the test of time.

The last time I …

Open Access

What World Are We Building? — Data & Society

0. Internet

I grew up in small town Pennsylvania, where I struggled to fit in. As a geeky queer kid, I rebelled against hypocritical dynamics in my …


A Linked Data Journey: Survey of Publishing Strategies

Image Courtesy of Shelly under a CC BY 2.0 license.


Happy Friday everyone! This is part five of my Linked Data Series. You can find the …

Linked Data