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B203 - Full library discovery - a session at Internet Librarian International 2015 by John Akeroyd, William Mischo, Mary Schlembach, Michael Norman and Tom Hatton

Wednesday 21st October, 2015

1:30pm to 2:15pm (GMT)

Moderator: John Akeroyd, Information Management Consultant

The Bento approach to library …


Blog 2015 - New 360 Link Release Includes Altmetric.com Integration

ProQuest continues to improve the research experience through 360 Link. The latest release of 360 Link includes significant user experience …

Social Media

Full library discovery

The scope of library discovery services continues to evolve. We might characterise the situation we are in now as full collection discovery. The model …


Facebook Starts Letting You Add A 7-Second Looping Video As A Profile Pic

To keep its decade-old social network lively, Facebook is introducing five big changes to user profiles, which are viewed 4 billion times per day:

The option to pin Featured Photos to the top of the profile
• Temporary profile pics
• Easier visibility controls for About info, including a new 100 character …


Predatory publishers earned $75 million last year, study finds

Nearly half a million papers went to titles with lax standards

Scientific Research

Closing the Gap in Librarian, Faculty Views of Academic Libraries| Research

In this age of outcomes measurement, many academic librarians are focused—and rightly so—on making sure they best serve students. Yet students are …


New Potions with Gmail + Netvibes

Today we have added support for a new Ingredient in Netvibes Potions. You can now use Gmail as a Trigger or an Action in your Potions. Let’s see …


Kingsley Boulton – Information Systems Librarian at the University of York – explains how analytics and reporting works in Alma. Kingsley’s …


ELAG 2015 I What Are We Describing?

The Balancing Act of Digital Privacy & 
Digital Services 
in Libraries

2015 KLA-MLA Joint Conference, Heather Braum & Robin Hastings, NEKLS

Libraries have long been concerned with protecting the records of what patrons read. But with the rise of multiple library digital services, are we continuing to protect patron data? Concerns about password security, third party …


Five emerging trends for innovative tech in education

Creative Commons attribution information

But what next for these technologies? Here are five trends to watch out for in further and higher …

The 5 Best News Curation Apps to Fight Information Overload

Information overload is a real thing.

It’s simultaneously overwhelming and terrifying, and our modern lives are fundamentally shaped to induce it at …

Information Overload

Services built on usage metrics

That was the topic discussed recently by OCLC Research Library Partners metadata managers, initiated by Corey Harper of New York University and …

Semantic Technology

The Evolving Scholarly Record: Scope, Stakeholders and Stewardship webinar recording available

The scholarly record is increasingly digital and networked, while at the same time expanding in both the volume and diversity of the material it …

published online ahead of print.

Published Ahead of Print

The following manuscripts have been accepted for future publication in College & Research Libraries. All manuscripts are in …


Mendeley Announces Upcoming Roll Out of Author Statistics

From the Mendeley Blog:

In the coming weeks and months, Mendeley will be rolling out a number of improvements, new features, and entirely new sections …


Using quantitative and qualitative unit profiling for identifying the contribution of library resources to teaching quality

Attached Files






Published version





Using quantitative and qualitative unit profiling …

Australian Universities

The insidious nature of “fit” in hiring and the workplace | Information Wants To Be Free

Organizational culture is a very real and a very powerful force in every organization. I have worked in a variety of different organizations and each …


Easy Hands-On Experience with Basic SQL Querying - Ruth Kitchin Tillman

When writing my introduction to SQL, I included sample queries that all dealt with the same hypothetical database. The database wasn’t especially …


Designing the Next Generation of Search User Experience - UXPA2015

Search applications aren’t "just like Google" anymore – even Google is no longer the simple application it once was. Design is coming to the forefront of effective search applications, to help make sense of mobile search, data search, semantic search, enterprise search, federated search, and …

UX Design

Digital textbook analytics can predict student outcomes, Iowa State study finds

AMES, Iowa - College professors and instructors can learn a lot from the chapters of a digital textbook that they assign students to read. Reynol …


Bing brings some of its magic to help you achieve even more with Office 2016 | Bing Search Blog

Bing brings information directly to users where and when they need it across a growing number of Microsoft and third party experiences. We’re pleased …


Data management planning. Means, goals and cultures

Data Management

Case studies in online resource discovery – HEIs engagement with the Spotlight on the Digital training programme

Participants from the pilot resource discovery training programme (see Resource discovery pilot training outcomes) have now completed case studies …

University College London

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Wilhelm Peekhaus and
• Nicholas Proferes

How library and information science faculty perceive and engage with open access Journal of …


Receive Files into Your Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive

Google Drive

The Evolution of Impact Indicators: From bibliometrics to altmetrics

The rise of the Open Access movement and advances in digital publishing workflows are creating more opportunities than ever for scholarship to have …

Open Access

Programme | IFLA ARL Satellite Meeting


Draft Programme

Day 1

13 August

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08:30 – 11h00


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