Mindful Art: The Intersection of Astro, Photography, and Mental Health

Are you tired, burnt out, overwhelmed? In the digital age, there are constant distractions taking us out of the moment. My first time in Africa I was knocked into the moment, truly present for the first time in months. This mindful experience under the stars helped me recover from burnout and gave me outlets to maintain my mental health in the future: mindfulness and astrophotography ✨ This Storyboard provides art, resources, and astrophotography guides (including the upcoming Blue Supermoon).

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Mindful Art: The Intersection of Astro, Photography, and Mental Health
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    My Journey with photography and mental health

    (1) Begin, Again: a reminder that no matter where we are at in life, however burnt out or low, we can always take a deep breath and Begin Again. (2) Renewal: After beginning again, we are renewed by growing our passions. Each day is an opportunity to build on the day before, renewing our selves while building our dreams ✨

    Chapter I: BEGIN, AGAIN - Wanderloots

    Chapter I: BEGIN, AGAIN - Wanderloots

    The first NFT collection by Wanderloots Begin, Again is a story of rediscovering the dreams of childhood by reflecting on awesome experiences.

    Mindfulness and Mental Health Resources

    (1) A guide to burnout recovery (2) How to get started with mindfulness (3) A film by Giulia Gartner (@giuligartner) about the life of Amelia Le Brun (amslebrun). This film touched me deeply on the use of photography as an outlet for mental health (4) Mindful timelapse videos by Night Lights (@nightlightsfilms) (5) An exploration of Amsterdam through timelapse photography by Albert Dros (@albertdrosphotography). Some shots were only made possible by the slowdown of the pandemic.



    The film AMELIA explores the colorful life of the photographer Amelia Le Brun. This film is a window into how her past demons and nostalgic childhood …

    Astrophotography Guides

    (1) A how-to guide on shooting the upcoming Blue Supermoon (August 30); (2) An intro to Milky Way photography by Alyn Wallace (@alynwallace). Alyn has been an incredible inspiration and has taught me so much about shooting astro. I highly recommend his YouTube channel. (3) What it takes to get into astrophotography by Andrew McCarthy (@cosmic_background). Andrew has taught me so much about shooting the moon, especially how to shoot and process my lunar eclipse photos.

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