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Nick Kyrgios goes full Nick Kyrgios at Cincinnati Open: admits he’s tanking, talks trash with crowd, still wins

NICK Kyrgios has gone full Nick Kyrgios.<p>In probably the wildest scenes we’ve ever seen from the controversial Australian, Kyrgios admitted to his box …

Nick Kyrgios

Sarah Huckabee Sanders ‘Can’t Guarantee’ Trump Hasn’t Used ‘N-Word’

The non-denial comes after claims by Omarosa Manigault-Newman that she has heard an alleged tape of Trump using the racial slur.<p>It was a relatively …

Seth Meyers: Trump Is a ‘Racist With a Rotted-Out Soul’ for Calling Omarosa a ‘Dog’

The ‘Late Night’ host also brought out a real-live dog out on stage and fired it to show what that would look like.<p>On Tuesday morning, President …

Donald Trump

Cancer Rarely Strikes Elephants. New Clues Suggest Why.

Science & Innovation<p>The newly tested genes may be an important key to the gentle giants’ surprisingly low rates of cancer.<p>Some 30 trillion cells make you, you. Along with your many microbes, this cellular orchestra keeps your body humming along—your heart hammering, your guts gurgling, and your …


South China Sea: 'Leave immediately and keep far off' - BBC News


Mineral created in lab that can remove CO2 pollution from atmosphere

Scientists have found a way to produce a mineral, known as magnesite, in a lab that can absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, offering a potential strategy …

Trent University

Elizabeth Warren Is Waging a Full-Body Fight to Defeat Trump

It was unremittingly hot at the farm in Natick, Massachusetts, where 1,500 people had gathered on the Sunday after the Fourth of July. Remarkably, …

Hillary Clinton

The Rub of Rough Sex

<i>Chelsea G. Summers | Longreads | July 2018 | 15 minutes (3,801 words)</i> <br>This is a piece about abuse. This is a piece about kink and a piece about …


'Pray for me': the Iraqi spy who infiltrated Islamic State

His record was stunning: He had foiled 30 planned vehicle-bomb attacks and 18 suicide bombers, according to Abu Ali al-Basri, the agency's director. …


Brexit: More than 100 constituencies that backed Leave in 2016 referendum would now vote Remain

More than 100 Westminster constituencies which backed Leave in the 2016 referendum would now vote to remain in the European Union, according to new …

Great Britain

Would you scan a homeless person's barcode to give them money?

A scheme in Oxford called Greater Change wants to provide homeless people with barcodes, so members of the public can give them money using smartphones.<p>A smartphone film by Dougal Shaw, produced by Sam Judah, for BBC World Hacks.


The man who stole a plane said he didn't need much help: 'I've played some video games'

<b>(CNN) —</b> Before he crashed and died, the airline worker who authorities said stole and flew a passenger plane in the Seattle area Friday had a wide-ranging discussion with air traffic control -- at one point expressing confidence in his flying ability because "I've played some video games."<p>In audio …

Puget Sound

Airline Employee Steals Plane From Sea-Tac Airport, Crashes After Being Tailed by Fighters

A 29-year-old airline employee “thought to be suicidal” stole a 76-seat Q400 turboprop plane from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) on …

Puget Sound

Why do so many friendships dissolve as we age?

<b>A leathery little man of about 70 enters a doctors' waiting room.</b> "Hello!" chirps the receptionist. "Have you thought of anyone yet you can name as …


Groundsman with terminal cancer wins £266m from weed killer maker

A jury backs a claimant in a California court who says Monsanto-made Roundup contributed to the disease he is dying from.<p>The maker of a commonly used …


Stolen plane was chased by military jets before it crashed

Officials say a man who stole a plane from an airport in Washington state was "suicidal" and there is no connection to terrorism.<p>A plane has crashed …

Washington State

UK voters should make final Brexit decision if talks with EU collapse - poll

LONDON (Reuters) - If Brexit talks break down without a deal, half of Britons believe the final decision over whether to leave the European Union should be taken by the public in a referendum, according to a survey of more than 10,000 people published on Friday.<p>Anti-Brexit demonstrators wave EU and …

European Union

Touring a county with 'special energy' - using a 1939 guidebook

<b>In 1939, the newly established Penguin Books published six guides to English counties, complete with touring maps, aimed at the middle-class motorist. Emma Jane Kirby has been driving around the UK with those first-edition guides in her hand to see how Britain has changed since the start of World</b> …

Lake District

Boris Johnson 'won't apologise' for burka comments

<b>Boris Johnson has stood by his remarks about the burka after the Conservative Party chairman told him to apologise.</b><p>The former foreign secretary has been criticised for saying Muslim women wearing burkas "look like letter boxes" and comparing them to "bank robbers".<p>PM Theresa May has backed calls …

Boris Johnson

Shut and cut: Iran 2018-08-06 | Espresso

Aug 6th 2018<p>Continue reading today's edition<p>Download the app here. Five stories, six days a week, straight to your iPhone or Android smartphone.


A mother's impossible choice: risk rape to feed your family, or starve

<b>Juba, South Sudan —</b> On a dirt path dotted with bright-red bougainvillea, women in ankle-length dresses gather in groups of five or more before venturing into the forest.<p>Right outside the largest refugee camp in Juba, South Sudan's capital, sickles readied in their hands to cut firewood, the women …


Air Force fails to acknowledge mysterious meteor that crashed to Earth near US military base

The US Air Force failed to report a major meteor explosion near a military base in Greenland earlier this summer, leading to concern and …


'House of Horrors' was one of several in horrific family legacy

The world was left shocked when news broke of the Turpin family torture.How could a mother and father living in a quiet suburban street abuse their …


Chinese professor cut off mid-interview after authorities burst into his house

<b>(CNN) —</b> Chinese security forces broke into the home of an academic while he was giving a live phone interview with a US broadcaster Wednesday night, abruptly forcing him off-air.<p>Speaking with Voice of America from his home in the eastern province of Shandong, retired professor Wenguang Sun was …


The TSA Has Found 3D-Printed Guns at Airport Checkpoints 4 Times Since 2016

The Transportation Security Administration said workers have found 3D-printed guns and accessories at airport security checkpoints at least four …

Gun Control

The frugal traveler’s essential list of budget travel hacks

That chatty seatmate who can’t help bragging about how he paid chump change for the same flight that set you back a paycheck. The email offering a rock-bottom sale on the room you just prepaid as nonrefundable. The Caribbean cruise you got for next to nothing, but then you maxed out your credit …


Pope declares death penalty inadmissible, changing Church's stance

<b>Rome (CNN) —</b> Pope Francis has declared that the death penalty is never admissible and that the Catholic Church will work towards its abolition around the world, the Vatican formally announced Thursday.<p>The change, which has been added to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, makes official a …

Pope Francis

Seven hours in Paris: cops go sightseeing with alleged drug trafficker

Police seized 2576 individual blocks of cocaine, which had been secreted inside prefabricated hollow steel on a Chinese container boat in Sydney last …


Isil claims attack after four US and European cyclists killed in Tajikistan

Isil has claimed credit for a car and knife attack in Tajikistan that killed four American and European cyclists and released a video of the men it said were behind it.<p>The assailants rammed the cyclists with a car on Sunday in the Khatlon region, which borders Afghanistan, then attacked them with …


The secret Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani know about the Russia probe

<b>(CNN) —</b> The biggest misconception surrounding the special counsel probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election is that it will likely end in some sort of legal proceeding involving President Donald Trump. It won't -- for a bunch of reasons, the most important of which is that Robert …

Donald Trump