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Silicon Valley is going to be visiting Wall Street more often

We all know tech initial public offerings, or IPOs, were a bust in 2015.

But Deutsche Bank's tech-equity capital-markets team — that is, the team that runs tech IPOs — has an argument for why that could change this year.

The team, led by Kristin DeClark, explained in a note to clients that both sides …

Silicon Valley

12 Great Stocks for 2016

Top picks from top pros

Fear of failure drives many mutual fund managers to spread their bets widely. Actively managed U.S. stock funds hold an average of 152 different companies, reports Morningstar. World funds average 225.

The stewards of the funds on the following pages are different. They invest …


#TheLIST: 13 Things to Look Forward to in 2016

Prepare for plenty of nostalgia in the coming year.

We've only just started 2016, but it's already shaping up to be chockfull of nostalgia. From the returns of Derek Zoolander and Patsy and Edina to (yes, another) Star Wars reboot, peruse the below and prepare to travel back in time in the coming …


How cancer will affect Americans in 2016 — in seven charts

Here's the good news about cancer in America: More people than ever are surviving it. The cancer death rate has dropped by nearly 25 percent since its peak in 1991, thanks in part to declines in smoking, advances in prevention and detection and improved treatments.

And yet, as new statistics …


The Five Automotive Brands to Watch in 2016


Here's the Market's Biggest Problem for 2016

It’s the same reason 2015 was a disappointment.

With the bull market roaring at the end of last year, Wall Street market strategists and pundits, almost without exception, were predicting double-digit gains for 2015. When the S&P 500 closed 2015 with a loss of nearly 1%, the double-digit number that …

3 Reasons Why 2016 Could Be a Banner Year for Startups

Analysts from venture capital and merger and acquisition researcher PitchBook say early-stage companies are likely to see an influx of investor dollars in the coming year.

There's never any shortage of predictions during the New Year, and venture capital data researcher PitchBook is adding its voice …

Corporate Finance

The six African elections to watch out for in 2016

Some important elections took place in Africa in 2015. Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia and Burkina Faso (despite some stops and starts) all saw democratic transitions of power. No wonder, then, that more than half of the continent believe that they live in democracies.

Yet, elsewhere things weren’t quite …


5 Ways Health Care Will Be Transformed In 2016

We're optimistic... sort of.

2015 proved to be an exciting, albeit tumultuous year for the health sector. Doctors adopted new digital technologies with mixed success, , millions more people gained some form of health insurance, and scientists developed more precise ways to treat disease using …

Health Care

From a 'Selfie Drone' to a Nail Art Printer, This Is the Most Exciting Tech Coming In 2016

As the ball dropped in Times Square, ushering in 2016, we asked some savvy women in tech to gaze into their crystal ball and tell us about the 2016 technology launches they're most excited about.

The New Virtual Reality Headsets

"I'm hotly anticipating Sony's Playstation VR headset. I like the others …

Virtual Reality

Don't Hold Your Breath for a 2016 Tech IPO Boom

Wanting something won’t make it so.

I’m hearing (and reading) about how a lot of VC-backed tech companies will go public in 2016, due to a slowdown in the later-stage financing market. I’m not convinced, and it has nothing to do with how the global stock markets greeted 2016 with a resounding …


The 10 biggest risks the world faces in 2016

The Middle East is vulnerable. ISIS has become the most powerful terrorist organization. The US' geopolitical strength continues to decay. And Europe is seeing increased economic and political problems.

"And so, in 2016, conflict intensifies," Ian Bremmer, the head of Eurasia Group, and Cliff …

Saudi Arabia

The #BringBackOurGirls of 2016: what will dominate Africa's Twittersphere this year?

Where were you when #PopeBars started trending, in tribute to Pope Francis throwing hip-hop shapes in the Central African Republic?

How did #BeingFemaleInNigeria help you to understand modern misogyny? And where do you stand on the heated #JollofDebate – is it from Ghana, Nigeria or …


Rates on Personal Loans to Hike in 2016

With the Federal Reserve making its first move to boost the federal funds rate, interest rates on all sorts of loans, including personal loans, are likely to start moving higher in 2016, says Greg McBride, CFA, Bankrate's chief financial analyst.

Personal loans are used to cover expenses such as …


Here's what 14 Wall Street pros are predicting for the stock market in 2016

It's 2016. And if you're invested in stocks, you're probably wondering where the market will head this year.

The bull market is in its sixth year. And with global economic growth slowing, earnings growth flattening, the Federal Reserve tightening monetary policy, commodities prices dreadfully low, …

Wall Street

Mobile device access in schools to grow in 2016

Despite the fact that the use of mobile devices in K-12 classrooms in the US is going to sharply increase over the next three years, according to one survey from the Consortium for School Networking, the additional mobile devices are likely to be shared and not provided to individual students. …

Mobile Devices

Here Are 2016's Best Upcoming Meteor Showers

There aren't many celestial events more breathtaking than a meteor shower. Caused when Earth's orbits takes it through the the trailing debris of a comet or asteroid, the showers are actually hundreds of thousands of tiny bits of dust burning up as they enter the atmosphere. The Earth is actually …


7 Ways AR and VR Will Change Tech in 2016

CES 2016 ushers in the year of virtual reality, and a preview of augmented reality.

Although virtual reality and augmented reality have been part of the Consumer Electronics Show for years, 2016 marks the first time CES has a dedicated augmented reality space (encompassing 5,000 square feet), …

Bowie And Beyond: Looking Ahead To The Music Of 2016

You're probably still digesting the best music of 2015, but now that the calendar has officially turned over, it's time to look ahead. To provide a glimpse at some of the highlights 2016 will have to offer, NPR Music's Stephen Thompson recently joined NPR's Michel Martin to survey a few forthcoming …

David Bowie

The Top Five Trends For The Connected Car In 2016

Many years ago, car predictions focused on what near-future vehicles would look like. Would they be bigger or smaller and how fast would they get from 0 to 60 mph?

But today, as modern automobiles have evolved to moving machines bristling with sensors, software, processors and networks, future …


Books and newspapers will do just fine in 2016. Magazines? Not so much - Quartz

The reign of the consumer magazine—glossy, beautiful, and once a ubiquitous presence atop living room coffee tables around the world—seems to be quietly crumbling.

Print books are making something of a comeback right now, thanks in part to the rise of coloring books and a swelling public interest in …

Print Media

The 4 biggest ways American beverage consumption will change in 2016

The beverage industry is experiencing some major changes heading into the new year.

Sugary sodas are under fire. Juice sales are slipping. Many of the brightest points are new brands and beverages that no one had heard of a few years ago.

In other words, it’s a dramatic time to be in the world of …


Picks to click: Breakout pitchers for 2016

Last year, I ran through my picks to click on the mound in 2015. There were a couple of hits -- thank you Danny Salazar, Kyle Gibson and Nate Eovaldi …


4 ways the on-demand economy will evolve in 2016

Uber. Airbnb. Instacart. The most talked about companies of 2015 all fall into one category: on-demand. But why? Hasn’t the shock value of jumping into a stranger’s personal car worn off by now?

The answer is controversy. Between labor disputes and legislative battles, these companies are never …

The 15 Teams That Could Surprise in 2016

We're just a few days away from the year 2016, which means that 2015 ends and a new year is the beginning of great sports predictions for the next 365 days.

Rather than sit here and tell you my boldest predictions for next year, though, I figured I'd try to see which teams might surprise in 2016, …

More Kids For Will and Kate in 2016? The Year Ahead For The Royals

Are William and Kate planning to grow their family? Is the Queen preparing a power handover to Charles? And is Harry really calming down?

The Queen and Prince Philip: More time in Balmoral
The Queen turns 90 next year, Philip will be 94 and it seems that at last a sense of reality about Her Majesty’s …

The best games of 2016: it’s going to be a blast

Horizon: Zero Dawn
PS4, release date TBC

Mixing open-world exploration, survival drama and sci-fi RPG elements, Horizon may be the most beautiful game yet due for 2016. Set in a post-apocalyptic world a millennium hence, it follows hunter Aloy as she tries to eke out an existence on a ruined Earth …

Mirror's Edge

11 ‘amazing races’ to watch to understand the 2016 elections

These campaigns for governor, Senate, and House will illuminate broader trends in American politics.

Updated 01/03/16 05:20 PM EST

The presidential race will be the headliner in 2016. But a lot of the major issues driving American politics will fade into the background as the Democratic and …

10 Things NHL Fans Have to Look Forward to in 2016

If you think of an NHL season like a fancy dinner party, we're getting to the good stuff now.

Preseason: that's when everyone gathers and enjoys a cocktail and some appies.

The first three months of the season? That's the equivalent of the soup and salad courses, when guests are flexing their …

Fiction highlights for 2016

Once the Star Wars tie-ins (my favourite was Slave to the Empire: An Erotic Star Wars Adventure) and novelty Christmas books for people who don’t read (remember A Simples Life: The Life and Times of Aleksandr Orlov?) are safely remaindered, it’s time to look ahead to 2016’s fiction lineup. After a …

Short Stories