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Policies For Long-Haul Travellers

<b>Boat liability and boat breakdown insurance</b> with worldwide protection are usually very expensive and usually only used for a limited time. Anyone …

Long Haul

Guide To Yacht Insurance

Sailing is a sport!<p>Whether you have a dinghy or a large ship, are interested in leisure, racing, charter sailing or co-sailing, some risk always …


Policies For Yacht Owners

Because there is always the risk of doing damage to another property with a yacht, <b>boat liability insurance</b> should always be acquired.<p>If the skipper …

Liability Insurance

Policies For Co-Sailors

Everyone is basically responsible without limit for the wrongful infliction of damage to third parties. This liability is carried out with all the …

Liability Insurance

Policies For Chartered Sailors

<b>Personal liability</b> does not apply to persons or property that are damaged by the skipper. For this, there is <b>skipper liability insurance</b>.<p>This insures …


Boat, Yacht & Marine Insurance | Nautical Insurance

Boat, Yacht & Marine Insurance Specialist<p>It is well known that there is yacht insurance for sailboats, motorboats and super yachts. It is far less …