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2018 March 23 - Sharpless 249 and the Jellyfish Nebula

<b>Sharpless 249 and the Jellyfish Nebula</b> <b><br>Image Credit & Copyright:</b> Albert Barr<p><b>Explanation:</b> Normally faint and elusive, the Jellyfish Nebula is caught in …


2018 March 21 - Camera Orion

<b>Camera Orion</b> <b><br>Image Credit & Copyright:</b> Derrick Lim<p><b>Explanation:</b> Do you recognize this constellation? Although it is one of the most recognizable star …


2018 March 22 - NGC 253: Dusty Island Universe

<b>NGC 253: Dusty Island Universe</b> <b><br>Image Credit & Copyright:</b> Stefano Cancelli, Paul Mortfield<p><b>Explanation:</b> Shiny NGC 253 is one of the brightest spiral …


Dual Particle Beams in Herbig Haro 24

Dual Particle Beams in Herbig Haro 24


The Crab from Space

The Crab Nebula is cataloged as M1, the first object on


2018 March 7 - Arcs, Jets, and Shocks near NGC 1999

<b>Arcs, Jets, and Shocks near NGC 1999</b> <b><br>Image Credit & Copyright:</b> Mark Hanson<p><b>Explanation:</b> This tantalizing array of nebulas and stars can be found about …

Big History

AE Aurigae and the Flaming Star Nebula

Why is AE Aurigae called the flaming star?


Facing NGC 6946

From our vantage point in the


When Roses Aren t Red

Not all roses are red


LL Ori and the Orion Nebula

Stars can make waves in the Orion Nebula's sea of gas and dust.


In the Heart of the Heart Nebula

What's that inside the Heart Nebula?


NGC 7635: The Bubble Nebula Expanding

It's the bubble versus the cloud.


Venus and the Triply Ultraviolet Sun

An unusual type of solar eclipse occurred in 2012.


Hubble’s Majestic Spiral in Pegasus

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows a spiral galaxy known as NGC 7331.

Spiral Galaxies

The Penguin and the Egg

This image of distant interacting galaxies, known collectively as Arp 142, bears an uncanny resemblance to a penguin guarding an egg.


2018 January 29 - The Spider and The Fly

<b>The Spider and The Fly</b> <b><br>Image Credit & Copyright:</b> Joe Morris<p><b>Explanation:</b> Will the spider ever catch the fly? Not if both are large emission nebulas …

Scientists just cloned monkeys. Humans could be next.

A World’s First<p>Since the birth of Dolly the sheep in 1996, scientists across the globe have used the same technique to clone nearly two dozen other …

2018 January 24 - The Tadpoles of IC 410

<b>The Tadpoles of IC 410</b> <b><br>Image Credit:</b> Juan Ignacio Jimenez<p><b>Explanation:</b> This telescopic close-up shows off the otherwise faint emission nebula IC 410. …

2018 January 25 - Cartwheel of Fortune

<b>Cartwheel of Fortune</b> <b><br>Image Credit:</b> ESA, NASA<p><b>Explanation:</b> By chance, a collision of two galaxies has created a surprisingly recognizable shape on a …

2018 January 23 - Ribbons and Pearls of Spiral Galaxy NGC 1398

<b>Ribbons and Pearls of Spiral Galaxy NGC 1398</b> <b><br>Image Credit:</b> European Southern Observatory<p><b>Explanation:</b> Why do some spiral galaxies have a ring around …

2018 January 16 - An Elephant s Trunk in Cepheus

<b>An Elephant's Trunk in Cepheus</b> <b><br>Image Credit & Copyright:</b> Processing - Robert Gendler, Roberto Colombari<br>Data - Subaru Telescope (NAOJ), Robert Gendler, …

2018 January 17 - In the Valley of Orion

<b>In the Valley of Orion</b> <b><br>Visualization Credit:</b> NASA, ESA, F. Summers, G. Bacon,<br>Z. Levay, J. DePasquale, L. Frattare, M. Robberto, M. Gennaro (STScI) and …

2018 January 18 - Blue Comet in the Hyades

<b>Blue Comet in the Hyades</b> <b><br>Image Credit & Copyright:</b> Rogelio Bernal Andreo (Deep Sky Colors)<p><b>Explanation:</b> Stars of the Hyades cluster are scattered …

2018 January 19 - Clouds in the LMC

<b>Clouds in the LMC</b> <b><br>Image Credit & Copyright:</b> Josep Drudis, Don Goldman<p><b>Explanation:</b> An alluring sight in southern skies, the Large Magellanic Cloud …

2018 January 15 - Rigel and the Witch Head Nebula

<b>Rigel and the Witch Head Nebula</b> <b><br>Image Credit & Copyright:</b> Mario Cogo (Galax Lux)<p><b>Explanation:</b> By starlight this eerie visage shines in the dark, a …

The Nature of Nothing | Space Time

2018 January 8 - Clouds of Andromeda

<b>Clouds of Andromeda</b> <b><br>Image Credit & Copyright:</b> Daniel López / IAC<p><b>Explanation:</b> What are those red clouds surrounding the Andromeda galaxy? This galaxy, …

2018 January 9 - Bright Planetary Nebula NGC 7027 from Hubble

<b>Bright Planetary Nebula NGC 7027 from Hubble</b> <b><br>Image Credit:</b> Hubble, NASA, ESA; <i>Processing & License:</i> Judy Schmidt<p><b>Explanation:</b> It is one of the brightest …

Chandra Reveals the Elementary Nature of Cassiopeia A

Due to its unique evolutionary status, Cassiopeia A (Cas A) is one of the most intensely studied of these supernova remnants.


Kwanzaa Tholus on Ceres