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YouPorn used AI to predict the porn searches of the future and, um, brace yourselves

Using artificial intelligence to create new content is all the rage, and now YouPorn has gotten in on the act with an experiment that's produced some …

Don’t worry about AI going bad – the minds behind it are the danger | John Naughton

Killer robots remain a thing of futuristic nightmare. The real threat from artificial intelligence is far more immediate<p>As the science fiction novelist William Gibson famously observed: “The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.” I wish people would pay more attention to …

Artificial Intelligence

3 AI terms all business professionals need to understand

The value and utility of artificial intelligence is a hot topic today. In fact, a recent report by MIT Sloan Management Review asserts that almost 85 percent of executives believe AI “will allow their companies to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage.”<p>But there’s also a lot of confusion about …

Sex-robot in grado di cucinare e pulire casa entro il 2019? La fonte è un sito satirico

Entro il 2019 sarà in commercio un robot donna che oltre a fare sesso sarà anche una massaia? Siamo fuori tempo massimo per una macchina che simula …

Commentary: Fear of an AI Apocalypse Is Distracting Us From the Real Task at Hand

With the excitement of every technological advancement comes a wave of fear and uncertainty. We’ve seen this scenario play out repeatedly since the …

Artificial Intelligence Is Important, But ‘We Have To Be Concerned,’ Google CEO Says

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is the latest high profile figure to warn about the dangers of artificial intelligence. In an interview with Recode and …

Child sex robots ‘could be used to treat paedophiles who want to be cured’

Realistic sex robots could one day be used in prison to help paedophiles and rapists deal with their twisted urges, experts have claimed.<p>Prescribing …

Facebook’s head of AI really hates Sophia the robot (and with good reason)

‘This is to AI as prestidigitation is to real magic.’<p>Sophia the robot is a bit of a <i>non-persona non grata</i> in the AI community. Its creators, Hanson Robotics, consistently exaggerate the bot’s abilities, pretending that it’s “basically alive,” rather than just a particularly unnerving automaton. For …

Artificial Intelligence

Five quick tricks to make Google Chrome faster and better | ZDNet

#1: Reduce on open tabs<p>One of the best ways to speed up Google Chrome is to reduce on the number of tabs you have open (yeah, I know, I'm a good one …


How Marijuana Use Can Alter Brain Function and Induce Psychotic Behavior

Long-term smokers are at a higher risk for negative effects.<p>Smoking marijuana is becoming increasingly legal and mainstream in the United States. …

The Brain

Il 2017 di Pornhub - Il Post

Un po' di dati in base a 25 miliardi di ricerche fatte da 28 miliardi di visitatori<p>Pornhub – il più famoso sito al mondo di video porno – ha …

Sophia the robot takes her first steps

It's one small step for Sophia, one giant leap for robot-kind.<p>Sophia is a humanoid robot built by Hanson Robotics that debuted in 2016. Thanks to the addition of legs from DRC-HUBO (the same company that won the DARPA robotics competition in 2015), Sophia can now walk -- albeit slowly. Currently …


Why an Old Theory of Everything Is Gaining New Life

For decades, physicists have struggled to create a quantum theory of gravity. Now an approach that dates to the 1970s is attracting newfound …

Quantum Mechanics

Il robot bambino iCub debutta in società

Nuovi progetti, dalla riabilitazione alla sicurezza

L'AI di Google sa se una foto è bella

Rete neurale allenata a valutare estetica e tecnica degli scatti

L'Intelligenza Artificiale impara a decifrare i geroglifici

Sulla base di quelli tradotti in passato

Mano bionica impiantata in una donna italiana

Costruita nella Scuola Sant'Anna, intervento al Gemelli di Roma. Test durato sei mesi

Microsoft releases PowerShell script to check if your PC is vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre

In the wake of the Meltdown and Spectre chip bug revelations, people around the world are wondering whether or not they are affected. Bearing in mind …

Two Experiments Show Fourth Spatial Dimension Effect

To the best of our knowledge, we humans can only experience this world in three spatial dimensions (plus one time dimension): up and down, left and …

Quantum Physics

Human-robot hybrid babies are possible, AI expert claims - IBTimes India

Dr David Levy says that humans and robots will soon make babies, given the 'recent progress in stem cell research and artificial chromosomes.'<p>The …

How to Secure Your Google Account with Yubikey

If you haven’t added a second layer of security to your Google account, you’re more vulnerable than you realize. You might think you’re secure if …

Facebook, Intelligenza Artificiale per prevenire i suicidi

Cerca frasi allarmanti in post e video, sistema non attivo in Ue

Facebook, 99% post Isis rimossi con Intelligenza Artificiale

'Uso tecnologia contro terrorismo online comincia a dare frutti'

Vestiti ricaricano batterie smartphone, c'è tessuto ad hoc

Si chiama Mxene, messo a punto da Università Melbourne

Robot in posa, vince la versione hi-tech di Amleto

Ha per protagonista il robot bambino iCub, nato in Italia

Dalla cecita' all'autismo, l'hi tech aiuta i disabili

Alla Maker Faire mani parlanti e giacche che abbracciano

5 Books Elon Musk Thinks Everyone Should Read

Image: Getty Images<p>SpaceX founder Elon Musk reminds us of Marvin from The <i>Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy</i>. In addition to being a perpetually …


Our Final Invention

"A hard-hitting book about the most important topic of this century and possibly beyond -- the issue of whether our species can survive. I wish it …

Despite the hype, workers aren't scared of AI stealing their jobs

Only 10% of workers agree that AI threatens their jobs today, but many more are concerned for their children's jobs, according to a new Genpact …

AI and jobs: Where humans are better than algorithms, and vice versa

It's easy to get caught up in the doom-and-gloom predictions about artificial intelligence wiping out millions of jobs. Here's a reality check.<p>The …