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10 Posiciones Eróticas, Camasutra.

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La marmota Phil predice una primavera temprana

ANACONDA, La Gran Serpiente Del Amazonas

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Directors of Toughness: Patagonia – You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get

<b>This is the last of three sponsor content blog posts featuring the adventures of Columbia’s Directors of Toughness, writer Lauren Steele and photographer Zach Doleac. See more photos from this story in a takeover on our @natgeoadventure Instagram feed.</b><p>Patagonia slapped me across the face. However, …


Jose de Ejipto película completa

The brain’s miracle superpowers of self-improvement

We used to believe our brains were hardwired at birth. Now we believe we can will them to change. Is that true? Will Storr analyses the truth and hokum about 'neuroplasticity'.<p>For years she had tried to be the perfect wife and mother but now, divorced, with two sons, having gone through another …

The Brain

The future of medicine is testing our body fluids at home

From earwax to faeces, your secretions have secrets.<p>Blood, sweat, tears: what do they say about you? Scientists and doctors have long turned to body fluids for clues about our health, but now they’re finding that they can reveal more about the hidden workings of our bodies than once realised – and …

Medical Research

Why Mars should be independent from Earth

If we build a colony on Mars, should its citizens be their own masters? BBC Future considers the case for the Red Planet’s declaration of independence.<p>The race to get humans on Mars has begun. SpaceX’s Elon Musk has said he thinks he can get humans to the Red Planet by 2026. Mars One says that its …

Space Science

This is why lunar colonies will need to live underground

The coldest parts of Earth come nowhere close to the freezing temperatures of the lunar night – and building a base that can withstand them will not be easy.<p>For decades the thought of colonising the Moon has tantalised scientists and visionaries alike. Various colonies have graced our screens, from …

Space Science

How the most expensive structure in the world was built

The International Space Station is a masterpiece of engineering and human ingenuity. But this $100bn project has been beset by politics, compromise and tragedy. Richard Hollingham, who witnessed the launch of the first section of the station for the BBC in 1998, investigates how we ended up with …

Space Exploration

India's mysterious glowing forests

During monsoon season, the rain-drenched jungles of the Western Ghats can give off an eerie glow, allowing a rare glimpse into one of nature’s spectacular eccentricities.<p>Dark storm clouds gathered above the craggy pinnacles in front of us as we readied ourselves to hike through the jungles of …


Reader photos: Road trip views that few have seen

Forget the well-trodden routes – September's photo competition veered off the beaten path and uncovered the most beautiful, unusual or overlooked stops.<p>Congratulations to Charan Dhiman, the winner of September's photo competition! We recently caught up with Dhiman, 36, to get the story behind his …

Amalfi Coast

Pickup lines that could last a lifetime

Pickup lines might be cheesy (or downright inappropriate) but when travelling, they can also be some of the most romantic things we’ve ever heard. Would these lines work on you?<p>Imagine that it’s your first night in Valencia, and you’re soaking in the buzzing atmosphere of the Plaza de La Reina over …

Coachella Festival

The lake at the end of the world

Barely one hour from Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, Lake Bohinj is in the middle of nowhere – out of season and time – and it’s wonderful.<p>“We have a saying here in Slovenia,” said Grega Silc, a Hike & Bike Slovenia tour guide, as we cycled around the riotous green of the ridge. “In Bohinj, we're a …

European Travel

A 400-year-old-port – with no boats

Although Macau is now cruising on a new current of casinos and property development, a few enterprising residents are keeping the city’s maritime traditions afloat.<p>A 400-year-old port, Macau has long been closely linked with the sea. As recently as the 1950s, Macau children would have grown up …


Destinations that are so magical, they hardly seem real

These seven dreamy destinations make you feel like you’ve stepped straight into a magical fairy tale world.<p>Where to go to escape the stresses of life, the bustle of the workweek and the noise of traffic? To find out, we turned to question-and-answer site Quora, where users have been sharing their …

European Travel

The perfect place to find clarity

Flying led Don George to understand the one thing that has always shaped his life.<p>About half an hour out of Bangkok, we were soaring at 30,000ft and I looked below: green, tree-covered hills undulated endlessly, impenetrably, to the horizon. After a while the hills gave way to an expanse of watery …

South-east Asia

Indonesia’s unlikely pork feast

Bali’s classic pork dish, babi guling, is an odd find in a country that has the largest Muslim majority population in the world.<p>Why is it that the older I get, the more frequently I become exposed to traditional folk dancing (something I loathe), when travelling abroad? I was in Bali; specifically …

Asia Travel

‘Why I don’t just tolerate airplane travel’

For travel writer Robert Jenkins, flying is a chance to imagine, making up stories to pass the time.<p>I fly a lot – 27 flights so far this year. But I don't just tolerate airplane travel, spending every minute waiting for the moment that I can get off the plane. I use the time to exercise my …

Scottish Highlands

The last king of Ireland

Royalty is elected and legends live on through this strange, tiny island off the coast of County Donegal.<p>Ireland’s tiny Tory Island isn’t home to much. There are 150 inhabitants, one road, one church, one grocery store (which doubles as a post office), one lighthouse, one hotel, one hostel, one …