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Ex-Planned Parenthood employee looking at abortion remains: “Why are there three arms?”

This is pure evil.

Planned Parenthood
Rights & Freedoms

UN Chief Warns That Women's Rights Are Under Attack Worldwide

In a speech to the Commission on the Status of Women on Monday night, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that women’s rights are being threatened on a global scale.<p>According to Time, Guterres warned that women around the world are facing “new assaults on their safety and …

The UN Has a New Campaign to Stop Women from Being 'Robbed' of Equal Pay

Women across the world only make $0.77 for every dollar a man earns for work of equal value—and the United Nations wants to #StoptheRobbery.<p>UN Women, …


Women’s group: NFL should suspend Ezekiel Elliott for ‘sexual assault’

What appeared to be a very irresponsible move by Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott at a St. Paddy’s Day parade could be escalating.<p>Elliott …


Mike Pence Is To Receive Working For Women Award

Uhum...<p>Vice President Mike Pence is dangerous to women's rights. On March 22, however, he will be given the first-ever Working for Women Award at the Independent Women’s Forum’s (IWF) Women Making History reception in Washington. Excuse me, what?<p>The news came in a press release. "The award …

Mike Pence

Ethiopian Man Deported After Genitally Mutilating His 2-Year-Old Daughter With Crude Scissors

On Monday, an Ethiopian man was deported after serving ten years in prison for slicing off his two-year-old daughter’s clitoris with a pair of crude …

How to Learn New Things as an Adult

A new book explores the psychology of mastering skills and absorbing information.<p>Quick, what’s the capital of Australia? No Googling! (And no points if you’re Australian—that means the information is more meaningful to you, which means you’re more likely to know it.) Did you get it? Or are you sure …


Wikileaks claims MI5 and CIA developed spyware to turn televisions and smart phones into bugs

British spy agencies worked with the CIA to turn televisions and smart phones into bugging devices that can record conversations and even take photographs, according to leaked intelligence documents.<p>The CIA is accused of running a secret computer hacking programme giving its agents access to …