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The Reading Rules We Would Never Follow as Adult Readers

Choice.The number one thing all the students I have polled through the years want the most when it comes to reading. No matter how I phrase the …


The 25 Book Challenge

33% of my 118 7th graders told me they had not read a single book last summer. That books were just not their thing or they were simply too busy. …


List current challenges in literacy education

AnswerGarden is a new minimalistic brainstorm tool for online brainstorming, real time audience participation and classroom feedback.

Comic Book Templates: An Entry Point into Nonfiction

Common Core State Standards<p>ELA<p>English Language Arts<p>RI<p>Reading Standards for Informational Text 6-12<p>9-10<p>9th & 10th Grades<p>1<p><b>Cite strong and thorough</b> …

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