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Fly Away (Michael Jackson) - jaz

In Between Days - Anne Jamison

Dear Diary, it's Marilyn - LuckyDay

Summer Solstice (Roswell Fanfic) - Deidre

And Where Were The Spiders? - Patricia

Breakfast Club (Fan Fiction) - Intro. (Allison's POV)

Marky Mark and I - Out with the Old and in with the Old

YOU ARE READING<p>Marky Mark and I<p>Welcome to the 90's, a world of where hip hop was making a modern stand and white rappers were up and in motion. From …

Saving Mercury - Alaina

Winter Solstice (Roswell Fanfiction) - Deidre

Definitely Maybe (Beatles/Oasis Crossover Fan Fiction) - Miss O'Dell

The Untold Story of the Phantom of the Opera - Maria

Les Miserables Love Story: Patria - Caylyn

Don't Look Back in Anger - An Oasis Fan-Fiction - Elizabeth Barton

This Is Where I Came In (A Bee Gees Fanfic) - Running Into An Old Friend

YOU ARE READING<p>This Is Where I Came In (A Bee Gees Fanfic)<p>What if the Brothers Gibb had a friend helping them out with their albums and songs through …

Knight Rider Fan Fiction: Michael Knight and Bonnie Barstow

Archie Bunker Vignettes (An All in the Family Fan Fiction Story) - Shoebooty

YOU ARE READING<p>Archie Bunker Vignettes (An All in the Family Fan Fiction Story)<p>I first wrote the following vignettes in 2003 and recently discovered …

The Devil In Her Heart (Beatles Fan Fiction) - Miss O'Dell

Labyrinth 2: The Return Of The Goblin King - Alexis Weaver

Hustle - Claire Chilton

The Chase Begins (Now Published so Sample Only) - Sandra

The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield - Ninya Tippett

Evoke (Eagle Elite Novella) - Rachel Van Dyken

UNTIL WE BURN - CourtneyColeAuthor

Teaching Mia - M.C. Roman

Smeared - Maree O'Brien