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Hey! this is jyotirmoy I am an open book, you can read me.Don’t confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are :-)"Everybody is so unique that if he follows somebody else he will be only an imitator. He will never know his own essential being. ~ Osho"I believe in laying all the cards on the table, its yours' choice to pick them for your future comments.Love you all The reason towards 'Failures of mine' need to be your successLife is for exploring.And I am for the future..!!I believe that everyone has the power to achieve greatnessBut life doesn’t always provide straightforward choices, and the path to success isn’t always clear. Challenges test our will and our determination.Perhaps you’re feeling that there must be a better way.Perhaps you believe there’s a more meaningful way..!!Surround yourself with inspiring people so you'll never have to look far when you run out of inspiration. sameerbanerjee.blogspot.com