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Ex-player alleges in lawsuit that D.C. United teammate gave him career-ending concussion

A former D.C. United goalkeeper is suing an ex-teammate, as well as Coach Ben Olsen, the team and Major League Soccer, for an incident last year that he says left him with a concussion and forced him to retire at age 22.<p>Charlie Horton, who was on United’s roster for nine months and did not appear …


NASA astronauts lose key piece of ISS shield, and now it’s floating free in space

NASA astronauts on a spacewalk Thursday accidentally lost a fabric shield needed for the International Space Station — a minor setback in what was otherwise a record-setting mission for one of the crew members.<p>Astronauts Peggy Whitson and Shane Kimbrough were working on an area of the space station …


These are the right people to get the truth about Russia — and do it quickly

<i>Suzanne Spaulding is a former general counsel for the Senate Intelligence Committee, minority staff director for the House Intelligence Commitee and executive director of two independent commissions. She was most recently an undersecretary in the Department of Homeland Security.</i><p>There are serious …


In 2005, opioid deaths outnumbered murders in 27 states. In 2014, the number was 45.

Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) found a role within the Trump administration after all. On Wednesday, it was announced that he would lead a White House commission aimed at fighting drug addiction — particularly the rise in opioid abuse which has become a genuine crisis in the United States.<p>There are …


A British magazine suggests ‘popping’ your soup dumplings. Please don’t.

Time Out London wanted to introduce its readers to xiao long bao, or Chinese soup dumplings, delicate little purses of dough filled with broth. They did it by making the food lover’s version of a snuff film: popping the dumplings with chopsticks and letting all the delicious broth run out. Trigger …

Chinese Food

Angry Kentucky fans take out their frustrations on the referee’s small business

Last Sunday, Kentucky fell to North Carolina in the NCAA basketball tournament 75-73. It was a heartbreaker for Kentucky fans and many of them, including the team’s coach John Calipari, were less than pleased with the game’s officiating, which stuck his players with many fouls he considered …

Small Business
Neil Gorsuch

Democrats call for largest IRS budget to improve service as Trump calls for cuts

If President Trump is such a good deal maker, why is he proposing to cut $239 million from the money-making, but ailing Internal Revenue Service?<p>Does this businessman know the IRS provides excellent returns on investment? For every dollar the agency spends, it collects $4. Its enforcement …


Spicer says Nunes’s secret sources are just like reporters’ secret sources. They’re not.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer argued Thursday that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is entitled to keep his sources of information secret because journalists sometimes do the same.<p>“In the same way that you protect sources when I call you and say, 'You've got 18 …


NCAA Final Four preview: Sizing up South Carolina-Gonzaga and Oregon-UNC

All that madness has led us here: the final weekend of the NCAA tournament. Saturday’s Final Four will whittle the field to two, and Monday night, we will have a national champion. Will it be tournament darling South Carolina? Gritty Gonzaga? The persistent Oregon Ducks? Or reliable North …

College Basketball

A sojourner cheats winter in the warmth of Argentina and Uruguay

I am in a dream that cannot last. Of this I am sure. The trees that line my nighttime avenues are rich with purple flowers. They are crowded with birds. “Jacaranda!” I think. And yet I know it is not spring.<p>This dream is full of people dressed in sandals and short sleeves. It sounds like sellers …

National Parks

This Senate rule explains why the White House can’t win with moderate Democrats

With President Trump's major legislative items stuck in Congress — or on the drawing board — the conversation's turned to whether he can win over “moderate Democrats.” In the unusually friendly description of White House press secretary Sean Spicer, “he's looking for members on both sides of the …


White House invites House Intelligence Committee leaders to review new documents

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said that the chairman and ranking minority-party member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence have been invited to the White House to review information related to the potential unauthorized disclosure of classified information about U.S. …


AT&T is building a new cell network that’ll give cops and firefighters priority in a crisis

The federal government has tapped the nation's second-largest cellphone carrier to build a first-of-its-kind wireless network — one that promises to help firefighters, police and medical workers more easily communicate in the event of a major emergency.<p>The 25-year contract announced Thursday …


Afghan girls orchestra aims to change the country’s ideas about music

Afghanistan’s first — and only — all-female orchestra is trying to change attitudes in a deeply conservative country where many see music as wicked, especially for women.<p>The group’s two conductors show how difficult that can be but also how satisfying success is.<p>One of them, Negin Khpolwak, was …


The TSA’s new pat-downs get too personal for some

When Barbara Leary went through the full-body scanner at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport recently, her hip replacements set off the alarm. She was directed to another line, where she underwent a physical search by a Transportation Security Administration agent.<p>“She went over every part of my …

Business Travel

Democrats can’t get over Ivanka Trump

A lot of people are hyperventilating over Ivanka Trump going to work in the White House with a proper job title. But, as I wrote last week, Trump possesses much-needed poise, maturity, discretion and deft judgement that could be put to good use in this administration. She should be working out of …

Ivanka Trump

Wizards Fever spreads to late-night with bizarre ‘Conan’ sketch

This best Wizards season in 39 years might soon put the franchise someplace it’s virtually never been: in the national pop culture conversation.<p>Oh sure, the team was there briefly with Chris Webber, and then with Michael Jordan, perhaps because of Manute Bol and Gheorghe Muresan and thanks to …

Conan O'Brien

Rubio: Russia’s election hacking went beyond just Clinton and Trump – to me

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) just revealed that hackers targeted his presidential campaign staffers in July, just as he was announcing his bid for reelection to the Senate — and yesterday, too.<p>“In the first panel, one of the individuals who appeared before us mentioned me in connection with efforts in …


Why the Senate’s Russia hearing matters

The Post reports:<p>The Senate Intelligence Committee held a rare public hearing on Thursday, a first look at its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. …Each of the academic experts at Thursday’s hearing stressed that Russia uses a combination of covert and overt techniques to …

Vladimir Putin