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Guns and Ships...more like Gifs and Fics — The Halloween Party

miss marj — A short imagine for my fellow sebstantrash Are...

miss marj — Should I let you go?


The One Where Cordy Tries to Write. — Late Night Study Session

— Summary - Some people were born to distract, or...


life, uh, is gay


With ya til the end of the line — Daddy's Girl | Steve x Reader Mobster AU

A — Bucky Barnes Masterlist

A — You’ve Got Something

Marvel Spam — For the past 2 months, Steve and the rest of the...

Marvel Spam — Gif Your intelligence mission had just finished,...

Marvel Spam — Gif Natasha leg slammed into the side of your head...

QUEENSLAYER — Steve Drabble: Language

QUEENSLAYER — Don't laugh at me

QUEENSLAYER — #9, bucky, thigh riding pleaseeee 😍

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QUEENSLAYER — The Naked Truth

QUEENSLAYER — Kink: Getting Caught

QUEENSLAYER — From Friends to Lovers

QUEENSLAYER — Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls

QUEENSLAYER — Seth nearly sputters out his drink as he quickly...

I don't have a wand or weapons but I do have a pen

<b>Imagine:</b> Shamelessly flirting with Steve Rogers and he pretends that it doesn’t affect him.<p>Request: “Hiii idk if ur taking request could I request a …

the sun will shine on us again — Smooth - Steve Rogers x Reader

i can do this all day | Closed passion (SMUT)

Oy Vey

kick names, take ass — serendipity | s.r.

<b>pairing:</b> steve rogers x reader<p><b>word count:</b> 3484<p><b>summary:</b>in which steve is head over heels for the only avenger who hasn’t got a clue.<p><b>warnings:</b> none …