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We are introducing the improved version V-FloFan for the #horticultural sector #GreenTech RAI

Multifan V-FloFan

In modern greenhouses ventilation plays a vital role. Through circulation of air, heat distribution in the greenhouses is optimized, which enhances a …


Removal of heat of high voltage transformer coolers

For the removal of heat of high voltage transformer coolers, a West-European company promotes to use Vostermans Ventilation's engineered solution. …


Large fire tornado with industrial fans from Vostermans Ventilation

The Large Fire Tornado is created by a powerful fire source and 36 industrial fans inside a hexagonal scaffold of 12m height. At the Glow Light art …


Multifan Galvanized Box Fans and Galvanized Cone Fans

The demand for higher air volumes (up to 4 m/s) in tunnel ventilated livestock houses are increasing. Because of the voluminous constructions of …


The new Multifan Galvanized Box Fans: flexible application possibilities

As "Specialist in Air" Vostermans Ventilation has more than 60 years experience with developing and producing motors for the (agricultural) market. …


Removing the heat of the assimilation lights with the Multifan V-FloFan

One of the major North American tomato growers tested 94 V-FloFans in his greenhouse. He compared the vertical ventilation of the V-FloFan with the …


Combiventilation for broilers as a standard with a temperate climate

The climate is often defining the application of the ventilation system for broilers. In warm areas length- or tunnelventilation is applied, often in …


Multifan fans in mobile sprayunits

There is a demand for prevention of diseases and / or insects in various applications in the greenhouse sector and livestock houses. One of the …


"Distribution across borders is taken for granted"

Limburg is one of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands. Located between Belgium and Germany, Limburg is dominated by borders. The long stretch of …


Application of the Multifan V-FloFan in North-American greenhouse

An ambitious North-American farmer grows with the market. After the first greenhouse for growing peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes started 1,5 year …


Multifan 130 Vostermans Ventilation

Vostermans Ventilation has an extensive dealer network worldwide, especially for deliveries to the agricultural industry. One of the dealers in South …

South-east Asia


Minimum and maximum ventilation for piglet houses in Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia the differences between the day temperature and night temperature can vary significantly. During the cold nights the heat loss …

South-east Asia

Multifan Basket fans withstand harsh environments

Multifan Recirculation Basket fans are developed to withstand harsh conditions. They are applied in various agricultural and industrial applications. …


Multifan V-FloFan for greenhouses Vostermans Ventilation

Multifan 130 fans applied during a special exhibition

During a special exhibition for a transport museum with a central theme "Water" Multifan 130 fans are applied.<p>At the exhibition a bassin is built to …


Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive saves more energy than frequency controllers

At a pork farm in Western Europe, the Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive has been compared with a traditional frequency controller. By using the Multifan …

Renewable Energy

Preventing heat stress with the Multifan Dairy fan

Heat stress results into production loss, an increased risk for diseases and lower fertility. One of the simplest methods to reduce heat stress is …


Mf-Flex engineered solution for transformer cooling

For the removal of heat of high voltage transformer coolers, an American company promotes to use Vostermans Ventilation's Mf-Flex engineered …


Test results Multifan V-FloFan: high energy savings possible!

A North American broiler integration installed in December 2014 the Multifan V-FloFan in 4 barns. In the adjacent 4 other barns the traditional …

Renewable Energy

Multifan fans: important part of heaters

In greenhouses and livestock buildings gas and oil heaters are often used. An important part of the heaters is the fan. After all, the fans spread …

Home Improvement

Crop protection for big surfaces with Multifan

Greenhouse farmers regularly use fogging systems for the treatment of crops with crop protection products. Multifan fans spread the fog over a large …


Animation Multifan V FloFan for poultry Vostermans Ventilation


6 Reasons for poultry farmers to watch the Multifan V-FloFan video

In an informative video animation the 6 advantages of the Multifan V-FloFan for the poultry farmers are explained:<p>1. Creates a uniform air …


Greenhouse test facility with hydroponics and Multifan

One of the greenhouse dealers of Vostermans Ventilation in Southeast Asia uses a test facility with hydroponics and Multifan fans to show the …

South-east Asia

Air circulation for dairy farming in Middle East

Under warm circumstances it is essential to circulate the air in dairy houses. In general, it is known that at high temperatures the food intake and …


Lower noise level with Multifan recirculation fans

In factories the heat output is high, because of the available machines. A good example of a high heat output can be found at a producer of isotape …

Domestic Technology