11,477 Flips | 11 Magazines | 1,331 Likes | 7 Following | 3,033 Followers | @Volt | The prudish Flipboard mods forced me to lock my "Women" mag. I disagree with their "reasoning" and have decided to leave FB instead of caving.

SoundHound Now Lets You Search and Add Songs to Spotify With Voice Commands

The music discovery app SoundHound has gone hands-free, letting you search music, look up information, and add songs directly to your Spotify …

Detailed List of the 20 healthiest foods on Earth.

1. Spinach<p>Much has been written about the virtues of spinach, and rightly so. It’s one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat. It’s also …

As a vet, I laughed...

MRW the last bell before summer rings

Im not sure truer words have ever existed..

"I'm a 3rd grade teacher. I found this note on the floor today."

Punctuation is important.

Meet Crash. He went full derp.

For all the Political Correctness, enjoy some wise words

EDIT: Everyone is quite nice, this is the first time I have gotten a post past like 50 points, and thanks guys I managed to get into most viral for …

Srsly Linda for the last time leave my fucking leaves alone.

what else could go wrong!!

Collision avoidance like a boss

Technology Predictions That Were Totally Wrong

Feedback Loop

RIP Aluminum Pan Man.

This wonderful lady in Thailand offered me a toothbrush and toilet paper for $3!

Twitter will stop counting links against 140 character limit

Don’t you just hate it when you compose the perfect tweet and then insert a link that takes it over the 140 character limit? Well, that could soon become a thing of the past.<p>According to sources familiar with Twitter’s plans, the company will soon stop counting the URLs and photos inserted into …

Apple Pay rival CurrentC has been delayed yet again

Have companies not yet worked out that trying to go against Apple rarely seems to work out? If not, they may be learning quickly — with Apple Pay rival CurrentC reportedly delaying its arrival yet again, while laying off 30 of its staff.<p>Hardly a ringing endorsement, is it?<p>In a statement from the …

Ditch your old router, Eero is the new king of Wi-Fi routers [Review]

I’ve seen the future of Wi-Fi. It’s called Eero. It comes in a pack of three, costs an arm and a leg, but boy is it worth it.<p>Eero is a slick system of mesh-connected routers that blanket your whole house in Wi-Fi. Eero promises to eliminate dead spots, make restarts redundant, and offer blazing …


people who a just having a bad day...

That escalated quickly.

Life-Changing 6 Ingredient Spaghetti Carbonara

For many years — really since we met — Matt and I have cooked together. Not really for each other but with each other. But since we’ve added three …