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300 Flips | 9 Magazines | 1 Following | @VladimirKaras | Vladimir (Val) Karas is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

From the Lips of My Muse: A Poem


All-Knowing Ignoramuses: A Poem


Balm of Love on Restless Mind: A Poem

<b>P</b>ersistently dreaming, striving for more<p>putting our metal to yet another new test<p>aiming for more than life keeps in its store<p>with search for the …


Coo-Coo-Clock Within My Chest: A Poem


My Love for Hawaii: A Poem

<b>A</b>s a little boy living in a European land<p>I grew under a spell of my romantic soul<p>and it couldn't be without a higher hand<p>that some of my dreams …


Making It Simple: A Poem


The Inviting Heavens: A Poem

<b>C</b>ountless diamonds sprinkled up above<p>in a starry night enchanting and so calling<p>with something outlandish like a bizarre love<p>sending me its …


Happy Despite the World: A Poem

<b>I</b> laugh at politics that imposing whore<p>at all dubious authorities parading around<p>with brainwashers that I despise to their core<p>and every scary demon …


Who Am I when Stripped of Others' Labels?: a Poem

<b>I</b>n this time before I die,<p>and please make it very long,<p>long before that final sigh<p>with no words left for another rhyme,<p>and no lyrics for a song;<p>even …


Sexual Harassment in a Little Broader Sense: A Poem

<b>S</b>exual harassment, an ugly feature between genders<p>so many males downgrading rape to something mild<p>with more and more of those discovered …

Sexual Harassment

Reunited: A Poem


Fable about a Rapping Bird: A Satiric Poem

Rap & Hip-Hop

Love, and Nothing But: A Poem

<b>L</b>ove...<p>Is its magic potion mixed in heavenly heights<p>or in volcanic crater of groin so happily insane?<p>Too sweet not to hurt from those very first sighs<p>…


Wound Up for Fight: A Satiric Poem

<b>S</b>cary is the world in big eyes of a child<p>with some shadows lurking from the night<p>his young imagination being merciless and wild<p>creating a future …


Little Remark That Went a Long Way: A Poem

<b>I</b> used to have a neighbor, may his soul be blessed<p>with demeanor of a grouch, and temper of a jerk<p>dude was always worried and overly stressed<p>never saw …


A Friend with a Mirror: A Poem


Let's Jump Over That Rainbow!: A Poem


Moustache Doesn't Make a Man: A Poem

<b>M</b>oustache won't make a man<p>and neither does a smooth face<p>so, some may need to understand<p>manliness is found at a deeper place.<p><b>H</b>uge moustache or …


Don't Turn Your Back on Your Guardian Angel: A Poem

<b>D</b>on't forsake that whisper of your inner guide<p>the one ignited by the very spark of life in you<p>for, it may forever go into its irreversible hide<p>to …


Uncertainty on Spiritual Path: A Poem

<b>I</b> took that proverbial road less travelled by<p>covered with roses along with their thorns<p>it often took me down and it took me high<p>but it taught me how …


Gift to Life of Going Silly: A Poem

<b>T</b>he skill to find our bliss is in its biggest part<p>ability to drop all significance of our life<p>it's like a very special, precious art<p>of being free …


The Glass Half Full: A Poem


With Calm and Ease: A Poem


Destiny in Stars: A Poem


Wisdom of Love and Hate: A Satiric Poem

<b>I</b>n those far away dense Himalayan woods<p>not knowing each other, and in distant caves<p>dwelled these two ascetic and meditating dudes<p>wise men by beards, …


First Love Never Forgotten: A Poem


Two Women of My Heart: A Poem

<b>T</b>wo metaphorical women live forever in my heart<p>New World, my wife with whom I share my dream<p>and Europe, my mother with whom I chose to part<p>out of …


What Flag for America?: A Poem


What Makes You a Grouch: A Poem


Dummies' Anthem: A Poetic Satire