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SAP® Security: Do you know your SAP Security Situation?

IT security has many facets. Your SAP® systems are only one of them, but they are the most important ones. They contain personal data of your …

Personal Data

Life @ Virtual Forge

<b></b> <b>Life at Virtual Forge is multifaceted; our tasks are widely spread between IT, Support and Marketing.</b> <b>We would like to give you a better insight: W</b><b>hat</b> …


Vulnerabilities in processors: Everything SAP® Customers Need to Know about Spectre and Meltdown

<b>The bombshell exploded directly at the beginning of the year: almost all computer chips worldwide are affected by the so-called "Spectre" and</b> …

Information Security

Dangers in SAP® Transport Management Part 5: Logical File Names and Operating System Commands

<b>In order for developers to not have to worry about the specifics of the underlying operating system when accessing files or executing OS commands,</b> …


Dangers in SAP Transport Management Part 4: Automated Code Execution while Importing

The SAP transport management offers features that can be abused for an attack. Some variants are easily recognizable, but others only be thoroughly …

Dangers in SAP Transport Management Part 3: Manipulation of Job Management

Jacking into an existing SAP background job with an additional job step requires a certain criminal energy, but only little fantasy.

Higher SAP® Security by Running ABAP Code Scans

<b>In order to systematically find security vulnerabilities in custom SAP® developments and to correct errors, Krones AG introduced automated code</b> …

Information Security

Dangers in SAP® Transport Management Part 2: Circumventing AUTHORITY CHECKS transaction-specifically

<b>The first article of this series talked about the global deactivation of authorization checks for single authorization objects per transport. A</b> …

Digital Currency

Vulnerability Scanners for Your SAP® Systems

<b>An increasing number of companies report on the importance of vulnerability scanners in the IT context. We will go one step further and tell you why</b> …


The effect of the 'KRACK' WPA2 vulnerability for SAP® customers

<b>The news about the KRACK attack is causing quite a fuss in the media. This is not surprising since it effects a Wi-Fi-technology thought to be safe</b> …

Information Security

Why implementing SAP® security notes becomes increasingly important

<b>In the past week, SAP® informed the public about a few SAP security vulnerabilities, which would have enabled attackers to unnoticeably steal data or</b> …


Dangers in SAP Transport Management Part 1: Circumventing AUTHORITY CHECKS

<b>The opinions on the SAP® authorization concept diverge widely. Surely, a certain complexity and the related maintenance effort cannot be denied. Yet,</b> …

Software Development

If you have heard of the SAP Gateway, you should read this.

<b>It's amazing that this vulnerability was published as late as 2012, considering the fact that the SAP gateway is a standard interface for every SAP</b> …


SAP Security Is Gaining Ground

<b>Two independent studies have shown that the awareness regarding SAP security has tightened up over the past 12 months SAP users of the DACH countries</b> …

United Kingdom

Take the First Step towards Higher Security with SAP® Penetration Tests

<b>If you want to check if the doors of a house are securely locked, it is best to try it yourself. The resident has an advantage over an intruder: he</b> …

Information Security

DevSecOps – Same Subject, Different Day

<b>It sometimes seems like new trends aren't even that new. This is especially hard to notice, if the trend has even gotten a new new. This is the case</b> …


Tracking Risks in Custom Code

<b>At TRUMPF, an interruption to its SAP system could have serious consequences. This is why the mechanical engineering company, located in southwestern</b> …


Small solution – big impact

<b>Just like in life, small things can have a big impact on SAP development. For example, the quality of the customer’s code naturally depends on</b> …


SAP Security in the Age of Digitalization

<b>No matter if Industry 4.0, SAP HANA, Cloud or Blockchains: if you want to survive on the global market, you cannot afford to shut yourself off to</b> …


3 Ways to Minimize Email Phishing Attacks in Your Organization

<b>Old school email phishing attacks just won't go away. Here's how to make sure your enterprise stays ready.</b>


Healthcare Enterprise Systems Need a Major Cybersecurity Overhaul

<b>As hospitals increasingly utilize connected medical devices, healthcare enterprise systems are struggling to keep up with the new security measures</b> …


A Focus on Digitalization Might Mean More Investment in Cybersecurity

<b>As CEOs sit up and take notice of IT infrastructure by shifting investment dollars towards digitalization, CIOs see an opportunity for a larger</b> …


Cybersecurity Named 1 of 4 Core IT Skills Necessary for the Next Gen of Enterprise IT

<b>The role of the IT professional has changed more in the last 5 years than most jobs. Cybersecurity is now one of four core IT skills that CIOs say</b> …


How to Improve Cyber Security Awareness in Your Workplace

<b>Here's how to make sure your employees have cyber security awareness and know to protect themselves and their company from vulnerabilities.</b>


Enterprise Cloud Services Try to Woo SAP App Clients

<b>Enterprise cloud providers are making a major push to get SAP applications on board, but are enterprise companies ready?</b>


The Reason for Executives' Underinvestment in Cybersecurity is Rooted in Science

<b>Ever wondered why there's such a communication gap between the C-Suite and the IT department? Behavioral science has an explanation.</b>

C-suite Leadership

How to Protect Your Executive Team from Enterprise Phishing Scams

<b>Phishing scams, a type of cyber attack that targets users through fraudulent emails, began in 1996. Over 20 years later, it's still a hugely popular</b> …

Identity Theft

WannaCry is the Latest in a String of High-Profile Ransomware Attacks

<b>A new ransomware attack is taking over where CryptoLocker left off, and it looks like it may be the most destructive ransomware attack yet.</b>


What the C-Suite Should Know About Cross Site Scripting

<b>Cross site scripting isn't just about defacing web properties and creating a nuisance, it's a serious threat to data security. This is why companies</b> …

Cross Site Scripting

Ding-dong ditching pyromaniacal kleptomaniacs or never trust user input

<b>One of the oldest abbreviations in the acronym-rich terminology of information technology is called IPO and stands for Input – Process – Output.</b> …