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People Try Iconic Music Video Dances

Watch these everyday people attempt (and fail) at performing the most famous music video dances of all time.

BuzzFeed Motion Pictures’ resident dancer Eugene has a long history of teaching his coworkers iconic choreography.

Like that time he taught them a Britney medley after work.

But how would they …

Music Videos

Dance halls were the Tinder of their day

According to the Online Dating Association, a quarter of what it calls “new relationships” in the UK are formed by the use of dating sites. The exact nature of these relationships, how long they last, the methodology used to arrive at the figure of one in four: these things are unknown. The world …


World of Dances #18

This post is the latest in the World of Dances series, which profiles ballet and dance photography in iconic, architectonically unique, culturally emblematic, rapidly vanishing landmarks or simply unexpected locations, that Kike captures about during his travels.

I photographed Cuban dancers Cynthia …


National Dance awards: Rosie Kay and Crystal Pite lead the charge

This month, as Idris Elba lambasted British TV for its failure to represent the nation’s ethnic diversity; as a Channel 4-commissioned study reported that men outnumber women on our television screens by two to one; and as the Oscar nominations revealed a bias towards the male, white mainstream, …


Dance Teachers: Please Put Some Clothes On Your Students

Dance Teachers, we need to talk. You have got to stop sending children out to dance in public in their underwear. Maybe you've added some rhinestones to that underwear or maybe you've strategically placed a piece of chiffon somewhere but come on...underwear is underwear and we all know it.

And Dance …


Dancing in the Streets: Peru’s Candelaria Festival

The sun, the earth, the bounty.

During the pre-Hispanic period of the place we now call Peru, February was harvest time. Couple that with a desire to celebrate the city of Puno‘s patron, the Virgin of Candelaria, and it’s time to dance in the streets—literally.

Every February in Puno, the country’s …


This supercut of 92 movie dance scenes is giving us life

This supercut of 92 movie dance scenes is giving us life A lot of us on the East Coast are still housebound after Storm Jonas, and although relaxing …

Little Miss Sunshine

Dancing In Abandoned Places with Austen Browne

I can remember when I first found Austen Browne's work on Instagram. The ability to upload video was still relatively new to the app, and I was searching for creative videos to feature on an account I'd cleverly dubbed "@creativevideo". It was tough wading through what were mostly bad selfies, in …


Dancing Isn't Just Fun -- It's Really Good For Your Health

💃 💃 💃

It's time to get your groove on.

Dancing has a way of taking your cares away. It doesn't matter if it's the Electric Slide, the Macarena or your own crazy moves. Who hasn't gotten lost in an upbeat song as they jumped around?

But not only does it feel good to the soul, dancing also has some …


How You Do That?: Crazy Ass Air Dancing Performances

These are two videos of competitors in the 2016 Wind Games air dancing inside an indoor skydiving tube. The moves they pull off are impressive to say …


This Canadian Teenager With Autism Is The Inspiration We All Need

“More people like Sam need to be seen, heard and given a chance to thrive and dance.”

Having a bad day? Well, just take one look at this dancing Starbucks barista and your mood will instantly improve.

The barista’s name is Sam and he works at a Starbucks in Toronto.

A video of Sam’s dance moves is …


After a Decade of Ice Dancing, Shibutani Siblings Stand Together as New U.S. National Champions

It's been a good start to the year for Alex and Maia Shibutani.

The siblings have stood on the podium together every year that they've competed at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. After 12 years of skating together and competing in multiple national and world events, the ice dance duo stood on …

Winter Sports

Newswire: Swing dancing is back, in documentary form

Of all the errant bits of ’90s nostalgia that have gotten stuck in the world’s pop-cultural teeth in recent years, one that has yet to lodge itself between our metaphorical molars is the swing craze of 1997-1998-ish. But, exactly 20 years after the release of Swingers, it looks like a movie may help …


How ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ Helped Me Rebuild My Broken Leg

Back in 2000, Konami's Dance Dance Revolution was the weird thing in the corner of the arcade, covered in bright colours. It was incredibly loud, and far too excited about Japanese music and video – and so was I, making us a perfect match. Even in clubs, in front of an audience, I danced like a …


A nation of dancers: 10 years of the Big Dance in the UK

Two of the performances that have stayed with me from last autumn’s Dance Umbrella are those in which the audience, rather than the professionals, were dancing. One was Dan Canham’s Of Riders and Running Horses, which concluded with all the spectators being invited on to the stage to carry on …

Trafalgar Square

Silly Mashup of Dance Scenes from Movies Is Such a Good Time

Here is nearly 4-minutes of awesome dance scenes from movies that, just from watching it, will make you have a riotous good time. Dance sequences in …


Zoolander, Beetlejuice, and more are 'Gonna Make You Sweat' in 92-movie dance mash-up video

Similar to how Drake is always on beat, the stars of 92 well-known movies seem to all be getting down to C+C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat.”

YouTube user Robert Jones shared a video Sunday featuring famous dance scenes from Grease, Hairspray, Wedding Crashers, Beetlejuice, Zoolander, and 88 …


World of Dances #19

This post is the latest in the World of Dances series, which profiles ballet and dance photography in iconic, architectonically unique, culturally emblematic, rapidly vanishing landmarks or simply unexpected locations, that Kike captures about during his travels.

I photographed Leydi in a remote …


A Paul Taylor American Modern Dance Program for $5

Paul Taylor American Modern Dance has added a performance to its coming season: a triple bill that, while resembling other programs of Taylor favorites, differs in one key respect. All tickets cost $5.

The performance, scheduled for March 15 at David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center, is a Taylor …


Madonna cofounded a startup that manufactures viral dance trends — and 'Whip/Nae Nae' was its first monster hit

The song "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" was an unstoppable force in pop culture in 2015.

Silentó's maniacally catchy track not only cracked YouTube's 10 most watched music videos of the year, but also became a runaway dance phenomenon. The dance spawned thousands of imitators who served to amplify the …


Dancing with a Drink in Hand

Photography by: Nathan Mandell

Owen O'Mahoney, DJ at Aria Melody DJ, advises against organized line dances in general. The Cha Cha Slide may be entertaining for your niece's 10th birthday party, but it's not such a hot dance move when you're struggling to cha cha in your four-inch heels.

Songs You …


Datebook: A new disco dance, one-minute sculptures, and vintage photos of women

Disco dancing by a “queer-love power-trio.” Sculptures you make with stuffed animals and plinths. And erotically-charged images by a mysterious California photographer. Plus: a vehicle with no purpose, sculptures of trees and two L.A. painters face off. Here are eight shows to see this week:

A new …


Thousands of free party campaigners to dance on east London streets

Two and a half thousand people are planning to dance through the streets of east London in a call to end persecution of the UK’s free party movement.

The Freedom to Party protest is due to kick off at 2.30pm on Saturday in Shoreditch. “Remember to bring all portable speakers, mini rigs, 12v rigs etc …

East London

Why the Prancing Elites Keep Dancing in Homophobic World

Last week, the Prancing Elites—a small-town queer dance team with a big national following—launched the second season of their binge-worthy Oxygen …


This week’s new dance

Mark Bruce Company: The Odyssey, On tour

In collaboration with the same team who worked on his darkly imagined Dracula, choreographer Mark Bruce explores similarly mythic terrain in his latest production. Based on the Homerian epic that narrates Odysseus’s journey home after the battle of Troy, …

Mark Lanegan

Rome: Nuns and priests dance a conga to protest against same-sex unions

Thousands of Italians, including Roman Catholic nuns and priests, danced the conga in Rome's Circus Maximus in protest at legislation for same-sex …


A grand duo in Seattle’s Spectrum Dance Theater and Attacca Quartet

For its Washington debut, Seattle’s Spectrum Dance Theater brought along a string quartet, treating the audience at Sidney Harman Hall on Saturday night to an uncommon luxury.

Then again, you can expect surprises of that sort from Spectrum’s artistic director, Donald Byrd.

Is there anything Byrd …


L.A. Dance Project delivers mesmerizing debut at the Wallis

Yes, “Black Swan” choreographer Benjamin Millepied still leads the contemporary dance troupe L.A. Dance Project, even though he is now off running the Paris Opera Ballet and living in the City of Light.

He promised from the get-go, please recall, that L.A. Dance Project was a collective, not one …

Beverly Hills

Olympic figure skating champions perform a perfect Bollywood dance to win championship

Olympic figure skating champions Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov decided to give a Bollywood spin to their performance at the 2016 European Figure Skating Championships in Slovakia. The judges and the audience clearly loved the results, with the pair earning the highest scores as well as …

Film (India)

Watch RNA sequencing and astronomy expressed as dance

Every year, Science magazine challenges PhD students to explain the topic of their thesis in the form of dance. This year's finalists are in.

Why …