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Vanilla Chia Protein Pancakes topped with mashed raspberries, blackberries, coconut, chia & bee pollen 🐝 This is my breakfast or a protein shake for the next 4 weeks while I complete #MyNextLevel with @kagedmusclesupps @bodybuildingcom #BestSelf #NoCheats #transformforlife #trackforsuccess #kagedmuscle

Been getting a lot of questions about these little green guys. 💚🍳 In a big bowl mix 1 minced zucchini, 2 cups chopped spinach, a handful of cilantro, 8 egg whites and 2 whole eggs, and a whole lot of @flavorgod garlic lovers seasoning. Mix together then put in a muffin pan sprayed with coconut oil and top with flax seeds then bake at 375 for 12 minutes - 15 minutes. Made a dozen egg muffins. ✔️💪

New Sex Toys | Women's Health

14 Crazy New Sex Toys You Probably Haven’t Tried—But You Really Should<p>Did someone say "crazy sex toys"? Yes. Yes, they did.<p>Photograph courtesy of form 8/lelo/Nu Sensuelle<p>You’ve got a lot of options when you’re looking to buy a sex toy. How many spots do you want to target? One? Two? <i>Three</i>? Do you …

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Chai Sugar Scrub Bars | With Lovely

<b>Chai Sugar Scrub Bars</b> | <i>With Lovely</i><p>Tomorrow when I go into the city, I’m going to be going to the health food store and getting myself some coconut oil! I’ve been seeing so many amazing ‘recipes’ using it. And I really want to make some of these scrub bars which are full of coconut oil, chai tea, brown sugar, honey and vanilla. Perfect for scrubbing up my dry Winter skin!

10 Ways to Make Girl On Top Even Hotter

<b>2. Drop It Like a Squat</b><br>Straddle your guy in a squat-like stance to give yourself more power to control thrust angle, depth, and strength, says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., author of <i>NeuroLoveology: The Power to Mindful Love & Sex</i>.<p><b>3. Bring Reinforcements</b><br>Your vibrator is a solid choice, but you can do …

How-To: Homemade Just-Add-Hot-Water Instant Noodles Lunches

Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt<p>It’s about time for the leaves to start changing color and the air to get chilly, so it might be nice to whip yourself up some hot lunches to bring to work with you, along with a toasty cup of green tea. An electric kettle or microwave are all you’ll need to cook …


Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Last week I was delighted to join the girls of Eighteen25 again for Spooktacular September! I shared this recipe for Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls. Because …

Stuffed Zucchini Towers These lovelies were super easy to make!! 1. Cut the zucchini into chunks (I like to make them all different sizes) 2. With a melon baller scoop out the meat of the zucchini (but leave the bottom intact to hold the stuffing) save the zucchini meat 3. Chop up some of the zucchini meat, plus 1/2 an onion, and 3 cloves of garlic. 4. Have a cup of cooked quinoa prepared & 3/4 cup of your favorite tomato sauce. Also a handful of shredded mozzarella cheese and a little extra for the top. 5. Sauté onion, garlic, & zucchini meat in a little oil till tender. Add in the quinoa & sauce & mix through. Turn off heat & add in cheese. 6. With a small spoon pack the stuffing in the zucchini and put in a 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes...take out and put more cheese on top of each one and bake again until bubbly & brown! 7. Enjoy😃

Gluten free lemon protein muffins! I used coconut flour to make these and they are so good! @jennyjenjdub the parchment paper in the muffin tins was a genius idea I had. #glutenfree #eatclean #muffins #proteinmuffins #protein

The Best Way to Make Cauliflower Rice at Home

<b>Cut the cauliflower into large pieces:</b> Cut the head of cauliflower into quarters, then trim out the inner core from each quarter. Break apart the …

Pumpkin protein muffins... These smell AMAZING!

2⃣pp homemade pumpkin pie mug custard, so unreal it's not even funny 😍😍😍 mixed a half a cup of pumpkin purée (0), one egg (2) half a tsp of vanilla extract, pumpkin pie seasoning, and a packet of stevia then put it in the microwave for 3 minutes and topped with whipped cream and cinnamon 👌🎃🍃🍂💗🍓 #pumpkin #pumpkinspice #ww #weightwatchers #wwlove #wwsisterhood #desert #healthy #cheatclean

Deborah Madison's Potato and Green Chile Stew

<i>Every week -- often with your help -- Food52's Executive Editor Kristen Miglore is unearthing recipes that are nothing short of genius.</i><p><i>Today: This month, we're teaming up with</i> <i>Kitchen Arts & Letters for a Back to the Kitchen Genius Series. Managing Partner</i> <i>Matt Sartwell will share memorable recipes</i> …


Good morning, y'all! So this picture isn't super aesthetic because I was in a rush this morning... but I whipped up a batch of Pumpkin Spice Protein Pancakes, and topped them with a Greek yogurt, Pumpkin Pie Spice JF PB sauce (and a few chocolate chips just cause 😋). HELLO PARTY IN MY MOUTH! Gahhhh I love Fall!! 🎃😍 Happy Labor Day, y'all!! (P.S. I'll leave the pancake recipe for you in the comments)

These happened this morning... Peanut butter cinnamon swirl protein muffins 😳👍 they were a little dry, but great flavor... Next time I'll throw in some Greek yogurt for moisture! Recipe for 4 muffins ☑️1.5 scoops of #cellucor cinnamon swirl whey ☑️ 1/3c egg whites ☑️2tbsp coconut flour, 1/2tsp baking powder ☑️ 1/4c natural peanut butter ☑️place in muffin tin, sprinkle a few dark chocolate chips on top and bake at 375 for 10 min Macros for 1 muffin = 195 cals 11F/9C/16P #proteinmuffins #breakfastofchampions #peanutbutter #bestself #fitmom #fitfam @cellucor

4 days worth of breakfast aka meal 1 😘💪 So easy super clean straight #deliciousness 👌😉 #mealprep #sundayfunday #proteinmuffins #fitfood #musclefood #protein #jillyg #jillwhitmore #itsjillygbitch #eatmorequestbars 😁 Blend together in a food processor 1⃣ 2 cups oats (quick or old fashioned) 2⃣ 3 cups liquid egg whites 3⃣ 2 scoops protein powder (I used vanilla #shakeology which is 70g) 4⃣ 2 tsp cinnamon 5⃣ 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice 6⃣ 2 tbsp ground flaxseed You may want to add a bit of sweetener which I left out. If you're unsure just taste the batter.. it won't kill you 🔫👀 I've been doing this for 30+ years & I'm still alive 👊🎉 Bake at 350 for 12-18 mins. I got 14 muffins. The original recipe is a protein cake but I didn't have a cake pan so muffins it is 😊 Adapted from💋#fittipdaily

Typical me 😑emergency "fridge too full" baking. But these little boys damn rock 😳 Protein zucchini avocado banana muffins! Still not sure about the macros but i just used 2T of brown sugar and 1/8cup of erythyrol only!! In it: DRY🔹1/2cup wholeweat four 🔹2T coconut flour 🔹1/2cup no GMO chocolate protein powder from #sunwarrior 🔹2T brown sugar 🔹less than 2T erythyrol 🔹2T organic cacao powder from #lovingheart 🔹1T raw cacao nibs🔹2t baking powder . WET 🔸one Banana 🔸3/4 avocado 🔸small grated zucchini 🔸2eggs 🔸1t chocolate essence 🔸3/4 to 1cup almond milk. All in a processor till smooth. Enough for 8-9 muffins or 6 plus a small 4inch cake . Cook at 180-200 ( depends on your oven) for roughly 35 mins 😊😊 thinking how to frost them! PB2 and chobani? Blueberry glaze? Mmm #healthytreat #healthybaking #bakinghealthy #baking #proteinmuffins #zucchinimuffins #avocadomuffins #bananachocolatemuffins #preworkout #postworkout #eatclean #cleantreat #lowsugarmuffin #bodybuilding #weighttraining #fitwomencook #cookforhealth #refuel #muffin

Wait...... Is this really...... Am I..... Eating muffins????? 😱 Yes! Because these are my protein muffins! PROTEIN MUFFINS 12 muffins, each 112 kalories, g fat, g protein, g carbs You need: 2 ripened bananas 2 eggs 40g 70% chocolate 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder 110g oats 100ml low fat milk 2 scoops of whey vanilla protein 1 pack raising powder Mash the bananas. Separate yolks from the whites, use the whites to make foam. Place the yolks together with the bananas. Add protein, raising powder, chocolate broken into small pieces, milk, cocoa powder and oats that you have blended in food processor (or you can buy oat flour instead). Mix well together. Add the whites and stir in gently. Bake slowly (!) in the oven, I have set it on 150 degrees for about 40 minutes. There is no sugar, so the only thing that makes them sweet is the protein powder and bananas and the occasional bite of dark chocolate that you get. So if you are used to sweet taste you may want to add sweetener or sugar. I don't. I love them as they are. ❤️ #dxb #dubai #dubailife #dubaimodel #dubaifitness #dubaifitnessmodel #fitdubai #fitnessme #fitnessdubai #eatcleandubai #evadvorackova #healthydubai #healthylifedubai #healthyrecipedubai #mydubai #uae #ueahealthmovement #uaefitnessmovement #protein #muffins #proteinmuffins

Fall is coming quickly! 🍂🍃🍁 Pumpkin pie mugcake with cream cheese frosting for breakfast :) 😍 this was so good, I promise you all will love it if you like pumpkin! Recipe: (Cake) 🔹1/2 cup pumpkin 🔸1 scoop #cellucor vanilla protein powder 🔹dash of baking soda 🔸cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice How To: 🔹Mix all ingredients in a mug or bowl and microwave for 1:30 to 2:00 minutes Recipe (Frosting): 🔹1 laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese wedge 🔸2 T. Plain Greek yogurt 🔹Stevia (to taste) How To: 🔹Mix all ingredients with a handheld mixer and place in the freezer until mugcake is ready

Lunch....🍳 Sourdough Bread with smashed Avocado, grilled Tomato, fried Egg! #lunch #delicious #goodfats #egg #tomato

Late night tuna melt after work! Yummo! I can't believe I've never tried this before. #protein #tuna #cheese #shiftwork #eatclean #eatforgoals #foodie #foodprep #foodideas #foodshare #fitfam #fitandcurvy #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlifting #weightwatchers #iifym #iifymgirls

Mug cakes are such a great option for quick breakfast or I sometimes eat them for dinner 🙊 I know bad girl, but hey we live only once don’t we 😜 Here is one I made for my daughter over the weekend and also my entry for #mugcakemondays with @fitleankrystine and @fitgirl4me. Recipe is so simple, you will not believe you have not done it before. You will need : 5 tbsp of oats, 1 egg, ½ tsp of baking powder, ½ of mashed banana, 1 tbsp of unsweetened almond milk, 1tsp of cinnamon, dash of vanilla extract, 1 tbsp of raisins or you can use any of your favourite fruit or nuts. Mix all together and pour in your favourite mug. Pop in the microwave for 2 min and et voila you have your mug cake done! Top up with yogurt, fresh fruits and raw chocolate nibs. Enjoy loads and loads 😘😘😘