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6 of the Best Bourbons for Sipping or Mixing

Because <b>bourbon</b> is what you want in your glass, whether for cocktails or straight-up sipping, here’s a short list of All-American bourbons to snap up, …

The first thing you should do when you walk through the door for a job interview

Congrats on landing an interview! Let's do one final walk-through to make sure you're all set.<p>Have you…<p>Researched your interviewer?<br>• Printed copies of your resume?<br>• Rehearsed your answer to the "tell me about yourself question"?<br>• Prepared your questions for your interviewer?<br>• Picked a few ways to make …


Infographic: How To Choose Colors That Go Well Together

<i>Click image to view full infographic</i><p><b>If you’re unsure</b> about how to choose colors that complement each other, this handy infographic by UK-based …

Color Wheel

The Best Designed Restaurant of the Year Is The Grey

A dilapidated Greyhound bus terminal that had been abandoned for 12 years is not most restaurateurs' idea of promising real estate. "It was a genuine mess," admits Johno Morisano, who purchased the space. But "all the bones and the footprint" of this Savannah, Georgia, station were still there, he …

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7 Tips for Becoming a Better Beertographer

So you read our post on the top “10 Beertographers You Should be Following on Instagram” and after looking at (and following) their accounts, you are …

10 Super Cozy Examples Of How To Achieve Warm Room Design

Watch the cold weather melt away in these beautifully styled rooms.

Interior Design

Small-Space Hack: How to Fake an Entryway

Short on room? Don't fret. It takes less than you think to give your guests the warm welcome they deserve

Interior Design

The Best Places to Shop for Design-Savvy Men

For the man who prides himself on his apartment, these brands are must-knows

Interior Design

Mastering Interior Minimalism

A great mind once told me that making an effort to have less than 100 things visible in your home at any time would not only declutter your aesthetic …


Make a Wall Mounted Desk With a Secret Compartment Underneath

A desk is a great place to work, but it’s also a great place to hide stuff. Over on YouTube, DIY Creators put together a desk that mounts to a wall, …


Hold The Storefront: How Delivery-Only "Ghost" Restaurants Are Changing Takeout

"Ghost restaurants" with no physical location are popping up across the country. Can a restaurant succeed if it's delivery-only?<p>Hungry New Yorkers ordering meals through such online services as Seamless or Eat24 order everything from sushi to burgers to tacos. But when they order from certain …

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What it Takes to Travel the World Full Time, According to Two Nomadic Photographers

These tricks of the trade can help make your dream possible.<p>Living a completely mobile lifestyle opens up the opportunity to travel the world and see …


The Two Cookbooks You Need To Start Your New Year

I’ll admit it: I’ve been guilty of thinking vegetarianism is a form of culinary abstinence. There are very, <i>very</i> good reasons for quitting meat, but …


Chicken Soups

When I moved to Seattle and became a cook, this became the soup that set me straight.<p>Ramen you can make on a weeknight.<p>This Pennsylvania pot pie is …


10 of the best beds


10 Bean Dips That'll Have You Saying "Touchdowwwwn!"

Here's a short, non-exhaustive list of <b>why you should make bean dip:</b><p>It's easy.<br>• It's fancy enough for your highbrow Oscar's party, but not-so-fancy it seems out of place next to wings and pizza at your Superbowl extravaganza. (Pizza and hummus? There are much weirder things, I am sure.)<br>• They're called …


Which Cheese Dip is Right For You?

Yes, you could serve squeaky, toothpick-able cheese cubes at your football or Oscars party. And no one would object.<p>But you could also take that same cheese and make a more metamorphic change: Add spices, herbs, and vegetables, then blend or melt or beer-spike into a dip that's creamy, scoopable, …


Make Chicken Wings How You Like Them—Buffalo, Baked, or Otherwise

Chicken wings have got a bad reputation for hanging around sketchy bars. It's time to intervene. Because <i>you</i> can make chicken wings that are crispy and tender, that are doused in homemade hot sauce butter or your favorite spices, that are actually addictive and not at all dubious—and you can do it …


6 Game Day Snacks in 1 Humongo, Easily-Potlucked Sandwich

Everyone knows that the biggest football game of the year is all about<p>commercial breaksteamwork, jerseys that cut off players' arms in an extremely awkward way, and snacks.<p>But the desire to provide and eat every type of sport-spectating food is not enough to motivate anyone to spend all day in the …


Korean Recipes, Korean Food, Korean Dishes

A delicious verve of heat runs through Korean recipes. The cuisine is as rich as it is communal, with meals often beginning with many side dishes known as <i>banchan</i>. Korean recipes are often accompanied by kimchi, a spicy fermented vegetable dish mostly consisting of cabbage and root vegetables and …


How To Design Your Bedroom the Feng Shui Way

Your bedroom is the room where you spend most of your precious private time, the room where you start and end your day, the room where you rest and …


Trending on Remodelista: Ikea Essentials and Budget Remodels

This week the Remodelista editors showed their frugal side. With Ikea hacks and tips for budget remodels, they figured out how to save money on kitchen rehabs, lighting fixtures, and peel-and-stick lookalike tile:<p>Above: Our Kitchen of the Week in Kalispell, Montana is “almost exclusively salvaged …


Shop Like the Pros and Order Your Beef Online

These days, you can purchase nearly anything online. Beef is no exception. From traditional mail-order companies like Omaha Steaks to farm-direct …

Food & Dining

35 Bean Recipes for All Your Plant-Protein (and High-Fiber) Needs

“Beans, beans, they’re good…” OK, we all know how that ends. But cheeky rhymes aside, it’s true that beans are some of the best foods you could be eating, not only for their high protein count—15 grams per cup—but also for all the other nutrients they supply, including fiber, potassium, and …

Healthy Eating

Cool Art: The Ice Cream Makers

Italy is world famous for its ice cream, known as gelato. So students from around the globe come to a gelato university near Bologna to learn the art of making it. Some end up becoming masters.


19 Grain-Free *Date* Cakes to Crush Your Clean-Eating Cravings

Whether you’ve been inspired by healthy foodies on Instagram or that friend who can’t stop RAVING about Whole30 and the Paleo diet, you’re likely doing a clean-eating reset of <i>some sort</i> right now. Well, more power to you! Everyone knows that eating unprocessed foods in as close to a natural state as …

T+L's Definitive Guide to Miami

With its perfect pools, innovative young chefs, and contemporary art and nightlife scenes, this beach city is buzzier than ever.<p>See the T+L Insider …

South Beach

Fancy Alain Ducasse dish turns out to be (glorious) mac 'n' cheese

Three decades ago, I was inducted into the Commanderie des Nobles Vins du Jura et du Comte, a bacchanalian confraternity in the Franche-Comte region of France celebrating the local wines and cheeses.<p>A few of us food writers from the United States took the charter's oath to extol, whenever possible, …


Nakazawa's Five Rules of Sushi - Bloomberg

If there’s one type of restaurant where rules matter, it’s a sushi bar.<p>Consider the legendary Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo. At the three-Michelin-star …

Food & Dining

We Quit Our Jobs to Travel the World. This Is Exactly How We Pay for It.

Three Instagram travel couples break down how they make and spend money on the road.<p>Chanel, 32, and Stevo, 30<p><b>Blog:</b> How Far From Home<p><b>Pre-travel jobs:</b> Both were in advertising.<p><b>Home base:</b> South Africa<p><b>When they started traveling:</b> March 2015<p><b>Where they went:</b> Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, England, …