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Shake Shack's millionaire founder Danny Meyer says he'll only hire people with these 5 skills

Danny Meyer, arguably "the greatest restaurateur New York has ever seen," looks for something he considers even more important than technical skills in his employees: emotional skills.

When the Shake Shack founder and CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, which owns renowned restaurants like …

Shake Shack

The best pizza in 14 big cities around the US

Americans can't get enough pizza. So much so, we even dedicated an entire day to it — National Pizza Day.

In celebration of this important national holiday, the editors at Zagat shared the best pizza joints in 14 big cities around the US.

From classic deep dish in Chicago to Neapolitan-style pies in …


Best Pizza Recipes on Food52 - Food52


Raspberry Cream Puffs

Instead of filling these Yield: 4 dozen cream puffsPrep Time: 20 minutes, plus chilling timeCook Time: 40 minutesTotal Time: 1 hour, plus chilling …

Whipped Cream

No School Like the Old School: 9 Best Old School Italian Restaurants in NYC

When most people come to New York City, the first thing they do is grab a slice.

However, a dollar slice will merely scratch the surface of the …


Gruet Rosé American Sparkling Wine N.V.

@adamteeter February 11, 2016

There is probably no more perfect choice for Valentine’s Day than a bottle of sparkling rosé, and you’d be hard-pressed …

Wine and Spirits

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Pairing Wine and Chocolate

February 11, 2016

The biggest Valentine’s Day cliché (there’s just one, right?) is wine and chocolate. It seems intuitively natural to pair them (and …


13 People to Know in the Food World Right Now

Until 2011, photographer Roman Cho's main interest in food was as an eater. But he kept hearing people talking about this whole food world thing. And not just TV chefs, but people interrogating food systems, thinking about eating and growing food holistically, fighting for greater accessibility, …


7 Reasons Why It's Smart to Listen More Than You Talk

Saying less and hearing more has huge benefits that most people miss.

How much talking do you do on an average day, and how much listening? I mean real listening, where you focus on what the other person is saying and take it in, instead of planning the brilliant thing you'll say the moment the …

Supply and Demand

The State of American Dining in 2016

Your Opinion

Ever wonder which city has the least generous tippers? Or what food trends Americans love (and hate) the most? To tackle the endlessly …

United States

37 Quotes From Thomas Edison That Will Inspire Success

Hardly an hour goes by that you don't use something Thomas Edison invented. On his birthday you can appreciate not only his products but his inspiration.

There is not much you do today that doesn't have some relationship to Thomas Edison.

Edison's 1,093 U.S. Patents and 2,332 patents worldwide are …

Thomas Edison

How To Get A Job When You're Over 50

For older workers who lose their jobs, the statistics are not very encouraging. Though the unemployment rate for people over 55 is just 5.1%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than two points lower than the overall rate of 7.3%, when older workers lose their jobs they are out of …


The Best Smoked Salmon on Planet Earth

Smoking your own side of salmon is easy. It does not require much work and is a wonderful option, if you’re cooking for a few people. The last time I …

Smoked Salmon

The 10 Best-Designed Restaurants in America

At Dwell we're obsessed with eateries that treat their decor as carefully as their prix fixes. From Philadelphia to Palm Springs, these ten tantalizing restaurant designs are a feast for the eye.


The Duke’s Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate holds on the stove for an hour or longer, and can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 days.

This hot chocolate has a pedigree. It dates …


How to Stay Zen in a Busy Kitchen: Tips From the Chillest Cook Ever

Line and prep cooks are awesome. They bring the heat night after night, working tirelessly like ninjas with super sharp knives. And when it comes to practical, efficient ways to be a better cook, they’ve got the game on lock. That’s why we’re featuring the tips and tricks badass line or prep cook


8 Cajun Dishes You Need to Know

Photo by: Gabrielle Lurie


A spin-off of the French butter version, a laborious Cajun-style roux unites flour and bacon fat or oil to bolster …


8 Must-Try Dumpling Spots in NYC


There are many lucky foods consumed during Lunar New Year, from longevity-boosting noodles to crescent-shaped dumplings, believed to increase …


Dinner Tonight: Carrot and Radicchio Salad with Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette

I can almost always come up with at least five reasons not to do something. “It’s too cold out” is my most recent go-to. It seems to work for everything from waking up early, to not taking the subway, to exercising—things I'll be more than happy to do, I tell myself, when it's not February.

Not to …


Seafood Pastas

These hearty recipes include angel hair pasta with squid, mussels, and zucchini and seafood capellini with saffron.



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Chinese New Year
• Oscar Party
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F&W …


The 17 best Chinese restaurants in America


After running a successful restaurant in China and working at the Panda Restaurant Group in Los Angeles, Tony Xu opened Chengdu Taste in 2013. The …


Best Chinese food in New York


Fougasse: The French Olive Flatbread You Need To Make

Michel Roux Jr. is one of Britain’s most celebrated French chefs, helming renowned London restaurant Le Gavroche and author of the new cookbook The


French Fare: Pan-Fried Lobster And Scallop Ravioli

Michel Roux Jr. is one of Britain’s most celebrated French chefs, helming renowned London restaurant Le Gavroche and author of the new cookbook The


What It Really Takes to Make Artisan Chocolate

The source of all chocolate, a tree native to Central America called Theobroma cacao, has been known to humankind for three millennia. Until the …


In Search of New Orleans' Vietnamese Soul

Visually, Magasin Kitchen is an unlikely poster child for New Orleans' Vietnamese soul. Its exterior, a neutral, impassive face of steel girding and …

New Orleans

A Custom Kitchen Redesign That's Making Us Rethink Our Cabinetry

All too often these days, kitchen renovations seem to favor a wide open approach: massive "islands" that offer precious extra counter space; main storage that's relegated to dusty open shelves above the sink; and color schemes that are so dependent on white paint that you don't feel comfortable …

Interior Design

8 Critical Ways To Improve Your Resume

, Contributor

Writing a powerful resumé has never been easy. But in today’s online, mobile and tech-driven employment landscape, it’s especially challenging. That’s why it’s critical to learn how to optimize your resumé for electronic scanning systems and human readers if you want to get hired in …


The Best Sites for Booking Last-Minute Travel

Last minute trips can be a good kind of adventure if you have the tools to find the best deals. Here are our top picks.


11 Last-Minute Valentine’s Gifts for NYC Food-Lovers

If you're still thinking about a gift for Valentine's Day (which is this weekend), it's time to act quickly. Luckily, New York is full of excellent …