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Two dead after shooting inside New York Home Depot

MANHATTAN, New York – Two people are dead after a shooting inside a Manhattan Home Depot, according to PIX 11.<p>Officers responded to the store where …

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This nail polish could help prevent a sexual assault

×<p>This nail polish could help prevent a sexual assault<p>Some undergraduate engineering students at North Carolina State University got together to …

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Go to notes Switch Account Sign Out<p>Victims<p>Updated May 31, 2013<p>Use Evernote to create, collect, and share everything that matters in your personal and …

Ending Silence: Child Sexual Abuse in Plain Sight

Though it may be hurtful or frustrating, oftentimes, it's not the situation itself that evokes such strong emotions; it's something from our past …

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'Data Cars' Ad Slammed By Advocates For Portraying Possible Rape Victim (PHOTO)

Advocates are up in arms over a taxi ad that features a young distraught woman hunched over and shivering in the rain as she clutches her thin dress to her chest.<p>Data Cars, a London private cab company, recently distributed 200,000 postcard-ads to homes in South London that portrayed said female …

Clare’s Law: Dozens of women check if partners have history of domestic violence

A pilot scheme that allows women to check if they are at risk of domestic violence from their partner has been used dozens of times, police said …

Teen Playing The Knockout Game Gets Shot Twice By Victim


Below is my story if you want to read in pdf you can do so at the link below. of Violent CrimesHello My name is James Siburt.On October 5th 2005 I was working at Rent A Center in Bridgeport Ohio. On that day it started like any other however, that would soon change !After a decent morning my partner and I left for a house in Triadelphia WV. The customer Charles Brown had requested that we pick up his merchandise. I was not sure why Mr. Brown was returning his merchandise because he was not past due?When we arrived at the house wile my partner was making room in the truck for his merchandise I entered the home and asked Mr. Brown why he was returning his merchandise? At that point Mr. brown starts pacing back and forth saying that he was paying for a 57" Bigscreen and he had measured it one day and realized it was a 51" Bigscreen. He said we were Fucking with his money and nobody fucks with his money! Then he said I’m seriously thinking about smoking both y'all! At this point I checked the model number of the Bigscreen because the first two numbers indicate the size. I told him he was right it was a 51" and he should leave everything there and work it out with the store manager.Just then my partner walks in and says “Come on Brown” they were supposed to be friends. Mr. Brown said shut the fuck up and get you alls shit out of my house!!This is when I began to get extremely nervous because not only were they friends but not too many people talked to my partner that way he wasn’t one to take shit from anyone.At this point we carried the Bigscreen out and wile in the back of the truck I told my partner what he said about smoking us and asked him if we should leave ? He said “ He is not going to do anything don’t worry”.We reentered the home and retrieved the love seat and chair (the whole time Mr. Brown was just pacing back and forth). As we were trying to get the couch through the door, Mr. Brown was in his bedroom with his back towards us not saying a word. The bedroom was right to my right, my back was to the front door and my partner was on the other end of the couch out of the site of Mr. Brown.Suddenly, everything went into slow motion as Mr. Brown turned and began shooting at me with what I now know were 45 Caliber Hollow Points. This sick son of a bitch shot at me six times including one at my back as I was leaving the porch. I knew he was shooting but it was all in slow motion. I could see the flashes comming from the gun but was not sure if he was just trying to scare us or aiming for me? Suddenly, my right arm went completely numb and fell. At that point as I dropped the couch I knew I had been hit. I yelled to my partner “ Eric I’m hit ! ” (He was on the other end of the couch out of the line of fire. As I turned to run out the door that was behind me I was hit again .I learned latter from the doctors that the first bullet had hit my right shoulder where there is a bundle of nerves wich is what caused my paralysis. Unfortunately, it never stopped there, after blowing my shoulder bone apart the bullet ricoshayed down into my ribs cracking 7 of them and then lodging in between two of them where it still sits today. In addition, when I was turning around to run another bullet entered the left side of my belly button traveled through my bowell and out the right side of my back, it had apparently it fell out of my back after I made it to the truck because my friend/coworker Ron found it in the seat when he was cleaning the blood out of the truck.After I made it to the truck I did not want to leave because, if Eric made it out I did not want him stuck with no Vehicle. The cup holder was filling with blood and I had severe pain in my ribs. Eric eventually came from the house . When I saw him I turned the truck around running over mailboxes because it was a dead end road and I just turned the wheel all the way and hit the gas.When Eric saw me he freaked out from all the blood. He wanted me to get out and get in the passenger side so he could drive. I couldn’t do it the pain in my ribs was too bad, I knew I would never make it back into the truck.After being tired of arguing Eric jumped on my lap, he was steering wile I hit the gas. He only went maybe a block away and into another dead end. He then jumped out and started calling 911. I was calm and kept telling him I would be fine ( I thought I was just shot in the shoulder and would be back to work the next day.) Boy was I wrong!!!!I was awake the whole time even when they were shaving my stomach for Emergency Surgery. I remember before they put me under I asked the doctor to tell my family I love them. I had a five year old and a six month old boys at home. The surgeon said “You tell them!! I’m going to save your life!!”.I don’t remember much after I woke up in the ICU, from what I was told there were so many people there the ER had to open other rooms. Thank you to all who cared enough to come!! I was in so much pain when I woke up , ribs still hurt, my stomach was now hurting from being cut open and my shoulder was in pain as it was not operated on until two days later because the emergency stomach surgery was a priority. I fought threw the pain and made myself walk even though every few steps I would throw up from the pain. Eventually I was able to go home wich was not fun either.I could still barley walk I needed someone to put the recliner up and down for me because my right arm coukd not use the lever and even when I Eventually could use my arm a little I was not strong enough , me a guy who not long ago was in the gym every morning and could lift and carry almost everything we had at work by myself now suddenly could not walk or ooen a jar.I had a in home nurse and Occupational therapist come and after a lot of work slowly got better. I was left with a hole in my stomach that either I or my wife had to clean with peroxide and saline and pack with gause. This hole would still be there over a year later I was out trying to cut grass and do other things wile having ecoli and other bacteria comming out of my stomach. Eventually I would find out that I still had a hole in my bowell and went in for stomache surgery number three. I had a total of 8 inches of my bowel cut out.My shoulder bone had to he pieced back together and held with metal mesh and a metal rod and screws was inserted to hold my bones together. After a year or so I had the rod and screws removed. I still have partial paralysis in my right arm wrist and fingers even after 8 tendon transfers and intense hand therapy.Not long after I got home from the hospital the first time I developed blood clots in both legs and one eventually traveled into my lung therefore I had to have a venacava filter implanted.Today I still have partial paralysis, a bullet in my ribs, a hernia in ky stomach, arthritis and limited motion in my right shoulder, blood clots behind my right knee, a VenaCava filter in my chest and more mental issues than you could imagine.believe it or not this is still a short version of the story.I would like to thank the many doctors who have helped me, the hand therapist, occupation al therapist, my family and friends. Rick Byardi from The Body Shop Health and Fitness, Chip snider from The Grappling House and all of the many members on my Facebook page who have supported me along the way.If you or a family member were the Victim of a Violent Crime including hut not limited to Rape, Murder, Attempted Murder, Kidnapping, Bullying, and Domestic Violence please like our page and go from Victim to Survivor with us.Thank youJames J Siburthttp

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