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WATCH Architects of Change Conversation: Maria Shriver & Shonda Rhimes on Saying “Yes” to the World

On Thursday, November 19th at a sold-out breakfast event at Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles, Maria Shriver spoke with “The Queen of …

Desde las Esclusas de Miraflores: transita el primer crucero de la temporada, el Costa Luminosa.

Starlit night

Through the Needles Eye

Double Arch from Inside

#streetart #spraypaint of a #bee by #organ81 @organ81 in #copenhagen

Why You Should Hire An Artist As Your Next Business Consultant

More companies are turning to artists when they need a fresh perspective on marketing and branding.<p>It’s easy to put artists in the box of “whimsical creatures that live outside societal norms,” so why would business leaders turn to them for guidance and insight about how to make their organizations …


How This Founder of a $150 Million Company Empowers His Employees

If it were easy to empower employees, every company would do it. Here's your chance to learn how from a successful CEO who really gets it.<p>Every leader talks about empowering employees, but few actually succeed. The reason so many leaders fall short is that truly empowering employees is hard. It …


31 dazzling sunsets from around the world

Even the most mundane destinations turn into dazzling dreamscapes at sunset.<p>And when the sun sets on the world's most beautiful landmarks? We'll let …


Photo by @BrianSkerry A pod of Narwhals, rest on the surface in the waters of the high arctic off Canada’s Navy Board Inlet. Narwhals are called the ‘unicorn whale’ due to their tusk, which is actually a canine tooth that protrudes from the animal’s lip. Male narwhal tusks can grow to lengths of nearly nine feet. Coverage from an upcoming story in @natgeo about climate change in the arctic and the effect on wildlife and culture. For more ocean animal pics follow @BrianSkerry @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #arctic #explore #underwater #nature #narwhal #pristineseas #OceanWildTour #whales #climatechange #marinemammals

Dr. Alderete diseña boleto del metro

Todos los días millones de mexicanos viajamos en el metro, esto gracias a un boletito (o una tarjeta), este boleto que nos hace llegar por 5 pesos, …

1xRun: Murales en el mercado

En <b>Detroit</b>, Estados Unidos se celebró <b>Murals in the market</b>, con más de una semana de trabajos ininterrumpidos, las obras quedaron listas y están casi …